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Family Tree Names

McColl-Edmonds, Mari Taylor (Private-)
McColl-Galleher, Tiffany Kaye (Private-)
McColl-Galleher, Tricia Annette (Private-)
McCollman, Lee (-UNKNOWN)
McCollman, Nelson (-UNKNOWN)
McCollough, William (Private-)
McCollough, III, William Kay (Private-)
McCormick, Cora (-UNKNOWN)
McCormick, Lonie (-UNKNOWN)
McCoy, Alton (Private-)
McCune, Debra (Private-)
McDaniel, Alexander (-UNKNOWN)
McDaniel, Alma Irene (Private-)
McDaniel, Annie Elizabeth (27 MAR 1868-26 MAY 1953)
McDaniel, April Danielle (Private-)
McDaniel, Audrey Marian (Private-)
McDaniel, Barbara (Private-)
McDaniel, Betty Nell (Private-)
McDaniel, Carol (Private-)
McDaniel, Catherine Elizabeth (Private-)
McDaniel, Cathy Marie (Private-)
McDaniel, Cathy Sue (Private-)
McDaniel, Charles Douglas (Private-)
McDaniel, Charles Evans (Private-)
McDaniel, Charlton Olive (2 SEP 1918-30 OCT 1988)
McDaniel, Christina Ann (Private-)
McDaniel, Daniel Charlton (17 DEC 1884-24 JAN 1952)
McDaniel, Daniel Saul (24 FEB 1915-30 JUL 1975)
McDaniel, Danna Marie (Private-)
McDaniel, Debbie Renea (Private-)
McDaniel, Deborah Ann (Private-)
McDaniel, Dorothy Mae (Private-)
McDaniel, Edna Earl (Private-)
McDaniel, Edward Donald (Private-)
McDaniel, Effie Jane (28 DEC 1869-8 OCT 1870)
McDaniel, Effie Louise (6 MAY 1920-1973)
McDaniel, Elbert (15 JUN 1902-MAY 1981)
McDaniel, Jr, Elbert Brown (Private-)
McDaniel, Elbert Brown (Private-)
McDaniel, Elizabeth (Private-)
McDaniel, Erin Elizabeth (Private-)
McDaniel, Faith Darlene (1 MAR 1966-3 MAR 1966)
McDaniel, Frances Louise (Private-)
McDaniel, Frank W. (26 AUG 1905-10 JUL 1907)
McDaniel, Fred (Private-)
McDaniel, Fred Douglas (17 MAY 1905-16 SEP 1987)
McDaniel, Jr, Fred Douglas (Private-)
McDaniel, Harold (Private-)
McDaniel, Harry Wilson (Private-)
McDaniel, Henry (1 JAN 1866-24 JUN 1866)
McDaniel, James Boyd (14 JUN 1877-1935)
McDaniel, Sr, James Grover (14 SEP 1915-15 JUL 1999)
McDaniel, II, James Grover (Private-)
McDaniel, Jr, James Thomas (Private-)
McDaniel, Sr, James Thomas (Private-)
McDaniel, Jane (1825-UNKNOWN)
McDaniel, Jill Lorraine (Private-)
McDaniel, Jimmie Catherine (Private-)
McDaniel, Jimmy (Private-)
McDaniel, Joane (Private-)
McDaniel, John Allen (27 APR 1917-24 JUL 1969)
McDaniel, John Cameron (14 NOV 1908-27 JUL 1972)
McDaniel, John Franklin (Private-)
McDaniel, John Roe (6 JAN 1829-19 MAY 1908)
McDaniel, John William (14 JUN 1871-17 AUG 1951)
McDaniel, Johnsie Cameron (Private-)
McDaniel, Katherine Elizabeth (Private-)
McDaniel, Kelly Laine (Private-)
McDaniel, Kevin (Private-)
McDaniel, Kim Marie (Private-)
McDaniel, Kriste Michele (Private-)
McDaniel, Lillie Mae (Private-)
McDaniel, Linda Diane (Private-)
McDaniel, Mamie Helen (28 SEP 1931-11 OCT 2001)
McDaniel, Margaret Mae (Private-)
McDaniel, Martha Jane (13 APR 1879-22 FEB 1953)
McDaniel, Marvin L. (26 NOV 1949-20 JAN 1992)
McDaniel, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
McDaniel, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
McDaniel, Mary Alice (26 DEC 1940-16 JUN 1970)
McDaniel, Mary Katherine (Private-)
McDaniel, Mary Louise (Private-)
McDaniel, Melanie LeAnn (Private-)
McDaniel, Mitchell Douglas (Private-)
McDaniel, Neill McLaurin (28 JAN 1882-28 MAY 1883)
McDaniel, Nellie (30 DEC 1875-19 MAY 1944)
McDaniel, P. T. (-UNKNOWN)
McDaniel, Pamela Leigh (Private-)
McDaniel, Rebecca Elizabeth (Private-)
McDaniel, Jr., Richard Dudley (Private-)
McDaniel, Sr., Richard Dudley (17 MAY 1921-7 JUL 1990)
McDaniel, Richard E. (3 FEB 1941-16 JAN 1974)
McDaniel, Robert Earl (Private-)
McDaniel, Robert Wayne (Private-)
McDaniel, Roma Lee (Private-)
McDaniel, Ronald Alan (Private-)
McDaniel, Roy Lee (Private-)
McDaniel, Sara Alice (Private-)
McDaniel, Sarah (29 JUL 1805-2 DEC 1870)
McDaniel, Savannah Leigh (Private-)
McDaniel, Stephanie Lyn (Private-)
McDaniel, Steven Allen (Private-)
McDaniel, Teresa Celeste (Private-)
McDaniel, Terry Lee (Private-)
McDaniel, Thomas Allen (Private-)
McDaniel, Thomas Dargan (10 JUN 1873-9 APR 1934)
McDaniel, Thomas Harold (2 APR 1911-24 FEB 1912)
McDaniel, Tony Brown (Private-)
McDaniel, William Ellison (-UNKNOWN)
McDonald, ? (-UNKNOWN)
McDonald, Aubrey (Private-)
McDonald, Elizabeth Ann (Private-)
McDonald, Florence Grace (Private-)
McDonald, Jesse (Private-)
McDonald, Kathleen Kelly (Private-)
McDonald, Katie (-UNKNOWN)
McDonald, Laurin Franklin (-UNKNOWN)
McDonald, Lucille Lauk (Private-)
McDonald, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
McDonald, Mary Ann (Private-)
McDonald, Ruby (7 DEC 1906-12 MAR 1995)
McDonald, William Leo (Private-)
McDow, John Cunningham (Private-)
McDow, John Cunningham (Private-)
McDuffie, Amber Elizabeth (Private-)
McDuffie, Jessica Lynn (Private-)
McDuffie, Jr, Robert Bradford (Private-)
McDuffie, Sr, Robert Bradford (Private-)
McDuffie, Timothy Allen (Private-)
McDuffie, Willie Mae (Private-)
McEachern, Novella (-UNKNOWN)
McFadyen, John Fleetwood (6 SEP 1861-18 AUG 1937)
McFarland, Mary (15 SEP 1897-UNKNOWN)
McGirt, Forrest (Private-)
McGirt, Judith Ann (Private-)
McGirt, Phillip Forrest (Private-)
McGlammory, Margaret Dale (Private-)
McGougan, Leanna Hilton (Private-UNKNOWN)
McGrail, James Edward (Private-)
McGraw, John Pressley (-UNKNOWN)
McGregor, Dan (-UNKNOWN)
McGregor, Jane Glenn (Private-)
McGregor, Jesse Mason (-3 MAR 2003)
McGregor, Ola (-UNKNOWN)
McInnis, Edwin L. (Private-)
McInnis, John (-UNKNOWN)
McInnis, Violet (Private-)
McIntosh, Rick (Private-)
McIntyre, ? (-UNKNOWN)
