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Family Tree Names

Gilbert, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Gilchrist, Melissa Ann (Private-)
Gilchrist, Wendy Leigh (Private-)
Gilchrist, William (Private-)
Gillis, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Ginger, (Private-)
Gladyszewski, Rachel (Private-)
Gleason, Mary Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Godbold, Betty (Private-)
Godbold, Mary (ABT. 1790-1832)
Godbold, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Godwin, Martha (ABT. 1665-UNKNOWN)
Goguet, Marie-Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Golden, Billy E. (Private-)
Golden, Kelsey Mikaela (Private-)
Golden, Keri Michelle (Private-)
Golden, Lindley Ann (Private-)
Golden, Steven Todd (Private-)
Golle, Marthe (-UNKNOWN)
Gonzalez, Maria Luisa Fuente (Private-)
Goodman, Jr., Benjamin (5 MAY 1662-5 MAY 1735)
Goodman, Charles (1740-DEC 1826)
Goodman, Henry (ABT. 1651-UNKNOWN)
Goodman, John (ABT. 1557-UNKNOWN)
Goodman, Martha (ABT. 1695-UNKNOWN)
Goodman, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Goodman, Samuel (-1760)
Goodman, Sarah (ABT. 1715-UNKNOWN)
Goodman, William (-UNKNOWN)
Goodman, Sr., William (ABT. 1646-UNKNOWN)
Goodman, Jr., William (4 NOV 1672-UNKNOWN)
Goodman, William (ABT. 1765-UNKNOWN)
Goodson, Lois Betty (Private-)
Goodwin, William (-UNKNOWN)
Gordon, Mae (-UNKNOWN)
Goularte, Antonio S. (-UNKNOWN)
Goularte, Maria Rosa (-UNKNOWN)
Gouldie, Arthur (Private-)
Goy, (Private-)
Graf, Andrew Stephen (Private-)
Graf, Steve (Private-)
Graham, Fanny (-UNKNOWN)
Graham, James H. (-UNKNOWN)
Graham, James L. (-UNKNOWN)
Graham, Minnie (Private-)
Grandstaff, Edith C. (Private-)
Grannis, Dawn Marie (Private-)
Grannis, Steve (1946-2004)
Grant, Keith Lindsay (Private-)
Gray, Amanda (Private-)
Gray, Edward Gary (Private-)
Gray, Jeffrey (Private-)
Gray, Ron (Private-)
Gray, Stefani M. (Private-)
Grazino, Paula (Private-)
Green, Absolom (-UNKNOWN)
Green, Karen Jean (Private-)
Green, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Green, Sarah (ABT. 1659-UNKNOWN)
Green, Sarah Elizabeth (1838-1900)
Greene, Aaron (Private-)
Greene, Austin (Private-)
Greene, B. L. (Private-)
Greene, Brenda Marsha (Private-)
Greene, Donald Evan (Private-)
Greene, Eric Allen (Private-)
Greene, Justin (Private-)
Greene, Richard Lamar (Private-)
Greene, Troy Evan (Private-)
Greenstreet, Nancy (ABT. 1825-1841)
Greenwell, Frank Robert (Private-)
Greenwood, Lucia (-UNKNOWN)
Gregory, Josephine Lee (Private-)
Grey, Alma (-17 AUG 1930)
Greystock, Joan (-UNKNOWN)
Grimmett, Betty Louise (Private-)
Grimstead, Charlotte (-UNKNOWN)
Grou, Maire-Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Grou, Pierre (-UNKNOWN)
Grou-Groust, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Grunewald, Catharine Marie (Private-)
Grunewald, Grace Chrisine (Private-)
Grunewald, James (Private-)
Guadagnoli, Joe (Private-)
Guadagnoli, Sophia Louise (Private-)
Guilherme, Albert (Private-)
Guilherme, Joel (Private-)
Guilherme, Margaret R. (Private-)
Guilherme, Michael (Private-)
Guilherme, Robert A. (Private-)
Guillet, Louis (-UNKNOWN)
Guillet, Marguerite (-UNKNOWN)
Guth, Charles (Private-)
Guth, Kane Charles (Private-)
Guthrie, J.W. (-UNKNOWN)
Guthrie, Mattie (-1915)
Guyer, John (-UNKNOWN)
Guyer, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Hackett, Patricia Sue (14 JUL 1934-16 FEB 1993)
Haguin, Abraham (-UNKNOWN)
Haguin, Elisabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Hale, Robert C. (1798-1848)
Hall, Alfred (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Alfred A. (10 MAR 1882-9 SEP 1915)
Hall, Alfred Harold (23 MAR 1904-16 JUL 1991)
Hall, Jr, Alfred Harold (Private-)
Hall, Amber Leigh (Private-)
