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Family Tree Names

Pippin, Lewis T. (FEB 1875-5 JAN 1936)
Pittman, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Pittman, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Pittman, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Place, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Place, John (-UNKNOWN)
Pleines, Al (Private-)
Pleines, Donald Micheal (Private-)
Pleines, Jason Scott (Private-)
Pleines, Lesley Ann (Private-)
Pleines, Lindsay Marie (Private-)
Pleines, Sr, Ronald Patrick (Private-)
Pleines, Jr, Ronald Patrick (Private-)
Plummer, Eva (Little Eva) (20 JUN 1892-UNKNOWN)
Plummer, Hallie (27 NOV 1881-UNKNOWN)
Plummer, John Henry (25 MAY 1888-UNKNOWN)
Plummer, Robert Lee (28 FEB 1890-UNKNOWN)
Plummer, William (Willie) (27 JUL 1886-UNKNOWN)
Plummer, William Evander (11 OCT 1857-14 MAY 1893)
Plummer, Wright (12 FEB 1883-UNKNOWN)
Poitevin, Therese Gagne de Gagnier dit (-UNKNOWN)
Poitovin, Francois Gagne de Garnier dit (-UNKNOWN)
Pokins, Alice (ABT. 1569-UNKNOWN)
Polite, James (Private-)
Polly, (Private-)
Ponder, Kelly (Private-)
Pool, Ethel Elizabeth (18 SEP 1899-26 APR 1987)
Pool, Leonard Dalco (11 NOV 1865-20 SEP 1929)
Pool, Nathan Lafayette (-UNKNOWN)
Pope, Kim (Private-)
Pope, Logan Anthony (Private-)
Porter, Harriet (1812-AFT. 1870)
Porter, Helen O'Neil (Private-)
Porter, Margaret (Private-)
Porter, Ruby Maximae (Private-)
Posey, Trent (Private-)
Powell, Elizabeth Ann (-1848)
Powell, Ellen Cleveland (Private-)
Powell, James (-UNKNOWN)
Powers, Daniel Edward (Private-)
Powers, Emma Elizabeth Hendrix (Private-)
Powers, Mary Elizabeth Amanda (7 SEP 1837-29 JAN 1909)
Powers, Mary Hallie (Private-)
Powers, Samantha Dawn (Private-)
Pratchet, Annis (ABT. 1560-UNKNOWN)
Prentice, Wynter Louisa (Private-)
Prevatte, Alexander Dixon (Private-)
Prevatte, Daniel Dixon (Private-)
Prevatte, Rembert Dixon (Private-)
Prevatte, Sharon Michael (Private-)
Price, David (-UNKNOWN)
Price, Jennie (29 DEC 1889-25 AUG 1975)
Price, Jewell (Private-)
Pringle, Agnes Clay (Private-)
Pringle, Amelia Fields (Private-)
Pringle, Clara Margaretta (Private-)
Pringle, Duncan McColl (14 FEB 1910-UNKNOWN)
Pringle, Earnest Henry (16 MAR 1914-22 JUN 1938)
Pringle, Earnest Henry Clay (Private-)
Pringle, Eleanor (Private-)
Pringle, Ernest Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Pringle, Louise (Private-)
Pringle, Margaretta (Private-)
Pringle, Mary Clay (Private-)
Pringle, Mary Ford (10 APR 1907-UNKNOWN)
Pringle, Jr., McColl (Private-)
Pringle, McColl (Private-)
Pringle, Ruth Petty (Private-)
Pritchard, Dewey (Private-)
Pritchard, Dewey Carey (Private-)
Pritchard, George Allen (Private-)
Pritchard, Joe Ann (Private-)
Pritchard, Margie Dale (Private-)
Pritchard, Patricia (Private-)
Pritchard, Rose Marie (Private-)
Pritchard, Shirley Dianne (Private-)
Privette, Wallace H. (-UNKNOWN)
Proctor, Frances Dianne (Private-)
Proctor, L. B. (Private-)
Proctor, Marion R. (Private-)
Proctor, Jr., Marion R. (Private-)
Proctor, Ronald W. (Private-)
Proteau, Angelique (-UNKNOWN)
Proteau, Etienne (-UNKNOWN)
Pruche, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Pruitt, LaMar (Private-)
Pummill, Theresa (Private-)
Pummill, Warren (Private-)
Pusser, Virginia Lee (Private-)
Quick, Carolyn Elizabeth (Private-)
Quick, Charles Andrew (Private-)
Quick, Charles William (Private-)
Quick, Charlie Lincoln (21 JUN 1913-13 JUN 1988)
Quick, Daniel Charles (3 JAN 1915-1 JAN 1962)
Quick, Eleanor Glyn (4 NOV 1941-26 APR 1997)
Quick, Ruth Elaine (Private-)
Quick, Sharon (Private-UNKNOWN)
Ramsey, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Rankin, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Rapidieux-Lamer, Marie-Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Raynier, Guillemette (-UNKNOWN)
Reed, Robert A. (-UNKNOWN)
Reese, Ailene (Private-)
Reese, Marion (Private-)
Reeves, Annie Lou (-UNKNOWN)
Reeves, Ritter (-UNKNOWN)
Renee, (Private-)
Renou-Lachapelle, Madeleine (-UNKNOWN)
Rhine, Andrew (Private-)
Rhodes, Alice Ann (ABT. 1764-UNKNOWN)
Rhodes, Bryant (23 DEC 1794-UNKNOWN)
Rhodes, Ingram (25 FEB 1801-UNKNOWN)
Rhodes, John (-UNKNOWN)
Rhodes, John (ABT. 1758-1808)
Rhodes, Loramah (ABT. 1753-UNKNOWN)
Rhodes, Mary Ester (ABT. 1766-UNKNOWN)
Rhodes, Sarah Sally (1751-1819)
Rhodes, Sylvia (1755-UNKNOWN)
Rhodes, Thomas (17 NOV 1804-UNKNOWN)
Rhodes, William (1725-UNKNOWN)
Rice, Harlan (Private-)
Rich, Elizabeth (24 JAN 1750/51-APR 1835)
Rich, John (8 JUN 1753-UNKNOWN)
Rich, John (13 APR 1717-5 SEP 1798)
Rich, Maggie (Private-)
Rich, Marion (-UNKNOWN)
Rich, Michael Cole (Private-)
