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Family Tree Names

Wilkes, Carrie Jean (Private-)
Wilkes, Elizabeth Jane (23 SEP 1844-1926)
Wilkes, John (-UNKNOWN)
Wilkinson, Archibald (-UNKNOWN)
Wilkinson, Shelton T. (Private-)
Willard, Sarah (Private-)
Williams, Agnes (ABT. 1740-ABT. 1804)
Williams, Alice (Private-)
Williams, Alice Jane (Private-)
Williams, Andrew (Private-)
Williams, Andrew Jackson (5 NOV 1893-26 MAY 1957)
Williams, C. Liston (Private-)
Williams, Colonel Ellerbe (Private-)
Williams, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Edward (Private-)
Williams, Fay (Private-)
Williams, Frederick (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Gail (Private-)
Williams, General Jackson (26 DEC 1906-JAN 1987)
Williams, George (Private-)
Williams, Gloria (Private-)
Williams, Harry (Private-)
Williams, Henry (BET. 1770 - 1775-26 NOV 1843)
Williams, Jackie (Private-)
Williams, James Harry (20 MAY 1910-1963)
Williams, Jamie (Private-)
Williams, Joe R. (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, June (Private-)
Williams, Lucian (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Margaret (Private-)
Williams, Marina Priscilla (ABT. 1810-1897)
Williams, Martha Elizabeth (20 SEP 1908-15 OCT 1930)
Williams, Mary Gibson (Private-)
Williams, Richard (Private-)
Williams, Richard George (1800-1849)
Williams, Richard Henning (1847-1914)
Williams, Richard Henry (11 JUN 1916-DEC 1982)
Williams, Richard Henry (Private-)
Williams, Robert (Private-)
Williams, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Williams, Shannon (Private-)
Williams, Sonny (Private-)
Williams, Susan Carlton (Private-)
Williams, Teresa Ann (Private-)
Williams, William (BET. 1740 - 1745-1802)
Willis, Alice (11 JUL 1871-6 AUG 1956)
Willis, Andrena Lauren (Private-)
Willis, Anella (6 OCT 1873-22 MAY 1875)
Willis, Anna Louise (20 APR 1915-18 JUN 1916)
Willis, Connie Maxwell (9 JUL 1921-1 AUG 1922)
Willis, Eli (1 FEB 1785-5 NOV 1819)
Willis, Eli (26 MAY 1839-25 SEP 1923)
Willis, Evelyn (Private-)
Willis, Harry Elliot (Private-)
Willis, Harry Elliot (Private-)
Willis, Hugh Allen (12 MAR 1918-25 MAR 1923)
Willis, Hugh Allen (4 DEC 1882-DEC 1969)
Willis, J. Cowser (-UNKNOWN)
Willis, J. Furman (17 MAR 1849-14 DEC 1920)
Willis, James Bennett (4 FEB 1882-UNKNOWN)
Willis, James Kirby (Private-)
Willis, James Kirby (Private-)
Willis, James Laurin (15 OCT 1897-JAN 1960)
Willis, James Nelson (Private-)
Willis, John Elliot (4 JAN 1869-29 NOV 1944)
Willis, John Thomas (30 JUL 1903-9 MAR 1905)
Willis, Julia (-UNKNOWN)
Willis, Julia Evelyn (Private-)
Willis, Laurin Carter (Private-)
Willis, Lillian (14 APR 1876-18 AUG 1899)
Willis, Lillian Blanche (12 APR 1900-28 JAN 1985)
Willis, Margaret (Private-)
Willis, Margaret Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Willis, Mary Clarrisa (9 OCT 1866-10 NOV 1950)
Willis, Mary Lillian (Private-)
Willis, Maservin A. (-UNKNOWN)
Willis, Milby (1811-1883)
Willis, Miriam (Private-)
Willis, Rachel Lee (27 FEB 1937-23 DEC 1971)
Willis, Stella (19 AUG 1880-22 JUN 1927)
Wilson, Benjamin Martin (13 DEC 1917-12 JAN 1955)
Wilson, Benjamin Martin (Private-)
Wilson, Benjamin Thomas (1 DEC 1826-18 FEB 1899)
Wilson, Benjamin Thomas (2 FEB 1801-1828)
Wilson, Benjamin Thomas Gardner (25 JUN 1862-15 OCT 1907)
Wilson, Brandy Lee (Private-)
Wilson, Cicil Drucilla (Private-)
Wilson, David Michael (Private-)
Wilson, Edward Lenerieux (15 OCT 1884-4 DEC 1938)
Wilson, Esther Lucille (Private-)
Wilson, Ethel Junita (Private-)
Wilson, Frank Harrigan (Private-)
Wilson, Gabriella Palmer (Private-)
Wilson, Georgetta (Private-)
Wilson, Harriet Chisolm (Private-)
Wilson, Harriotte Worthington (Private-)
Wilson, Harry Le Vaughn (Private-)
Wilson, Henry (ABT. 1680-1735)
Wilson, Hugh McColl (Private-)