Hall, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Anna Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Austin (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Barbara (Private-)
Hall, Carolyn Frances (Private-)
Hall, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Frances (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Frances (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Helen (Private-)
Hall, Irene Constance (Private-)
Hall, James (Private-)
Hall, Jessica Lynn (Private-)
Hall, John (Stephen) Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Loretta (Private-)
Hall, Margert (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Marie Ann (Private-)
Hall, Marion (Private-)
Hall, Mary Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Raymond (Private-)
Hall, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Ronald Wayne (Private-)
Hall, Sarah Ann (ABT. 1834-UNKNOWN)
Hall, Stephen Andrew (Private-)
Hall, Stephen Blair (Private-)
Hall, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, William (-UNKNOWN)
Hall, William J. (BET. SEP 1844 - 1845-24 MAY 1910)
Hall, William J. (-UNKNOWN)
Hamelin, Louis (-UNKNOWN)
Hamer, Alfred (-UNKNOWN)
Hamer, Arthur Herndon (19 OCT 1857-5 AUG 1919)
Hamer, Arthur William (3 MAY 1891-3 FEB 1957)
Hamer, B. Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Hamer, Bessie (14 JUL 1898-14 SEP 1901)
Hamer, Blanche Isadora (1905-UNKNOWN)
Hamer, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Hamer, Elizabeth G. (-UNKNOWN)
Hamer, Elizabeth Jane (17 APR 1878-30 DEC 1958)
Hamer, Gladys Louise (-UNKNOWN)
Hamer, Herndon Howard (24 MAR 1884-11 MAR 1945)
Hamer, James Eugene (SEP 1906-2 JAN 1964)
Hamer, James Gillispie (8 SEP 1825-3 JUL 1905)
Hamer, Joseph Louis (30 AUG 1837-14 MAR 1900)
Hamer, Mae Etta (18 OCT 1893-UNKNOWN)
Hamer, Martha Louise (23 FEB 1836-30 NOV 1869)
Hamer, Martha Lula Viola (22 MAR 1869-5 AUG 1876)
Hamer, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Hamer, Mattye Lucille (1896-JAN 1988)
Hamer, Sallie Maud (15 FEB 1890-29 JAN 1975)
Hamer, Thomas Cochran (-UNKNOWN)
Hamer, Jr., Tom Cook (1910-20 MAY 1942)
Hamer, Tom Cook (-UNKNOWN)
Hamer, W.D. (-UNKNOWN)
Hamer, Wade Hampton (29 APR 1877-29 NOV 1944)
Hamilton, Bertha (Private-UNKNOWN)
Hammond, John (-UNKNOWN)
Hammond, Louis Walter (Private-)
Hammond, Louis Walter (Private-)
Hammond, Tara Lynn (Private-)
Hammontree, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Hannah, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
Hannah, Charlotte (-UNKNOWN)
Hannah, Fanny (-UNKNOWN)
Hannah, Lydia (-UNKNOWN)
Hannah, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Hannah, Jr., Peter (-UNKNOWN)
Hannah, Peter (-UNKNOWN)
Hannah, Polly (1843-1910)
Hardy, Hazel (-UNKNOWN)
Hargrave, George S. (-UNKNOWN)
Hargrave, J.J. (-UNKNOWN)
Hargrove, Alfred (-UNKNOWN)
Hargrove, Bettie A. (-1876)
Hargrove, Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
Hargrove, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Hargrove, Sara (-UNKNOWN)
Harllee, Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
Harmon, Kate (26 MAR 1909-17 AUG 1950)
Harmon, Roswell Thomas (11 JUL 1875-29 APR 1915)
Harmon, Ruth (18 NOV 1907-2 MAR 1974)
Harmon, William Gasque (15 FEB 1899-UNKNOWN)
Harmon, Wilma (Private-)
Harper, Ruth (Private-)
Harrell, James Mc Leod (Private-)
Harrell, Lois Genell (Private-)
Harrell, Luther Hinson (-UNKNOWN)
Harrell, Luther Hinson (Private-)
Harrell, Sara (Private-)
Harrington, Edna (Private-)
Harrington, Husband (?) (Private-)
Harrington, Richard (Private-)
Harris, Anna Marie (2 AUG 1963-22 DEC 1963)
Harris, Benjamin Joseph (15 APR 1906-9 MAY 1967)
Harris, Cary (Private-)
Harris, Dorothy (Private-)
Harris, Eugene (-UNKNOWN)
Harris, Ilexus Monique (Private-)
Harris, Jacqueline Louise (Private-)