McIntyre, Donald (23 OCT 1812-27 MAR 1844)
McIntyre, Helen (Private-)
McIntyre, James (-UNKNOWN)
McIntyre, Lula (13 JUL 1877-23 SEP 1950)
McIntyre, Malcolm Black (1833-1858)
McIntyre, Nancy Della (9 DEC 1855-3 SEP 1933)
McIntyre, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
McKay, Artemus (-UNKNOWN)
McKeithan, Gertrude (-UNKNOWN)
McKenna, James (Private-)
McKenna, Kara Lucille (Private-)
McKenna, Lauren Kathleen (Private-)
McKenne, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
McKenzie, Annie Jane (-UNKNOWN)
McKenzie, Daniel Boone (5 MAR 1887-17 OCT 1953)
McKenzie, Daniel L. (1816-1901)
McKenzie, Homer (-UNKNOWN)
McKenzie, James Bennet (-UNKNOWN)
McKenzie, John (ABT. 1779-1871)
McKenzie, Lou (ABT. 1868-UNKNOWN)
McKenzie, Lucy Agnes (1828-1889)
McKenzie, Malinda (-UNKNOWN)
McKenzie, Mary Ann (1817-UNKNOWN)
McKenzie, Sarah (1811-1882)
McKenzie, William (-UNKNOWN)
McKenzie, William A. (1826-1878)
McKinney, Amy Reneé (Private-)
McKinney, Bryce Matthew (Private-)
McKinney, Cole (Private-)
McKinney, John W. (-UNKNOWN)
McKinney, Matthew (Private-)
McKinnon, Annie (25 DEC 1862-17 JUN 1896)
McKinnon, B.W. (-UNKNOWN)
McKinnon, Essie Louise (30 SEP 1897-UNKNOWN)
McKinnon, Hugh (24 AUG 1903-14 APR 1904)
McKinnon, James (15 SEP 1905-7 FEB 1906)
McKinnon, James Fairley (-UNKNOWN)
McKinnon, John A. (17 JUN 1899-25 NOV 1899)
McKinnon, Leon Fairly (24 OCT 1889-OCT 1969)
McKinnon, Mamie (28 DEC 1893-DEC 1976)
McKinnon, Mattie (8 DEC 1901-7 NOV 1904)
McKinnon, Sallie Wade (Private-UNKNOWN)
McKinnon, Willie (11 JUN 1891-24 JUL 1891)
McKinsey, (-UNKNOWN)
McLain, Cornelia (-UNKNOWN)
McLaine, Caroline (-UNKNOWN)
McLaine, David (-UNKNOWN)
McLaine, Effie (-UNKNOWN)
McLaine, Huey (-UNKNOWN)
McLaine, John (-UNKNOWN)
McLaine, Malcolm (-UNKNOWN)
McLaine, Peter (-UNKNOWN)
McLauchlin, Duncan T. (29 JUN 1872-19 JAN 1927)
McLauchlin, Elsie (Private-)
McLauchlin, Fran (Private-)
McLauchlin, James Capell (13 AUG 1905-23 APR 1991)
McLaughlin, Mollie (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, ? (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, ? (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Albina (27 JAN 1850-16 SEP 1898)
McLaurin, Alex (17 JAN 1827-28 SEP 1890)
McLaurin, Ann (1797-1842)
McLaurin, Anselm Joseph (26 MAR 1848-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Belinda (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Belinda (5 APR 1828-15 NOV 1878)
McLaurin, Bettie (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Bettie (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Caroline (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Caroline (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Carrie (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Carrie Virginia (6 JUL 1871-1 JAN 1922)
McLaurin, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Catherine (1827-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Catherine (1784-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Christian (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, III, Daniel (ABT. 1762-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, II, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Daniel (ABT. 1730-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Daniel (1793-1850)
McLaurin, Daniel C. (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Daniel Calhoun (OCT 1795-11 APR 1856)
McLaurin, Daniel N. (15 OCT 1808-10 APR 1886)
McLaurin, Daniel Washington (16 DEC 1843-13 JUL 1928)
McLaurin, Donnie (26 JUL 1871-21 MAR 1905)
McLaurin, Dudley P. (1846-1914)
McLaurin, Duncan (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Duncan (1740-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Duncan (1806-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Duncan (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Duncan (1794-1845)
McLaurin, Duncan (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Duncan Major (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Effie (2 DEC 1820-6 JAN 1899)
McLaurin, Effie (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Effie Ellen (11 FEB 1857-10 APR 1904)
McLaurin, Effy (1797-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Emma (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Hector (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Henrietta (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Henrietta Virginia (4 JUL 1840-16 SEP 1869)
McLaurin, Hugh (1787-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Hugh (ABT. 1760-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Hugh (1800-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Hugh Bellahales (1751-12 JAN 1846)
McLaurin, Hugh C. (1786-8 JUL 1871)
McLaurin, Hugh Laughlin (16 DEC 1843-18 NOV 1926)
McLaurin, Isabella (1795-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, James Alexander (11 MAR 1848-9 JAN 1889)
McLaurin, James William (26 JUL 1838-15 FEB 1889)
McLaurin, Jeanette (28 JAN 1835-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Jennet (ABT. 1785-20 MAR 1870)
McLaurin, III, John (9 DEC 1765-31 OCT 1848)
McLaurin, John (SEP 1789-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, John (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, John (1802-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, John (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, II, John (ABT. 1680-1745)
McLaurin, John A. (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, John Franklin (17 OCT 1841-26 NOV 1906)