Wilson, Ida Drucilla (23 OCT 1889-17 FEB 1906)
Wilson, Ida Lorena (3 OCT 1907-7 APR 1954)
Wilson, Idelle Lucile (Private-)
Wilson, James Lee (Private-)
Wilson, Janie Mildred (13 OCT 1905-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, John J. (-1949)
Wilson, John Power (Private-)
Wilson, John Power (12 NOV 1876-3 NOV 1918)
Wilson, John Power (5 MAY 1903-26 AUG 1968)
Wilson, Julia (Private-)
Wilson, Kathleen Worthington (Private-)
Wilson, Laura Jane (Granny) (31 AUG 1872-4 JUN 1933)
Wilson, Mamie Mc Dermett (Private-)
Wilson, Marie Idella (21 OCT 1881-21 AUG 1986)
Wilson, Mary Ellen (6 OCT 1924-6 OCT 1924)
Wilson, Mary Etta (20 FEB 1879-21 FEB 1920)
Wilson, Mary Patricia (Private-)
Wilson, Orella (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Ray (Private-)
Wilson, Robert (Private-)
Wilson, Robert (Private-)
Wilson, Robert (Private-)
Wilson, Jr., Robert (Private-)
Wilson, Rudolph (1895-1898)
Wilson, Sallie Clyfton (10 NOV 1874-4 JUN 1901)
Wilson, Samuel Dawkins (11 OCT 1869-29 JUN 1920)
Wilson, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Wilson, Sarah Elizabeth (Private-)
Wilson, Sibellah (ABT. 1710-AFT. 1765)
Wilson, Virginia Mae (Private-)
Wilson, William Chisolm (Private-)
Wilson, IV, William Edwin (Private-)
Wilson, III, William Edwin (Private-)
Wilson, William Glennie (21 JUL 1899-2 SEP 1953)
Wilson, William Moses (4 AUG 1866-19 JUL 1913)
Wilson, Willie Sallie (28 FEB 1903-25 APR 1974)
Wilson, boy (1900-1900)
Wilson, girl (Private-)
Wimberly, Judy (Private-)
Windsor, Harry Charles Albert David (Private-)
Windsor, William Arthur Philip Louis (Private-)
Winnifred, (1788-UNKNOWN)
Winston, Dorothy (Private-)
Wise, David Scott (Private-)
Wise, Diana Marie (Private-)
Wise, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Wise, Wendell Radclift (Private-)
Wolk, Gary Niel (Private-)
Wolling, Bessie (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Agnes (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Amy (Private-)
Wood, Arminta (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Elizabeth (Private-)
Wood, Fannie (4 JAN 1833-1898)
Wood, Herbert (NOV 1911-1995)
Wood, Herbert (Private-)
Wood, Hester (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Isophrena (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Joanna (Private-)
Wood, John D. (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Kevin (Private-)
Wood, Lashley Fondain (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Lashley L. (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Margaret (Private-)
Wood, Mary M. (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Michael (Private-)
Wood, Polly (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Pressley (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Wood, Ruth Louise (Private-)
Wood, Tim (Private-)
Woodberry, Edith May (Private-)
Woodley, Charles Haddon (-UNKNOWN)
Woodley, Charles Monroe (22 MAR 1904-MAY 1987)
Woodley, Douglas Monroe (Private-)
Woodley, Ellen Fraser (19 NOV 1906-UNKNOWN)
Woodley, Elsie Ann (Private-)
Woodley, Jr., John Cottingham (Private-)
Woodley, John Cottingham (22 MAY 1902-MAY 1973)
Woodley, Jonathon Howard (15 SEP 1898-UNKNOWN)
Woodley, Kate (12 DEC 1891-UNKNOWN)
Woodley, Marie (1 MAR 1894-UNKNOWN)
Woodley, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Woodley, Mary Ellen (Private-)
Woodley, Nellie (18 NOV 1896-29 JAN 1898)
Woodley, William Douglas (16 JUL 1900-25 JAN 1901)
Woods, Ruth Naomi (3 AUG 1907-30 MAY 1995)
Woods, Vina (-UNKNOWN)
Woodward, Samuel (1680-13 MAR 1751/52)
Woodward, Sarah (ABT. 1702-UNKNOWN)
Wray, Daniel E. (-UNKNOWN)
Wray, Eliza Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Wray, J. Montgomery (-UNKNOWN)
Wray, James (-UNKNOWN)
Wray, John McKenzie (-UNKNOWN)