Rich, Miriam (-UNKNOWN)
Rich, Miriam (7 SEP 1757-UNKNOWN)
Rich, Moses (5 JUN 1771-UNKNOWN)
Rich, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Rich, William Emory (Private-)
Richardson, Angela Lynn (Private-)
Richardson, Brianna Ariel (Private-)
Richardson, Calvin Eugene (12 APR 1938-JUL 1992)
Richardson, Jeffery Dane (Private-)
Richardson, Jessie Ruth (-1913)
Richardson, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Richelieu, Francois Xavier Hamelin dit (-UNKNOWN)
Richelieu, Therese Hamelin dit (BET. 1819 - 1820-17 JUN 1883)
Richer, Catherine (1674-UNKNOWN)
Riddle, ? (Private-)
Riddle, Rev. David Burton (Private-)
Ridge, Amanda Dawn (Private-)
Ridge, Amber (Private-)
Ridge, Gary (Private-)
Ridge, Gary Wayne (Private-)
Riggins, Cecil (-UNKNOWN)
Rita, (Private-)
Rita, Alice (Private-)
Rivenbark, Conner (Private-)
Rivenbark, Gertrude (-UNKNOWN)
Rivenbark, Jr, James Edward (Private-)
Rivers, Mary C. (Private-)
Rix, Harold B. (Private-)
Robbins, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Roberson, Luke (-UNKNOWN)
Roberson, Obedience (-UNKNOWN)
Roberts, Brianna Faith (Private-)
Roberts, Erica Michelle (Private-)
Roberts, Laura Lee (Private-)
Roberts, Mary Louise (28 AUG 1848-4 APR 1935)
Robertson, Lavinia (13 FEB 1790-31 DEC 1866)
Robertson, Melissa (-UNKNOWN)
Robeson, Josephine (-UNKNOWN)
Robeson, Mary (1742-1782)
Robinson, Margret (-UNKNOWN)
Rock, Melissa (Private-)
Rodgers, Donovan Timothy (Private-)
Rodgers, Jonathan Kemp (Private-)
Rodgers, Kyle Jonathan (Private-)
Rodgers, Renee Kathryn (Private-)
Rodney, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Rodrigues, Antonio (1778-6 APR 1854)
Rodrigues, Antonio F. (-UNKNOWN)
Rodrigues, Jose Francisso (11 MAR 1831-1895)
Rodrigues, Joseph (31 MAY 1859-6 NOV 1931)
Rodrigues, Lillian Margaret (Private-)
Rogers, A. McIrhern (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Anne Bennett (Private-)
Rogers, Annie Cleo (Private-)
Rogers, Annie Mildred (Private-)
Rogers, Ben A. (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Bessie (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, David Sarius (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Eliza (1871-1914)
Rogers, Harry Gilbert (Private-)
Rogers, Henry G. (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Inez (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, James Howard (Private-)
Rogers, Martha Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Nancy N. (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Paul (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Ryan (Private-)
Rogers, Sybil (Private-)
Rogers, Tara Clare (Private-)
Rogers, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, William F. (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, William Robert (Private-)
Rollin, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Romain, Marthe (-UNKNOWN)
Roof, Louise (Private-)
Roper, ? (ABT. 1610-UNKNOWN)
Roper, Anita (-UNKNOWN)
Roper, Ann Elizabeth (10 SEP 1868-UNKNOWN)
Roper, Charlotte (10 MAY 1805-5 DEC 1838)
Roper, Jr., Daniel C. (-UNKNOWN)
Roper, Daniel Calhoun (1 APR 1867-1 APR 1943)
Roper, Delle Worth (17 OCT 1879-1962)
Roper, Eulah Lane (12 JAN 1878-13 NOV 1946)
Roper, Grace (-UNKNOWN)
Roper, Green Hill (1810-1870)
Roper, Harriet Jane (Private-)
Roper, Harry McKenzie (-UNKNOWN)
Roper, Jacqueline (Private-)
Roper, James Hunter (-UNKNOWN)
Roper, James Turner (14 SEP 1819-AFT. 1880)
Roper, Jr., John (ABT. 1662-AFT. 1727)
Roper, Sr., John (BEF. 1640-AFT. 1690)
Roper, John McKenzie (8 FEB 1890-UNKNOWN)
Roper, John Wesley (31 MAY 1898-8 SEP 1963)
Roper, John Wesley (15 APR 1830-23 JUL 1894)
Roper, Lewis Griffin (6 NOV 1812-21 MAY 1847)
Roper, Mae (1890-UNKNOWN)
Roper, Margaret (Private-)
Roper, Margaret Ellen (1919-27 MAY 2001)
Roper, Martha (BEF. 1828-AFT. 1850)
Roper, Mary Ann (1815-8 FEB 1859)
Roper, Mourning (1817-UNKNOWN)
Roper, Nancy Ann (21 OCT 1821-10 NOV 1891)
Roper, Nancy D. (ABT. 1869-UNKNOWN)
Roper, Rebecca (24 FEB 1803-15 JAN 1890)
Roper, Richard (1735-1783)
Roper, Richard Frederick (-UNKNOWN)
Roper, Jr., Thomas (BEF. 1837-BET. 1850 - 1860)
Roper, Thomas (17 MAR 1777-1862)
Roper, Thomas Wesley (24 JUL 1886-24 OCT 1934)
Roper, Jr. Chambers, Thomas Wesley (-UNKNOWN)
Roper, William (2 APR 1708-UNKNOWN)
Rosa, Maria (-UNKNOWN)
Rossano, Maria (Private-)
Rounds, Elizabeth Paige (Private-)
Rounds, Jake (Private-)
Rounds, Kaitlyn Marie (Private-)
Rouse, Ellen Delon (7 SEP 1925-24 DEC 1926)
Rouse, Jacqueline (Private-)
Rouse, John Wesley (4 AUG 1884-13 JUN 1969)
Rouse, Pearl (Private-)