McLaurin, John J. (19 JAN 1816-17 JUL 1892)
McLaurin, John L. (1829-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, John Lachlan (1760-1822)
McLaurin, Lauch (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Lauchlin (1784-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Lauchlin (1796-1858)
McLaurin, III, Lauchlin (28 MAR 1815-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Lauchlin LeRoy (14 APR 1813-1888)
McLaurin, Laughlin (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Lucy (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Luther (20 AUG 1857-1 APR 1933)
McLaurin, Margaret (1831-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Margaret (28 APR 1811-ABT. 1813)
McLaurin, Margaret (12 JUN 1790-1865)
McLaurin, Margaret Ann (10 DEC 1845-6 AUG 1869)
McLaurin, Martha Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Mary (ABT. 1789-AFT. 1828)
McLaurin, Mary (1793-1855)
McLaurin, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Mary (1794-1860)
McLaurin, Mary (20 JUN 1793-1893)
McLaurin, Mary (1780-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Mary Ann (1816-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Mary Anne (2 NOV 1828-30 JUL 1850)
McLaurin, Mary Jane (5 JUN 1840-29 APR 1869)
McLaurin, Matilda (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Mattie (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Mollie A. (10 JAN 1869-26 MAR 1950)
McLaurin, Nancy (3 MAY 1799-12 DEC 1876)
McLaurin, Neil (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Neil (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Neill (AUG 1792-1856)
McLaurin, Neill (1823-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Neill (1723-UNKNOWN)
McLaurin, Peter (1795-1845)
McLaurin, Phillip B. (12 SEP 1827-12 DEC 1864)
McLaurin, Sarah (1832-1883)
McLaurin, Tobert Dudley (22 NOV 1873-4 SEP 1941)
McLaurin, Virginia (1841-1873)
McLaurin, Walter Bishop (10 DEC 1859-18 APR 1925)
McLaurin, William (-UNKNOWN)
McLaurine, Margaret (-ABT. 1785)
McLaurine, Robert (Private-)
McLean, A. A. (-UNKNOWN)
McLean, Duncan W. (-UNKNOWN)
McLean, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
McLean, Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
McLean, Lucious (-UNKNOWN)
McLean, Sara (Private-)
McLemore, ? (-UNKNOWN)
McLeod, Bunyan (-UNKNOWN)
McLeod, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
McLucas, Martha Colin (15 FEB 1846-15 MAR 1924)
McLucas, Roderick S. (10 MAR 1842-23 MAR 1902)
McManus, ? (-UNKNOWN)
McMillan, Mary Alice (Private-)
McMillan, May (29 NOV 1887-4 AUG 1958)
McMillan, Sallie\Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
McMillan, William (-UNKNOWN)
McNair, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
McNair, Harriet (-UNKNOWN)
McNair, Margaret (13 AUG 1807-BEF. 1870)
McNair, Mary (1769-4 FEB 1847)
McNair, Matthew (-UNKNOWN)
McNair, Minnie Lou (-UNKNOWN)
McNeer, Bessie (Private-)
McNeil, Krystal Michelle (Private-)
McNeil, Mike (Private-)
McNeill, ? (-UNKNOWN)
McNeill, Catherine (-1851)
McNeill, Mary Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
McNeill, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
McNickle, George Michael (-UNKNOWN)
McNickle, John David (-UNKNOWN)
McNickle, Mary Christine (-UNKNOWN)
McNickle, Paul Aloyisius (-UNKNOWN)
McNickle, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
McNickle, Thomas Francis (-UNKNOWN)
McPhater, ? (-UNKNOWN)
McPherson, Sarah Ann (-UNKNOWN)
McQuage, Doris (Private-)
McQueen, Lorena Merietta (-UNKNOWN)
McRae, Bea Isabella (1781-11 MAR 1872)
McRae, Daniel McKinnon (-UNKNOWN)
McRae, Duncan (-UNKNOWN)
McRae, Farquar (-UNKNOWN)
McRae, Maggie Lenora (-UNKNOWN)
McRae, Nellie (-UNKNOWN)
Mcnamara, Teresa (-UNKNOWN)
Mead, Doris May (Private-)
Meador, Bessie Laurena (Private-)
Meador, Dorothy Juanita (Private-)
Meador, Frances Lenora (Private-)
Meador, Hezekiah Leonard (4 JUN 1884-29 JAN 1965)
Meador, Jimmy William (Private-)
Meador, Leonard Dalco (Private-)
Meador, Lois Iva Nell (Private-)
Meador, Merle Marie (Private-)
Meadows, Connie Sue (Private-)
Meekins, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Meekins, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Melin, Jr., Donald Raymond (Private-)
Melin, Donald Raymond (Private-)
Melin, Victoria Anne (Private-)
Melin, Wendy Marie (Private-)
Melin, William Christopher (Private-)
Mendenhall, Aaron (20 NOV 1690-30 APR 1765)
Mendenhall, Aaron (23 DEC 1751-26 DEC 1793)
Mendenhall, Damascus (-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, Demaris (28 JUN 1772-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, Eli (APR 1787-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, Elizabeth (3 MAR 1773-1831)
Mendenhall, George (14 AUG 1686-1758)
Mendenhall, Hannah (9 JUN 1781-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, Isaac (4 DEC 1775-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, James (-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, James Rich (22 MAR 1789-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, John (ABT. 1536-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, John (1560-JUN 1614)
Mendenhall, John (30 OCT 1659-19 AUG 1743)
Mendenhall, John (4 MAY 1688-30 APR 1765)
Mendenhall, John (3 JUN 1688-30 APR 1765)
Mendenhall, John (5 SEP 1770-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, Mary (1710-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, Mordecai (MAR 1712/13-3 NOV 1803)