Wray, Nancy Agnes (-UNKNOWN)
Wray, Sarah Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Wright, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Wright, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Bettie Fraser (Private-)
Wright, Charles W. (-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Charles Woodley (Private-)
Wright, Edloe Whitfield (-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Edlow Whitfield (26 JUN 1917-NOV 1977)
Wright, Elizabeth (ABT. 1683-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Helen Boyd (Private-)
Wright, Richard (ABT. 1594-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Richard Bagby (-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Wright, Sam (-UNKNOWN)
Wright, William (-UNKNOWN)
Wrightsman, Susie Isabella (Private-)
Wyatt, Columbia (-UNKNOWN)
Xecominos, Katherine Hoberta (Private-)
Xecominos, Pete (Private-)
Xecominos, Sarah Marie (Private-)
Xecominos, Sophia Nicole (Private-)
Yarber, Maggie (-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Abraham (ABT. 1764-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Amy (ABT. 1724-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Amy (1702-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Charles (ABT. 1718-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Charles (1696-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Jr., Daniel (ABT. 1754-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Daniel (1698-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Daniel (ABT. 1720-1793)
Yeates, David (ABT. 1759-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Hester (ABT. 1748-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Judith (ABT. 1722-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Judith (1700-11 SEP 1733)
Yeates, Martha (ABT. 1712-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Martha (1694-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Mary (ABT. 1709-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Mary (1684-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Melchisidec (ABT. 1762-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Peter R. (ABT. 1757-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Rebecca (ABT. 1767-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Richard (ABT. 1716-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Richard (1686-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Robert (1692-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Sally (ABT. 1745-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Susanna (ABT. 1752-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Susanna Pipkin (1688-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, Susannah (ABT. 1715-1 JAN 1792)
Yeates, I, William (1662-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, III, William (ABT. 1714-UNKNOWN)
Yeates, II, William (1690-1752)
York, Kirk (-UNKNOWN)
Young, Andrew S. (-UNKNOWN)
Young, Delma (Private-)
Young, George (Private-)
Young, Joseph (1836-UNKNOWN)
Young, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Young, Phyllis (Private-)
Young, Pierson (-UNKNOWN)
Young, Retha (Private-UNKNOWN)
Young, Sally (Private-UNKNOWN)
Young, Susannah (1733-UNKNOWN)
Zimmer, Donna Mairie (Private-)
Zuppa, Armando (Private-)
d'Andrade, Cecelia S. (-UNKNOWN)
d'Andrade, Manuel Dutra d'Silveira (-UNKNOWN)
d'Escobar, Anna F. (-UNKNOWN)
d'Escobar, Anna Marie (-UNKNOWN)
d'Escobar, Captain Andre Silveira (-UNKNOWN)
d'Escobar, Francisco Pinheiro (-UNKNOWN)
d'Escobar, Jose Mariano (-UNKNOWN)
d'Escobar, Rosa Maira (-UNKNOWN)
de LaRoque, Philibert Couillaud (-UNKNOWN)
de la Chapelle, Francois Renou (-UNKNOWN)
sr, Micheal King (ABT. 1750-BEF. 1820)


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