Roussel, Andree (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Edwin Allen (Private-)
Rowe, Mastin (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, William Murchison (Private-)
Rowe, Jr., William Murchison (Private-)
Rowell, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Rowell, Julia (19 OCT 1889-11 FEB 1970)
Rowell, Rebecca Jane (20 FEB 1823-17 JAN 1875)
Rush, Darcy (Private-)
Rush, Elias K. (1813-UNKNOWN)
Rush, Elizabeth (Private-)
Rush, H. L. (Private-)
Rush, Harris L. (-UNKNOWN)
Rush, Jeanette (Private-)
Rush, John Scott (Private-)
Rush, Margie (Private-)
Rush, Vera (Private-)
Russell, Christopher Michael (Private-)
Russell, John (Private-)
Russell, Margo (Private-)
Russell, Marjorie (Private-)
Russell, Stephanie Marie (Private-)
Russell, Syd (Private-)
Rusty, (Private-)
Ruszitska), Rose Svatuska (or (-UNKNOWN)
Saddler, Minnie L. (DEC 1871-UNKNOWN)
Sadie, (-UNKNOWN)
Saindou, Blaise (-UNKNOWN)
Salena, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Salkeld, Eddie (Private-)
Salkeld, Joan (Private-)
Salkeld, John (Private-)
Salkeld, Neale (Private-)
Sally, (Private-)
Sally, (-UNKNOWN)
Salmon, Jo Anne (1837-1924)
Salmon, Sallie Jane (1 JUL 1859-14 DEC 1914)
Sampson, J.R. (-UNKNOWN)
Sampson, Maude (-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, Margaret Ann (Private-)
Sandra, (Private-)
Sandridge, Amanda (Private-)
Sandridge, Barbara Ann (Private-)
Sandridge, Brenda (Private-)
Sandridge, Catherine Marie (Private-)
Sandridge, Crystal (Private-)
Sandridge, David Bruce (Private-)
Sandridge, Dawn (Private-)
Sandridge, James William (Private-)
Sandridge, James William (Private-)
Sandridge, Jr., James William (Private-)
Sandridge, Jean Louise (Private-)
Sandridge, Jeremiah Jerome (Private-)
Sandridge, Linda (Private-)
Sands, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Sands, Francisca (ABT. 1560-UNKNOWN)
Sands, Mary (12 FEB 1739/40-1817)
Sands, Robert (1679-30 JUL 1717)
Sands, Thomas (1714-1777)
Sane, G.D. (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (1642-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, (1740-UNKNOWN)
Sasz, Catherine (Private-)
Sauls, Lucy (29 FEB 1892-18 APR 1988)
Savage, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Schell, Barbara Ellen (Private-)
Schell, Bobby Lou (Private-)
Schell, John Robert (Private-)
Scoggins, Edna (8 AUG 1919-14 JAN 1976)
Scott, James Mark (12 JAN 1777-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Myrtle Blanche (1883-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Rebecca (1770-UNKNOWN)
Scott, Thomas (1744-UNKNOWN)
Scull, Christian (-UNKNOWN)
Seale, Joe (-UNKNOWN)
Searles, Joe (Private-)
Searles, Jr, Joseph (Private-)
Searles, Regina (Private-)
Secrest, Dorothy (Private-)
Seginak, Martha Ann (Private-)
Seguin, Marguerite (-UNKNOWN)
Selene, (-UNKNOWN)
Sessoms, ? (Private-)
Sextion, Corydan W. (-UNKNOWN)
Shackleford, Olin (Private-UNKNOWN)
Shamata, (-UNKNOWN)
Shanahan, Jr, William Anthony (Private-)
Shannahan, Cole (Private-)
Sharp, Linda (Private-)
Shaw, F. Grayson (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Katherine (16 JUL 1825-9 APR 1857)
Shaw, Keith (Private-)
Shaw, Linda Ann (Private-)
Shaw, Mary Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Samuel W. (-UNKNOWN)
Shaw, Stewart (Private-)
Shaw, William (Private-)
Sheppard, Henrietta (8 JAN 1884-15 DEC 1958)
Sheppard, John Calhoun (5 JUL 1850-UNKNOWN)
Shipley, Carol Evans (Private-)
Shoemaker, Cody Leonard (Private-)
Shoemaker, Colleem (Private-)
Shoemaker, Jeremy (Private-)
Shoemaker, John (Private-)
Shoemaker, Mary Helen (Private-)
Shoemaker, Molly Catherine (Private-)
Shoemaker, Teresa (Private-)
Short, Earl (Private-)
Shu, Gloria Maxine (Private-)
Shuler, Barbara Ann (Private-)
Shuler, V. Lewis (Private-)
Shuler, Verlin T. (22 MAY 1916-15 MAY 1970)
Shultz, Gertrude (Private-)
Sigler, Emiline (-UNKNOWN)
Silver, Don (Private-)
Simmons, John (Private-)
Simpson, Joshua Lee (Private-)
Simpson, Tammy (Private-)
Sinclair, Flora Ann (23 JAN 1858-31 DEC 1894)
Sirman, Bessie R. (1903-UNKNOWN)
Sirman, Carl Vincent (Private-)
Sirman, Dennis (Private-)
Sirman, Fred (1909-UNKNOWN)
Sirman, Jack Dempsey (Private-)
Sirman, John (-UNKNOWN)
Sirman, John Vincent (-UNKNOWN)
Sirman, John Walter (1902-UNKNOWN)
Sirman, Maggie Virginia (Private-)
Sirman, Mitchell Neil (1907-UNKNOWN)
Sirman, William Edger (1905-UNKNOWN)
Sirman, William M. (1900-UNKNOWN)
Sizemore, Sean (Private-)
Skinner, Laura Ann (Private-)
Skipper, Joy (Private-)
Slater, Robert (Private-)
Slater, Jr., Robert (Private-)
Slaughter, Kelly Noel (Private-)
Sloan, Jane Marshall (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, ? (Private-)