Mendenhall, Mordecai (22 MAR 1789-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, Nathan (22 FEB 1774-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, Rachel (23 AUG 1779-28 JAN 1813)
Mendenhall, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, Sarah (19 DEC 1790-18 FEB 1846)
Mendenhall, Sarah (30 OCT 1777-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, Stephen (23 APR 1785-UNKNOWN)
Mendenhall, Stephen (23 JAN 1743/44-1822)
Mendenhall, Thomas (24 DEC 1609-7 NOV 1673)
Mendenhall, Thomas (1630-4 JUL 1682)
Mendenhall, Thomas (1580-11 MAR 1637/38)
Mendenhall, Thomas Marmaduke (13 FEB 1792-UNKNOWN)
Mercer, Martha Azle (1 DEC 1892-7 JAN 1992)
Mercier, Angelique (-UNKNOWN)
Mercier, Pierre-Simon (-UNKNOWN)
Mercier, Pierre-Simon (-UNKNOWN)
Merrin, Jeanne (-UNKNOWN)
Mesnard, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Middleton, D.L. (-UNKNOWN)
Miedema, Michelle Joanne (Private-)
Milam, Collin M. (-UNKNOWN)
Mildred, (Private-)
Miller, Amy Crystel (Private-)
Miller, Arden (Private-)
Miller, III, Cyrus Hapgood (Private-)
Miller, Edward (Private-)
Miller, Faye (Private-)
Miller, Gary Edward Daniel (Private-)
Miller, George (-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Geraldine (Private-)
Miller, Leanne (Private-)
Miller, Michael Walter (Private-)
Miller, Pinckney S. (-UNKNOWN)
Miller, Russel (Private-)
Miller, Samuel Travis (Private-)
Miller, Timothy Scott Patrick (Private-)
Miller, Walter Arden (Private-)
Millet, Marie-Jeanne (-UNKNOWN)
Millikan, Sarah (1743-9 APR 1826)
Mills, Colleen Frances (26 NOV 1933-17 APR 1999)
Mills, Elizabeth Ann (7 JUL 1745-3 APR 1826)
Mills, John (1740-6 MAR 1815)
Mills, John (27 OCT 1712-18 APR 1794)
Mills, Sarah H. (1734-14 JUL 1778)
Mims, Richard (Private-)
Mitchel, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Mitchell, Lula (Private-)
Mober, Dennis (Private-)
Mober, Eugene Kenneth (Private-)
Mober, Gregory (Private-)
Mober, James Kenneth (Private-)
Mober, William Michael (Private-)
Mobley, John Justin (Private-)
Mobley, . III, Robert Hiram (Private-)
Mobley, Jr., Robert Hiram (Private-)
Monroe, Patrick A. (-UNKNOWN)
Monroe, Virginia (Private-)
Montel, Barbe (-UNKNOWN)
Montgomery, Blair (Private-)
Montgomery, Donna Elaine (Private-)
Montgomery, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Monvoisin, Francoise (-UNKNOWN)
Monvoisin, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Moody, C.L. (-UNKNOWN)
Mooneyham, Suzie Bell (Private-)
Moore, B. Edwin (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Ben Frank (Private-)
Moore, Jr., Ben Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Ben Frank (1847-1925)
Moore, Ben Frank (Private-)
Moore, Ben Frank (7 DEC 1920-AUG 1983)
Moore, Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Bonnie L. (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Charles (Private-)
Moore, Chester (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Duncan W. (25 NOV 1819-26 JUN 1879)
Moore, Edith Frances (7 OCT 1849-1 APR 1906)
Moore, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Fletcher A. (14 AUG 1888-7 OCT 1888)
Moore, George Gibson (Private-)
Moore, Grace McNair (7 NOV 1890-27 OCT 1891)
Moore, James (Private-)
Moore, James Carlisle (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, James Carlisle (Private-)
Moore, James Duncan (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, James G. (29 MAR 1896-9 DEC 1966)
Moore, John Tyler (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Julia (Private-)
Moore, Kelly (Private-)
Moore, Martha (Private-)
Moore, Mary Belle (15 APR 1874-15 JUN 1874)
Moore, Mary Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Mike (Private-)
Moore, Moselle (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Myrtle Tatum (Private-)
Moore, Psyche Drucilla (9 JUN 1846-15 JUN 1915)
Moore, Sadie (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Sarah (Private-)
Moore, Son1 (Private-)
Moore, Son2 (Private-)
Moore, Thomas B. (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Viola (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Vivian A. (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, Welcome A. (3 OCT 1849-22 MAR 1911)
Moore, William D. (-UNKNOWN)
Moore, William Stubbs (17 MAR 1808-27 NOV 1863)
Moorman, Patty (or Polly) (-UNKNOWN)
Mop, Melissa (ABT. 1850-UNKNOWN)
Moral, Gertrude (22 MAR 1657/58-28 AUG 1736)
Moral, Quentin de Quentin (1622-21 MAY 1686)
Morgan, Bessie (-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Earl Leroy (12 SEP 1916-18 FEB 1999)
Morgan, James (-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Morgan, Julius C. (-UNKNOWN)
Morris, Charles Colyer (Private-)
Morris, Elizabeth McColl (Private-)
Morris, John Robert (Private-)
Morris, John Robert (Private-)
Morris, Johnny Lee (Private-)
Morris, Katherine (Private-)
Morris, Paul McKnight (Private-)
Morrison, Jr., Arch W. (-UNKNOWN)
Morrison, Arch W. (-UNKNOWN)
Morrison, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Morrman, Pollie (-UNKNOWN)
Morrow, Violet (Private-)
Morse, Colleen Marie (Private-)
Morse, Emily Anne (Private-)
Morse, Jennifer Lane (Private-)
Morse, Kevin Matthew (Private-)
Morse, Theresa Catherine (Private-)
Morse, Thomas Richard (Private-)
Moses, Desiré (Private-)
Motley, Benjamin Lee (Private-)
Mountbatten, Philip (Private-)
Muffin, (Private-)
Mulhern, Joseph (Private-)
Mulhern, Michaela Aileen (Private-)
Mullen, Winnifree (-UNKNOWN)
Mulvey, Patrick (Private-)
Mundell, Charles Lott Lawrence (-UNKNOWN)
Mundell, Thomas Jefferson (16 MAR 1862-15 FEB 1938)
Murphy, Herman C. (-UNKNOWN)
Murphy, John (-UNKNOWN)
