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Thanks to Baden McColl for these photos taken in Appin at the “Return of the McColls 2000"

Taken at Stalker Castle which had belonged to the Stewarts of Appin from about 1440's until around 1700       



Legislators and Scout Officials at the Steps of the Capitol
Left to Right--Colin H. Livingstone, Representative A. J. Ellender,
H. A. Gordon, Senator William G. McAdoo, Dr. James E. West,
Secretary of Commerce Daniel C. Roper, Representative Sol Bloom

Boy Scouts of America, The National and World Jamboree in Pictures, 1937

Photo courtesy of Jeannette McColl Shannahan see Shanahan Family Share Site




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Online History Resources:

  • American Antiquarian Society
  • Center for History & New Media
  • History Buff's Home Page
  • Library of Congress WWW Home Page
  • National Archives Information Server
  • Nova Scotian Black Cultural History
  • Repositories of Primary Research Sources
  • Research Libraries of the New York Public Library
  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History
  • South Carolina Historical Society
  • South Carolina State Library
  • Three Rivers (SC) Historical Society
  • University of South Carolina - South Caroliniana Library
  • University of Texas Center for American History
  • World-Wide Web Virtual History Library
  • WWW Services for Historians

    Miscellaneous Online Resources:

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