Smith, A. C. (Private-)
Smith, Abigail Logan (Private-)
Smith, Amanda (1840-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Amelia Bree (Private-)
Smith, Anna Eliza (1849-1910)
Smith, Anne McKinnon (Private-)
Smith, Archibald Pipkin (1820-1864)
Smith, Blake Maxwell (Private-)
Smith, Caroline Kennedy (Private-)
Smith, Carrie (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Casey (Private-)
Smith, Cealy (1791-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Charlie (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Charlie (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Charlotte (ABT. 1761-AFT. 1800)
Smith, Copeland (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Dave (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, David (Private-)
Smith, Derrick (Private-)
Smith, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Emma Kathleen (Private-)
Smith, Ethel (Private-)
Smith, Eugene M. (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Evaline (1836-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Frances (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Frances Dora (1832-1922)
Smith, Freddie (Private-)
Smith, George Frederick (17 JAN 1884-19 JUL 1919)
Smith, Grace E. (6 APR 1892-12 FEB 1958)
Smith, Hannah (26 JAN 1823-11 JAN 1888)
Smith, Hershel H. (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Irvin J. (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Jamec Coyle (Private-)
Smith, James (1755-5 JAN 1824)
Smith, James (1843-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Jessie Ray (Private-)
Smith, John (1719-1797)
Smith, John (Private-)
Smith, John (1755-UNKNOWN)
Smith, John Henry (4 DEC 1825-3 MAR 1875)
Smith, Katherine Cecilia (Private-)
Smith, Katherine Mariel (Private-)
Smith, Lamar (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Laney (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Laney (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Lilah (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Loreahannah Amanda (1800-1882)
Smith, Louisa (1833-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Make (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mamie (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Martha (1831-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mary (1838-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Matilda (1829-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mildred (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, NIcholas (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Nancy (1791-9 NOV 1833)
Smith, Norman (Private-)
Smith, Oscar L. (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Pauline (-SEP 1993)
Smith, Peter T. (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Peter T. (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Pipkin (1795-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Ray (Private-)
Smith, Richard (Private-)
Smith, Richard Craig (Private-)
Smith, Robert (Private-)
Smith, Ronald Curtis (Private-)
Smith, Sallie Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Sarah Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Sarah Lea (Private-)
Smith, Sinai (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Terry (Private-)
Smith, Virginia (Private-)
Smith, Whiteford (Private-UNKNOWN)
Smith, William (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, William (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, William E. (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, William N. (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, William S. (-UNKNOWN)
Smither, Richard Carl (Private-)
Smoak, John (Private-)
Smoke, Clinton (Private-)
Smoke, III, Clinton H. (Private-)
Smoke, John C. (Private-)
Smoke, Lauren (-UNKNOWN)
Snukis, Heather Leigh (Private-)
Snukis, Jennfier (Private-)
Snukis, Logan Tyler (Private-)
Snukis, Michel Lynn (Private-)
Snukis, Robert Anthony (Private-)
Snukis, Jr, Robert Anthony (Private-)
Snyder, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Somerlan, Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Somerlan, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Somerlan, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Andrew Jackson (24 NOV 1822-29 JAN 1852)
Spears, Ann Elizabeth (21 OCT 1821-19 JUN 1895)
Spears, David (Private-)
Spears, Debra Gayle (Private-)
Spears, Dorothy Earl (Private-)
Spears, Edwin A. (-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Eliza Jane (8 JUN 1831-31 JAN 1856)
Spears, Ellen (30 APR 1833-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Emily (21 JUN 1829-26 NOV 1871)