Murphy, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Murphy, Wiliam (-UNKNOWN)
Murphy, William G. (-UNKNOWN)
Murray, Bernard A. (-UNKNOWN)
Murray, Jean Ellis (Private-)
Musich, Stacy Michel (Private-)
Myers, E.R. (Private-)
Myers, Thurmond Audry (Private-)
Nabers, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Nancy, (-UNKNOWN)
Nancy, (Private-)
Nation, Parks (-UNKNOWN)
Neary, Steven Perry (Private-)
Nedever, Hester (-UNKNOWN)
Nelson, Hazel Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Newberry, J.B. (-UNKNOWN)
Newbury, Constance Anne (Private-)
Newbury, Cynthia Louise (Private-)
Newbury, Cynthia Louise (Private-)
Newbury, James Craig (Private-)
Newbury, James Jerome (Private-)
Newbury, James Jerome (Private-)
Newbury, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Newbury, Jr, Joseph (Private-)
Newbury, Jr., Joseph Bethel (21 OCT 1934-23 MAR 2002)
Newbury, Joseph Bethel (11 SEP 1904-14 JAN 1980)
Newbury, Margaret Alice (Private-)
Newbury, Margaret Alice (Private-)
Newbury, Margaret Joan (Private-)
Newbury, Marie Bernadette (Private-)
Newbury, Marie Bernadette (Private-)
Newbury, Mary Katherine (5 FEB 1946-11 FEB 1999)
Newbury, Michael (Private-)
Newbury, Michael Jay (11 MAR 1951-19 JUN 1968)
Newbury, Michael Jay (Private-)
Newbury, Michael Joseph (Private-)
Newbury, Mitchell (Private-)
Newbury, Sara Jane (Private-)
Newbury, Sarah Frances (Private-)
Newbury, Sarah Frances (Private-)
Newbury, Theresa Ann (Private-)
Newbury, Thomas Michael (Private-)
Newbury, Thomas Wayne (31 JAN 1944-26 MAY 1974)
Newbury, Thomas Wayne (Private-)
Newbury, Veronica (Private-)
Newton, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Newton, Edmond (-UNKNOWN)
Newton, Julia (-UNKNOWN)
Newton, Katie McColl (-UNKNOWN)
Newton, Lizzie (-UNKNOWN)
Newton, Sallie (-UNKNOWN)
Newton, William (-UNKNOWN)
Nichols, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Nicholson, Christian (-UNKNOWN)
Nicolaus, Andrew Michael (Private-)
Nicolaus, Daniel William (Private-)
Nicolaus, Michael Robert (Private-)
Nicolaus, Olivia Grace (Private-)
Nicole, (Private-)
Nirrio, Jehanne (-UNKNOWN)
Noar, Phillis (ABT. 1697-UNKNOWN)
Nolan, Bernard (-FEB 1977)
Nolan, Jim (-UNKNOWN)
Nolan, John (-UNKNOWN)
Nolan, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Nolan, Mamie (-UNKNOWN)
Nolan, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Nolan, Tommy (-UNKNOWN)
Nolan, William (-UNKNOWN)
Noles, Alex (Private-)
Noles, Byron (Private-)
Noles, Devron (Private-)
Noles, Duane (Private-)
Noles, Janell (Private-)
Noles, Joy (Private-)
Noles, Kurston (Private-)
Noles, Linda (Private-)
Noles, Pierre (Private-)
Noles, Roger (Private-)
Noles, Russell (Private-)
Noles, Tommy (Private-)
Norris, Alberta (Private-)
Norris, Alice (Private-)
Norris, Annie (Private-)
Norris, Charlie (25 JAN 1900-UNKNOWN)
Norris, Charlie (-UNKNOWN)
Norris, Frank (Private-)
Norris, Hubert (Private-)
Norris, Lewis (Private-)
Norris, Mildred (Private-)
Norris, Minnie (-UNKNOWN)
Norris, Neal (Private-)
Norris, Richard (Private-)
Norton, Jessie Eugene (Private-)
Norton, John Clarence (Private-)
Norton, Robert (Private-)
Norton, Robert Eugene (Private-)
Nuite, Barbara Ann (Private-)
Nutt, Hariett (-UNKNOWN)
O'Brien, Dennis (-UNKNOWN)
O'Brien, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Odom, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Odom, Arch K. (-UNKNOWN)
Ohlendorf, N.K. (Private-)
Oliver, Cheryl Jeanne (Private-)
Oliver, Joseph Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Oliver, Margaret (24 AUG 1893-UNKNOWN)
Ortmann, Theodora (16 FEB 1894-27 APR 1933)
Osborne, Jane Thornton (-UNKNOWN)
Osborne, Mary Catherine (Private-)
Osborne, Millard (Private-)
Ouellet, Francois (-UNKNOWN)
Ouellet, Gabriel (-UNKNOWN)
Ouellet, Michel (-UNKNOWN)
Ouellet-Welet, Therese (-UNKNOWN)
Outen, Linda (Private-)
Ouvrard, Renee (-UNKNOWN)
Owens, Thomas Deverauxe (Private-)
Owens, Jr., Thomas Deverauxe (Private-)
Ozgar, Madalyn Nichole (Private-)
Ozgar, Robert Michael (Private-)
Page, Alice (ABT. 1722-UNKNOWN)
Page, Jackie Ann (Private-)
Palmer, Alice Gibson (Private-)
Palmer, Billy (-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, Gabrielle (-UNKNOWN)
Palmer, William Charles (4 JUN 1931-18 MAY 2001)
Parham, Gainor (-UNKNOWN)
Parham, Gertrude (Private-)
Parham, James A. (-UNKNOWN)
Parham, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Parham, Mitchell (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Amanda (ABT. 1821-ABT. 1908)
Parker, Amanda Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Andrew A. (7 MAY 1850-27 AUG 1850)
Parker, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Arena (1815-1873)
Parker, Caroline (Carrie) (1 AUG 1861-18 MAR 1945)
Parker, Catherine (Cattie) (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Cattie (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Daniel (3 SEP 1807-27 SEP 1870)
Parker, Elizabeth (1835-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Elizabeth (1815-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Emily J. (11 JUN 1851-18 JUN 1858)
Parker, Emmon (-ABT. 1813)
Parker, Ernest (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Esther (1769-1839)
Parker, Gary (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Gustavus Beauregard (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Harris (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Henry (19 JUN 1870-23 APR 1885)
Parker, Henry (1791-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, J. S. (1836-UNKNOWN)