Spears, Ernest (-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Jr., Forest Crosland (Private-)
Spears, Forrest Crosland (-2 FEB 1957)
Spears, Hamer Jones (26 JUN 1915-APR 1982)
Spears, Henry (-12 OCT 1855)
Spears, James (-7 AUG 1872)
Spears, James Edwin (12 MAY 1834-29 AUG 1865)
Spears, James Edwin (22 OCT 1798-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Jr., James Olin (Private-)
Spears, James Olin (Private-)
Spears, Katherine (Private-)
Spears, Katherine Louise (Private-)
Spears, Lamar Edwin (-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Lewis (NOV 1814-9 JUN 1894)
Spears, Lydia Maria (1836-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Margaret (29 APR 1824-27 APR 1895)
Spears, Margarie (Private-)
Spears, Martha (14 AUG 1825-23 JAN 1891)
Spears, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Spears, Patricia Ann (Private-)
Spears, Rebecca Lucretia (7 MAR 1838-29 AUG 1877)
Spears, Robert Hamer (Private-)
Spears, Sara McColl (Private-)
Spears, Silas (-28 AUG 1863)
Spears, William David (Private-)
Spears, William David (Private-)
Spencer, Diana Frances (Private-)
Spencer, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Spires, Ida Ann (Private-)
Spivey, Thetus (Private-)
Spratt, Catherine (Private-)
Spratt, Jane Bratton (Private-)
Spratt, John (Private-)
Spratt, Jr., John M. (Private-)
Spratt, Sarah (Private-)
Spratt, Susan (Private-)
Squillante, Al (Private-)
Sr, Benjamin Goodman (12 MAY 1639-UNKNOWN)
Sr, Elisha Pipkin (ABT. 1786-UNKNOWN)
Sr, Elisha Pipkin (ABT. 1749-1792)
St-Georges, Jacques de la Porte dit (-UNKNOWN)
Stacey, Gladis Pearl (Private-)
Stacey, Hebert Mc Clurg (Private-)
Stacey, Jasper Mc Clurg (-UNKNOWN)
Stacy, (Private-)
Stacy, Jane (Private-)
Stancill, Gordon (8 APR 1928-19 SEP 1958)
Stanford, Harold (Private-)
Stanton, David C. (8 JUL 1916-14 JUL 1916)
Stanton, Edgar (-UNKNOWN)
Stanton, Jr., Edgar (16 DEC 1920-JAN 1977)
Stanton, Eleanor Glynn (Private-)
Stanton, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Stanton, Emory (-UNKNOWN)
Stanton, Ethel Sabra (Private-)
Stanton, Helon (25 MAR 1901-UNKNOWN)
Stanton, Infant (19 DEC 1919-19 DEC 1919)
Stanton, Lawrence (-UNKNOWN)
Stanton, Lillian Orean (Private-)
Stanton, Lindon (-UNKNOWN)
Stanton, Margaret Dale (Private-)
Stanton, Marion Evander (-UNKNOWN)
Stanton, Marion Paul (17 NOV 1919-25 JUN 1942)
Stanton, Susan Catherine (Private-)
Stanton, William McGlammory (Private-)
Stanton, William McKinnon (Private-)
Stanton, William Paul (Private-)
Stare, Mary (ABT. 1564-UNKNOWN)
Starling, Sylvia (Private-)
Stearns, Bob (Private-)
Steeger, Laura Louise (Private-)
Steen, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Stemmons, Susie (-UNKNOWN)
Stephens, John Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Stephens, Sara Alice (13 OCT 1880-6 MAR 1969)
Stevens, Anna Kathleen (Private-)
Stevens, Bret Asher (Private-)
Stevens, Emma Louise (Private-)
Stevens, Erin (Private-)
Stevens, James Eugene (Private-)
Stevens, James Thelbert (11 DEC 1916-14 NOV 1967)
Stevens, Lauren (Private-)
Stevens, Linda Faye (Private-)
Stevens, Megan Lynn (Private-)
Stevens, Sabrina (Private-)
Stevens, Teresa Marie (Private-)
Stevens, William (1931-1931)
Stevens, William Raymond (22 JAN 1933-15 JUL 2001)
Stevens, Jr., William Vernon (Private-)
Stevens, William Vernon (-7 JAN 1978)
Stevens, Jr., William Vernon (Private-)
Steward, Mary (ABT. 1680-ABT. 1720)
Stewart, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, George Fayerweather (6 OCT 1905-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Harold Edw. (4 MAR 1932-2 JAN 2005)
Stewart, Lorene (Private-)
Stewart, Margaret (Puss) (Private-)
Stewart, Marion K. (13 JUL 1928-20 JAN 2006)
Stewart, Rachel (ABT. 1760-30 OCT 1827)
Stewart, Robert O'Neal (Private-)
Stewart, Robert O'Neal (Private-)
Stewart, Roberta Adrienne (Private-)
Stewart, Russell (17 NOV 1933-3 FEB 1950)
Stinson, Beverly Ann (17 JAN 1936-21 OCT 1994)
Stoner, Sarah (1578-1663)
Strawn, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Street, Margaret (Private-)
Streety, J.P. (-UNKNOWN)
Strickland, Earl Gale (27 DEC 1948-21 JAN 1993)
Strickland, Jeffrey Ryan (24 MAY 1973-24 MAY 1973)
Strickland, Jennifer Robin (Private-)
Strode, Joane (16 MAY 1631-30 JUN 1690)
Strong, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Strong, John (-UNKNOWN)
Strother, Thomas Jefferson (-UNKNOWN)
Stuart, Bess Malloy (-UNKNOWN)
Stuart, E. May (-UNKNOWN)
Stuart, Ida Estelle (-UNKNOWN)
Stuart, Lillian Blanche (-UNKNOWN)
Stuart, Margaret James (-UNKNOWN)
Stuart, William Adams (-UNKNOWN)
Stuart, William James (-UNKNOWN)
Stubblefield, Elmira (-UNKNOWN)
Stubblefield, Hannah Emmaline (-UNKNOWN)
Stubblefield, Isabella (-UNKNOWN)
Stubblefield, Jefferson L. (-UNKNOWN)
Stubblefield, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Stubblefield, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Stubblefield, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Stubblefield, Robert E. (-UNKNOWN)
Stubblefield, Samuel H. (-UNKNOWN)
Stubblefield, Susan (-UNKNOWN)
Stubbs, Earl (Private-)
Stubbs, Edward L. (-UNKNOWN)
Stubbs, Elizabeth (1820-13 APR 1893)
Stubbs, Frances (15 APR 1779-1848)
Stubbs, Hattie (-UNKNOWN)
Stubbs, Hector (-UNKNOWN)
Stubbs, Jane (14 MAR 1833-6 JUN 1913)
Stubbs, Janie (-UNKNOWN)
Stubbs, Margaret (4 MAY 1804-5 SEP 1897)
Stubbs, Norman (-UNKNOWN)
Stubbs, Thomas Evander (-UNKNOWN)
Stubbs, William (-UNKNOWN)
Suber, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
Suggs, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Margaret (Private-)
Sullivavt, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Summers, Brodie Austin (Private-)
Summers, Josh (Private-)
Surtees, Knt, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Surteys, Alexander (-UNKNOWN)
Surteys, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Surteys, Nicolas (-UNKNOWN)
Surteys, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Surteys, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Surteys, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Surteys, Knt., Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Surteys, Knt., Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Surteys, Walter (-UNKNOWN)
Surteyse, William (-UNKNOWN)
Susan, (-UNKNOWN)
Susan, (Private-)
Susan, (Private-)
Susannah, (-UNKNOWN)
Susannah, (ABT. 1761-UNKNOWN)
Sutton, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Sutton, George (-UNKNOWN)
Swift, Elizabeth (13 OCT 1712-1767)
Swift, William (-UNKNOWN)
Syd, (Private-)
Sydney, (Private-)
Synovec, Linda Jean (Private-)
Tadlock, Franklin C. (1843-UNKNOWN)
Tadlock, James (-UNKNOWN)
Tadlock, James (1835-UNKNOWN)
Tadlock, James (1804-1858)
Tadlock, John M. (1833-10 NOV 1880)
Tadlock, Louis B. (1828-UNKNOWN)
Tadlock, Louisa (1837-UNKNOWN)
Tadlock, Margaret (1839-UNKNOWN)
Tadlock, Martha (1847-UNKNOWN)
Tadlock, Mary (1841-UNKNOWN)
Tadlock, Nancy E. (1845-UNKNOWN)
Tadlock, Susan Lourania (24 MAR 1850-6 FEB 1937)
Talbot, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Tatum, Ada (ABT. 1857-UNKNOWN)
Tatum, Beason (-UNKNOWN)
Tatum, Ben Moore (Private-)
Tatum, Jr., Ben Moore (Private-)
Tatum, Elizabeth Gray (Private-)
Tatum, Elizabeth Moore (Private-)
Tatum, Jr., Frank B. (-UNKNOWN)
Tatum, Frank B. (-UNKNOWN)
Tatum, John (-UNKNOWN)
Tatum, Judith Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Tatum, Julia (-UNKNOWN)
Tatum, Mary Gilchrist (Private-)
Tatum, Mollie (-UNKNOWN)
Tatum, Myrtle (-UNKNOWN)
Tatum, Richard James (4 JAN 1832-5 OCT 1918)
Tatum, Sallie Bell (-UNKNOWN)
Tatum, Thomas Hendrix (Private-)
Tatum, W. Gilchrist (-UNKNOWN)
Tatum, Walter R. (-UNKNOWN)
Tatum, Jr., William Gilchrist (Private-)
Tatum, William Gray (Private-)
Taylor, ? (Private-)
Taylor, Emma Frances (Private-)
Taylor, Jeremy (Private-)
Taylor, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Taylor, Norman (Private-)
Taylor, Tom (Private-)
Teal, Glovina Frances (6 AUG 1853-20 OCT 1936)
Teresa, (Private-)
Terrell, Annie (-UNKNOWN)
Terrell, James Henry (22 OCT 1877-3 MAR 1952)
Terrien, Marie-Marguerite (-UNKNOWN)
Terry, Camp (-UNKNOWN)
Terry, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)
Terry, Florence (-UNKNOWN)
Terry, James Nelson (-UNKNOWN)
Terry, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Terry, John C. (-UNKNOWN)
Terry, Julia A. (12 SEP 1863-19 JUL 1920)
Terry, Mary Ella (-UNKNOWN)
Terry, Nannie (-UNKNOWN)
Tetreau, Marguerite (-UNKNOWN)
Thackerson, Duane (Private-)
Theall, Christopher Harrison (Private-)
Theall, Jeremy Hunter (Private-)
Theall, Thomas Eric (Private-)
Thelma, (Private-)
Therrien, Barthelemy (-UNKNOWN)
Theurer, Byron Kilby (Private-)
Theurer, Chadwick Ryan (Private-)
Theurer, Christine Marie (Private-)
Theurer, Daniel Lee (9 APR 1972-11 SEP 1998)
Theurer, Deborah Marie (Private-)
Theurer, Donald Lee (Private-)
Theurer, Edward Arthur (14 AUG 1908-7 NOV 1999)
Theurer, III, Edward Arthur (Private-)
Theurer, Jr, Edward Arthur (Private-)
Theurer, Emily Karen (Private-)
Theurer, Erica Lane (Private-)
Theurer, Francis Xavier (30 DEC 1960-1 JAN 1961)
Theurer, Fredrick Douay (Private-)
Theurer, Isabell (Private-)
Theurer, John Francis (24 FEB 1931-28 NOV 1931)