Parker, James H. (1818-UNKNOWN)
Parker, James P. (1873-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Jesse (1832-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Jessie Edward (9 JUL 1870-3 JAN 1931)
Parker, John (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, John (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, John R. (1 DEC 1835-31 MAY 1911)
Parker, John R. (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Joshua M (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Judy (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Julie (29 APR 1846-3 AUG 1864)
Parker, Kitty (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Lewis (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Sr., Lewis (20 OCT 1805-28 FEB 1868)
Parker, Jr., Lewis (1829-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Lewis Thomas (Tom) (24 NOV 1874-11 NOV 1947)
Parker, Mark Turner (1820-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Mary (29 NOV 1873-2 FEB 1943)
Parker, Mary Anne (1837-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Moses (26 AUG 1744-12 NOV 1830)
Parker, Jr., Moses (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Nancy (28 JUN 1809-16 OCT 1853)
Parker, Nancy (1825-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Philip (14 NOV 1810-13 MAR 1893)
Parker, Phillip J (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Samantha Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Sarah (1816-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Victoria Marie (Private-)
Parker, William (11 FEB 1817-4 DEC 1855)
Parker, Wright (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Wright (-UNKNOWN)
Parker, Wright (-UNKNOWN)
Parks, Linda (Private-)
Parks, M.W. (-UNKNOWN)
Parks, Myra (12 SEP 1887-UNKNOWN)
Parlier, Elizabeth (Private-)
Parrish, Dorothy Margaret (Private-)
Parrish, Emma Jane (Private-)
Parrish, Janie Mildred (2 AUG 1911-23 SEP 1990)
Parrish, John Leslie (29 MAR 1909-6 AUG 1964)
Parrish, Kathleen Evelyn (15 OCT 1902-6 JUL 1988)
Parrish, Lawrence Alexander (25 JAN 1899-FEB 1966)
Parrish, Lila Eleanor (2 OCT 1900-14 JUN 1969)
Parrish, Mary D. (20 JUL 1904-9 AUG 1905)
Parrish, Mary Elizabeth (12 JUL 1917-APR 1980)
Parrish, Mary Jacqueline (Private-)
Parrish, Milton Luther (17 OCT 1867-5 FEB 1953)
Parrish, Jr., Milton Luther (2 AUG 1915-15 SEP 1970)
Parrish, Viola (22 JAN 1907-1981)
Parson, Sar (-UNKNOWN)
Parsons, Margaret (Private-)
Pate, Andrea Gibson (Private-)
Pate, Ben Carlyle (Private-)
Pate, Benargy (9 NOV 1813-UNKNOWN)
Pate, Billie (Private-)
Pate, Bryant (Private-)
Pate, Christine (Private-)
Pate, Eddie (-UNKNOWN)
Pate, Eric (Private-)
Pate, George Thoroughgood (-UNKNOWN)
Pate, Honor (-UNKNOWN)
Pate, James Franklin (16 APR 1864-UNKNOWN)
Pate, Jr., James Gibson (Private-)
Pate, James Gibson (-UNKNOWN)
Pate, III, James Gibson (Private-)
Pate, Jean (Private-)
Pate, Jim (-UNKNOWN)
Pate, Josephine (-UNKNOWN)
Pate, Kelly Christian (Private-)
Pate, Martha (15 APR 1864-18 MAR 1944)
Pate, Tom C. (-UNKNOWN)
Pate, Jr., William T. (-UNKNOWN)
Pate, William T. (-UNKNOWN)
Patricia, (Private-)
Patrick, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Patterson, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Patterson, Gilbert (-UNKNOWN)
Patterson, III, Joseph Russell (Private-)
Patterson, Kate (-UNKNOWN)
Patton, Mary (Private-)
Pearce, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Pearce, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Pearce, Nancy (1785-1856)
Pearre, Armilda (Private-)
Peebles, Fanny (-UNKNOWN)
Peele, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)
Peele, Fletcher (-UNKNOWN)
Peele, Katherine Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Peele, Laurin Black (-UNKNOWN)
Peele, Mary (2 DEC 1742-UNKNOWN)
Peele, Milan (-UNKNOWN)
Peele, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Peele, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Peele, Robert A. (-UNKNOWN)
Peele, Wade Malloy (-UNKNOWN)
Peele, Walter W. (-UNKNOWN)
Peggy, (Private-)
Pegram, Imogene Evans (Private-)
Pence, (son) (Private-)
Pence, Samuel (Private-)
Per-Lee, Daniel Anderson (Private-)
Perkins, J. Sylvester (-UNKNOWN)
Perkins, W.D. (-UNKNOWN)
Person, Fannie (31 DEC 1850-20 MAR 1919)
Peterson, Susan (-UNKNOWN)
Pezzuti, Bonnie Jean (Private-)
Pezzuti, Christopher David (Private-)
Pezzuti, Jr., Joseph Rinaldi (Private-)
Pezzuti, Joseph Rinaldi (Private-)
Pezzuti, Kevin John (Private-)
Pezzuti, Matthew Dean (Private-)
Pezzuti, Melissa Lynn (Private-)
Pezzuti, Jr, Michael Anthony (Private-)
Pezzuti, Michael Anthony (Private-)
Pezzuti, Morgan Andrew (Private-)
Pezzuti, Randy Lee (Private-)
Pezzuti, Sarah Rene (Private-)
Pezzuti, Stephen Paul (Private-)
Phee, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Alan (Private-)
Phillips, Kate (-UNKNOWN)
Phillips, Preston (Private-)
Phillips, Reuben Preston (Private-)
Phillips, Stevens Louis (Private-)
Phyllis, (Private-)
Pickett, Henry (1640-10 OCT 1702)
Pickett, William (1580-UNKNOWN)
Pickett, William (1669-UNKNOWN)
Pierpont, John (Private-)
Pierson, Rose (16 JAN 1692/93-29 JAN 1771)
Pierson, Susanna (26 JUN 1691-UNKNOWN)
Pierson, Thomas (1653-29 NOV 1722)
Pike, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Pinard, Francois-Regis Lauziere (-UNKNOWN)
Pinard, Jean Pinear (-UNKNOWN)
Pinard, Louis (-UNKNOWN)
Pinard, Louis (-UNKNOWN)
Pinard, Louis Pinar (JUL 1634-UNKNOWN)
Pineau, Joseph (1667-UNKNOWN)
Pineau, Marie Charlotte Therese (-UNKNOWN)
Pineau, Marie-Renee (-UNKNOWN)
Pineau, Pierre (1694-UNKNOWN)