Theurer, Kenneth Michael (Private-)
Theurer, Mary Josephine (Private-)
Theurer, Matthew Eric (Private-)
Theurer, Maureen Linda (Private-)
Theurer, Michael (Private-)
Theurer, Patrick Edward (Private-)
Theurer, Paul Brandon (Private-)
Theurer, Phillip Andrew (Private-)
Theurer, Richard (Private-)
Theurer, Shawn Joseph (18 AUG 1968-29 JUL 1970)
Theurer, Stephanie Elyse (12 JAN 1994-12 JAN 1994)
Theurer, Theresa Anne (25 OCT 1961-27 OCT 1996)
Theurer, Timothy Edward (Private-)
Theurer, Zachary David (Private-)
Thomas, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Aaron (Private-)
Thomas, Anthony Norman (Private-)
Thomas, Audrey Sue (Private-)
Thomas, Barbara Lynn (Private-)
Thomas, Bettie (-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Cade (12 APR 1837-15 OCT 1898)
Thomas, Charles (1 MAY 1825-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Chastity Nicole (Private-)
Thomas, David (-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, David Christopher (Private-)
Thomas, David LaVerne (Private-)
Thomas, Sr, David Mark (Private-)
Thomas, Jr, David Mark (Private-)
Thomas, Donna Linda (Private-)
Thomas, Drury (1801-AUG 1866)
Thomas, Dudley (6 JUN 1819-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Eli (21 JAN 1783-1854)
Thomas, Elizabeth (30 MAR 1821-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Elizabeth (12 DEC 1759-1797)
Thomas, Elizabeth Ann (29 NOV 1859-13 AUG 1938)
Thomas, Emily Nicole (Private-)
Thomas, Gary Alan (Private-)
Thomas, George Alec (Private-)
Thomas, Gerald (Private-)
Thomas, Gerald Leverne (14 FEB 1929-2003)
Thomas, Haley (Private-)
Thomas, Heather Nichole (Private-)
Thomas, Henry Jehu (30 JAN 1835-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Horace (17 MAR 1823-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, James Brandon Leighton (Private-)
Thomas, Jennifer Michell (Private-)
Thomas, John Alexander William (31 DEC 1822-2 AUG 1896)
Thomas, Joshua (Private-)
Thomas, Justin (Private-)
Thomas, Mark Leighton (Private-)
Thomas, Martha (15 FEB 1827-28 JUN 1901)
Thomas, Maston Jehue (23 MAY 1861-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Michele Lauch (Private-)
Thomas, Nancy Ann (4 SEP 1779-1 FEB 1855)
Thomas, Nellie Deborah (29 APR 1846-6 DEC 1917)
Thomas, Norman Charles (Private-)
Thomas, Norman Claude (Private-)
Thomas, Philemon (-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Richard Henry (6 MAR 1817-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Richard Lee (Private-)
Thomas, Robert (26 SEP 1733-1817)
Thomas, Samuel William (1836-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Sara Elizabeth (Private-)
Thomas, Stephanie Sue (Private-)
Thomas, Stephen (28 MAY 1705-7 APR 1774)
Thomas, Thomas (1629-22 MAY 1686)
Thomas, Tiffany Marie (Private-)
Thomas, Trina Ann Marie (Private-)
Thomas, Tristan (1665-11 FEB 1745/46)
Thomas, Tristan (ABT. 1593-25 MAR 1670)
Thomas, Tristram (-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Tristram (1580-18 JAN 1639/40)
Thomas, William Evans (26 MAY 1849-27 APR 1895)
Thompson, Amelia (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Betty Gayle (Private-)
Thompson, David Owen (Private-)
Thompson, Deborah Jean (Private-)
Thompson, Hugh Richard (Private-)
Thompson, John Edward (Private-)
Thompson, Leila Nanette (Private-)
Thompson, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Nancy McColl (Private-)
Thompson, Norwood Earl (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Norwood Owen (Private-)
Thompson, Ray Sigsbee (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Robert Daniel (Private-)
Thompson, Robert Samuel (Private-)
Thompson, Rockwell Frank (Private-)
Thompson, Samuel Lee (Private-)
Thompson, Sarah Ellen (Private-)
Thompson, Selena Rose (Private-)
Thompson, Susan Lynn (Private-)
Thompson, Terri Andrea (Private-)
Thompson, Toni Angela (Private-)
Thompson, Trudi Ann (Private-)
Thompson, Woodrow W. (Private-)
Thornberry, Louisa (-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Dozier (-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Jr., Mark (1720-1809)
Thornton, Sr., Mark (-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Reuben (-UNKNOWN)
Thrower, James (-UNKNOWN)
Thrower, James Madison (-UNKNOWN)
Thrower, James Richard (Private-)
Thrower, John Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Thrower, Martha Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Thrower, Molley (-UNKNOWN)
Thurer, Arthur (Private-)
Tidmore, Erin Taylor (Private-)
Tidmore, Lloyd Keith (Private-)
Tidmore, Nicholas Alan (Private-)
Tiedt, Andrew Michael (Private-)