Pingley, Verna Lee (Private-)
Pinkham, Lynn Ann (Private-)
Pipkin, Agnes (1592-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Allan (3 MAR 1593/94-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Allan Picke (ABT. 1562-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Amy (BEF. 1808-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Ann Hunter Baker (Private-)
Pipkin, Anna (ABT. 1734-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Anne M. (1826-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Archilus (1817-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Archilus (1769-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Jr., Arthur (ABT. 1774-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Sr., Arthur (ABT. 1736-AFT. 1810)
Pipkin, Aseneath (4 OCT 1814-20 FEB 1888)
Pipkin, Asher (ABT. 1732-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Ashmead Pringle (Private-)
Pipkin, Banard (ABT. 1492-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Barnabas (1795-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Caroline (8 MAY 1827-14 DEC 1899)
Pipkin, Carrie (-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Catherine (1829-ABT. 1871)
Pipkin, Catherine (Kitty) (2 SEP 1829-1854)
Pipkin, Charles (ABT. 1783-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Charles D. G. (1861-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Daniel (ABT. 1725-BEF. 19 FEB 1788)
Pipkin, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Daniel (ABT. 1740-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Daras (1887-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Deborah (1855-7 FEB 1872)
Pipkin, Edward (2 OCT 1584-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Elisha (1780-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Elisha (1809-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Elisha (1771-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Elisha C. (5 DEC 1821-24 APR 1862)
Pipkin, Elizabeth (10 NOV 1591-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Elizabeth (5 DEC 1582-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Elizabeth (26 APR 1690-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Elizabeth (3 OCT 1809-29 APR 1878)
Pipkin, Elizabeth (1811-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Elizabeth (19 OCT 1738-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Elizabeth (1863-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Ellen (19 SEP 1596-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Emily Edith (30 JUN 1891-APR 1971)
Pipkin, Erastus (1858-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Fannie (1869-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Frances (21 JAN 1581/82-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Francis (1837-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Francis (1858-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Francis Haywood (22 MAR 1812-26 JUN 1893)
Pipkin, George (Private-)
Pipkin, George H. (1891-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Harah (1675-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Harold A. (1896-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Henry (1831-BEF. 1880)
Pipkin, Henry (8 OCT 1696-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Hepsy (1842-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Howard (ABT. 1734-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Humphrey (25 JUN 1703-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Sr., Humphrey (1667-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Isaac (7 JAN 1817-4 DEC 1896)
Pipkin, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, II, Isaac Lucious (1 APR 1786-10 SEP 1854)
Pipkin, Isabel (ABT. 1567-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Jacob (1874-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, James (ABT. 1534-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, James (ABT. 1779-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, James Edmond (1 APR 1852-11 NOV 1893)
Pipkin, Jr, James Ernest (Private-)
Pipkin, Sr, James Ernest (19 OCT 1911-26 MAY 1933)
Pipkin, Jane (22 FEB 1589/90-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Jasica (1860-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Jesse (13 AUG 1807-23 JUL 1882)
Pipkin, Jesse (ABT. 1742-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Jesse (ABT. 1726-JAN 1815)
Pipkin, Jr., Jesse (ABT. 1775-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Jesse (1810-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Jesse Benton (1853-1875)
Pipkin, Jethro (ABT. 1730-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Joan (ABT. 1582-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Joane (1594-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, John (1755-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, John (1760-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Sr., John (ABT. 1675-DEC 1745)
Pipkin, John (1757-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Jr., John (ABT. 1703-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, John (14 MAR 1707/08-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, John (28 JUL 1754-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, I, John (ABT. 1616-ABT. 1665)
Pipkin, III, John (23 FEB 1676/77-21 MAY 1745)
Pipkin, IV, John (1699-1782)
Pipkin, John (23 DEC 1733-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, II, John (ABT. 1641-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, John Benton (Private-)