Tiedt, Donald Roy (Private-)
Tiedt, Donald Roy (Private-)
Tiedt, Megan Marie (Private-)
Tiedt, Sarah Frances (Private-)
Tighe, Mary Ann (MAR 1850-26 JUL 1888)
Tighe, William (-UNKNOWN)
Timmons, Joe (Private-)
Tipplett, Brian (Private-)
Toney, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Totten, Thelma Jo (Private-)
Tourault, Francoise (-UNKNOWN)
Townsend, Edmond Bruce (-13 JUL 1951)
Townsend, H.A. (-UNKNOWN)
Trammell, Angela (Private-)
Trammell, Elijah Jacob (Private-)
Trammell, Jessica (Private-)
Trammell, Laura (Private-)
Trammell, Mark (Private-)
Trammell, Michael (Private-)
Trammell, Michael (Private-)
Trammell, Nathan (1988-1 JUL 1998)
Trammell, Ryan (Private-)
Traywick, Mary Agnes (Private-)
Trudel, Marguerite (-UNKNOWN)
Tucker, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Tullos, Ellen Caroline (14 JAN 1828-UNKNOWN)
Tune, Bessie Blanche (13 AUG 1900-24 DEC 1922)
Turbeville, Diane (Private-)
Turner, Garrett Sims (Private-)
Turner, III, George B. (Private-)
Turner, Jr., George B. (Private-)
Turner, Timothy Wayne (Private-)
Turney, Elizabeth (ABT. 1501-UNKNOWN)
Turpin, Jo (Private-)
Tyler, (Private-)
Tyler, Sarah Martha Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Tyson, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Ulmer, John Gordon (BEF. 1907-UNKNOWN)
Upchurch, Grady (Private-)
Upchurch, Jr., Wayne (Private-)
Upchurch, Wayne (Private-)
Urie, Carol (Private-)
Usher, James R. (Private-)
Usher, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Valenta, Frank Louis (-UNKNOWN)
Van Name, ? (Private-)
Van Name, Abraham (Private-)
Van Name, Charles (Private-)
Van Name, Dorothy (Private-)
Van Name, William (Private-)
Vanasse, Fancois Noel (-UNKNOWN)
Vanasse, Jeanne (-UNKNOWN)
Vanasse, Paul (-UNKNOWN)
Vance, Eloise (Private-)
Vaughn, Crystal Gayle (Private-)
Vaughn, James Heath (Private-)
Vaughn, Kenneth LaMar (Private-)
Vickie, (Private-)
Victor, Michael S. (Private-)
Voisey, ? (Private-)
W., Charles (24 OCT 1849-30 APR 1928)
Wade, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Wade, Robert (Private-)
Waggoner, Holland (-UNKNOWN)
Wagner, Brannon David (19 JUN 982-UNKNOWN)
Wagner, David Allan (Private-)
Wagner, Glen (Private-)
Wagner, Jonathan (Private-)
Wagner, III, Lew Edward (Private-)
Wagner, IV, Lew Edward (Private-)
Wagner, Jr., Lew Edward (3 JUL 1935-5 FEB 1999)
Wagner, Stacy Michelle (Private-)
Walker, Carolyn (Private-)
Walker, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Walko, Kathleen (Private-)
Wall, Mary Ann (Private-)
Wallace, ?? (Private-)
Wallace, Helen Elizabeth (17 JUL 1853-UNKNOWN)
Wallace, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Walters, Winnie (Private-)
Warcop, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Warner, Lucille (-UNKNOWN)
Warner, Maggie (-UNKNOWN)
Watson, Elizabeth (-1847)
Watson, John (-UNKNOWN)
Watson, L. Orr (-UNKNOWN)
Watson, Lanford (Private-)
Watson, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Watson, Sally (-UNKNOWN)
Waynewright, Joane (ABT. 1567-UNKNOWN)
Weaver, Beverly Carol (Private-)
Weaver, John C. (-UNKNOWN)
Webb, Husband (-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Webster, Cressie Louise (Private-)
Webster, Elmer Eugene (15 AUG 1896-28 MAR 1971)
Webster, Howard (Private-)
Webster, Jr., Howard (Private-)
Webster, Lisa Dawn (Private-)
Webster, Mae Ella (Private-)
Webster, Marian Mildred (Private-)
Webster, Mary (Private-)
Webster, William Walker (Private-)
Weedon, Helen (27 FEB 1904-19 NOV 1972)
Weise, Jenifer Ann (Private-)
Weise, Mark Francis (Private-)
Weise, Samantha Katelyn (Private-)
Weise, Sara Nicole (Private-)
Welch, Bobby Dean (Private-)
Welch, George (-UNKNOWN)
Welch, Julia (-UNKNOWN)
Welch, Melissa Renee (Private-)
Wells, Alexa (-UNKNOWN)
Wells, Emma Lee Simpson (Private-)
Wendy, (Private-)
Westberry, ? (Private-)
Westray, Samuel (1789-1855)
Whaley, Jessie Lee (-UNKNOWN)
Whatley, Sarah P. (-UNKNOWN)
Wheatley, Lydia (1760-1830)
White, Caroline Mae (8 MAY 1905-6 MAR 1963)
White, Chester Arthur (5 JUN-UNKNOWN)
White, Daniel Thomas (Private-)
White, Ellen Marguerite (Private-)
White, Frances Ella (Private-)
White, Hattie Elizabeth (Private-)
White, John R. (-UNKNOWN)
White, Johnny Marvin (Private-)
White, Jr., Linwood Edmonston (Private-)
White, Lona La Vola (11 SEP 1928-UNKNOWN)
White, Owens Lamar (Private-)
White, Thomas Alan (Private-)
White, Timothy Michael (Private-)
Whitehead, John W. (1875-1932)
Whitely, Lula (-UNKNOWN)
Wienges, Ella Louisa (-UNKNOWN)
Wiggins, Edna (Private-)
Wilburn, Charlotte R. (-22 APR 1887)
Wilene, (Private-)


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