Pipkin, John Benton (6 FEB 1857-16 APR 1943)
Pipkin, John H. (1854-AFT. 1930)
Pipkin, Joice (ABT. 1595-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Jordan (1790-AFT. 1850)
Pipkin, Joseph (ABT. 1777-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Joseph (ABT. 1715-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Joseph (ABT. 1705-JAN 1789)
Pipkin, Joseph John (20 DEC 1824-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Josephine (1832-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Josiah (24 OCT 1672-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Joyse (24 JAN 1639/40-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Julia E. (1863-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Lather K. (1896-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Lena (-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Leonard (ABT. 1770-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Lewis (ABT. 1781-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Lewis (ABT. 1753-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Lewis (ABT. 1707-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Lewis (1777-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Lewis (-BEF. MAR 1861)
Pipkin, Lewis (27 MAY 1801-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Lorenzo D. (1868-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Loruhamah (1755-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Louisa W. (ABT. 1818-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Lowell (1897-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Lucretia (ABT. 1751-AFT. 1830)
Pipkin, Lucretia Horne (1803-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Luke (1735-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Margaret (12 FEB 1704/05-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Marietta (1850-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Martha (1843-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Martha (1859-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Mary (ABT. 1820-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Mary (1759-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Mary (1664-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Mary Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Mary Anna (1805-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Mary Anna (25 DEC 1797-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Mary E. (Private-)
Pipkin, Mary Eliza (20 JUN 1819-ABT. 1865)
Pipkin, Mary Etta (-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Mary S. (1849-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Mildred (Millie) (1753-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Mildred Ann (10 SEP 1774-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Nancy Sarah (ABT. 1736-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Narcissus Ann (15 MAR 1824-29 SEP 1899)
Pipkin, Sr., Needham (ABT. 1776-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Paula Wall (Private-)
Pipkin, Penelope Ann (Annie) (1788-AFT. 1850)
Pipkin, Phillip (-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Phillip (1765-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Richard (1830-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Richard (ABT. 1560-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Robert H. (1828-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Roger (7 AUG 1586-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Roger (ABT. 1569-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Rutha (1787-AFT. 1850)
Pipkin, Sarah (30 AUG 1724-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Solomon (ABT. 1740-BEF. 1790)
Pipkin, Stephen (2 AUG 1757-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Stephen (ABT. 1725-ABT. 1807)
Pipkin, Stephen (NOV 1698-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Steward (ABT. 1709-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Steward (ABT. 1728-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Stewart (1800-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Susan (1835-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Susannah (1755-ABT. 1798)
Pipkin, Susannah C. (6 OCT 1785-10 APR 1871)
Pipkin, Suzanne (Private-)
Pipkin, Sr., Thomas (2 OCT 1584-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Thomas (11 MAR 1735/36-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Voriena (1865-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Wiliam (ABT. 1564-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Willa (1885-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Jr., William (1825-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, William (27 MAY 1588-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Sr., William (1787-BEF. 1860)
Pipkin, William L. (Private-)
Pipkin, William N. (1867-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, Willie Benton (6 FEB 1905-3 FEB 1988)
Pipkin, Willis (1747-1818)
Pipkin, Willis P. (1865-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, daughter (ABT. 1767-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, daughter (ABT. 1742-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, daughter (ABT. 1778-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, daughter (ABT. 1785-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, son (ABT. 1829-UNKNOWN)
Pipkin, son (ABT. 1806-UNKNOWN)


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