Harris, Jewell Shirley (Private-)
Harris, Joseph William (15 AUG 1932-19 JUN 1993)
Harris, Michelle Lee (Private-)
Hart, Mary Pringle (Private-)
Hart, Walter Tillman (-UNKNOWN)
Hart, William Howard Pringle (Private-)
Harte, Brenda (Private-)
Hartzog, R.B. (-UNKNOWN)
Harvey, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Haselden, General P. (-UNKNOWN)
Haseldon, Samuel Joseph (BEF. 1909-UNKNOWN)
Hastings, Edith Wisenbaker (Private-)
Hasty, Eupha Lavinia (-UNKNOWN)
Hasty, Martha Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Hatmaker, Brenda A. (Private-)
Hawkins, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Hawkins, Julia Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Hawley, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Hayes, John (-UNKNOWN)
Heaves, Roy (-UNKNOWN)
Heavey, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Helms, (-UNKNOWN)
Hemby, Susan Eliza (-UNKNOWN)
Henderson, Bessie (-UNKNOWN)
Hendrix, Kate (Private-)
Henry, Amber Lee (Private-)
Henry, Benjamin R. (Private-)
Henry, Christopher (Private-)
Henry, Jr., David B. (Private-)
Henry, Sr., David B. (Private-)
Henry, Isabelle (-UNKNOWN)
Henry, Joshua Paul (Private-)
Henry, Joyce Leigh (Private-)
Henry, Sr., Robert A. (4 AUG 1932-12 JAN 1980)
Henry, Jr., Robert A. (24 JUL 1954-25 FEB 1968)
Henry, Roger Wade (Private-)
Henry, Sarah E. (Private-)
Henson, Sallie (-UNKNOWN)
Herndon, Will T. (-UNKNOWN)
Hertel, Jacques (-BEF. JUN 1657)
Hertel, Marie Madeleine (1646-UNKNOWN)
Hertel, Nicolas (-UNKNOWN)
Hester, (ABT. 1726-UNKNOWN)
Heustess, John B. (-UNKNOWN)
Hightower, Sara Frances (Private-)
Hilda, (Private-)
Hildreth, Leaming (-UNKNOWN)
Hilton, Sandra (Private-)
Hinnant, Audelle January (Private-)
Hinson, Dana (Private-)
Hite, Caleb (-UNKNOWN)
Hizer, Walter Lee (-UNKNOWN)
Hobson, Sarah Ruthie (-UNKNOWN)
Hodges, Annie Laurie (Private-)
Hodges, Edward P. (Private-)
Hodges, J. Pledger (Private-)
Hodges, K.B. (Private-)
Hodges, Thomas (Private-)
Hoffman, Hiltrude (Private-)
Hoke, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Holley, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Holliday, Eugenia (Private-)
Hollowell, Sarah (23 DEC 1763-14 JUN 1846)
Hollowell, Thomas (4 DEC 1739-UNKNOWN)
Holmberg, Jerry (Private-)
Holmberg, Jerry (Private-)
Hooker, Betty Jean (Private-)
Hornsby, J. A. (-UNKNOWN)
Horsley, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Horton, Annie (-UNKNOWN)
Horton, Christopher Matthew (Private-)
Horton, Jacob Tanner (Private-)
Horton, Mary Kate (Private-)
Horton, Thomas William ≥Rusty≤ (Private-)
Houck, Barbara Rebecca (Private-)
Houck, Harold (Private-)
Houde, Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Houston, Benjamin Franklin (-UNKNOWN)
Houston, William Cyrus (2 JAN 1867-15 DEC 1965)
Howard, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Howe, Elizabeth (ABT. 1644-UNKNOWN)
Howe, Francis (-UNKNOWN)
Howe, Jr, William (ABT. 1655-UNKNOWN)
Howe, Sr., William (11 JUL 1618-UNKNOWN)
Hubbard, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Hubbard, Forrible (-UNKNOWN)
Hubbard, Kittie (22 MAY 1849-26 JUN 1931)
Hubbard, Lizzie (-UNKNOWN)
Hubbard, Peter (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Mary Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Hudson, Pamela (Private-)
Hudson, Vivian (Private-)
Huffman, Dana Marie (Private-)
Huffman, Everett Arlen (Private-)
Huffman, Lisa Anne (Private-)
Huffman, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Huffman, Michele Arlene (Private-)
Huffman, Tina Louise (Private-)
Hughes, Donna Jean (Private-)
Hughes, Everett (-UNKNOWN)
Hughes, Thomas V. (-UNKNOWN)
Hughes, William Everett (Private-)
Humphrey, Edward McColl (Private-)
Humphrey, Hugh Archie (Private-)
Humphrey, James Michael (Private-)
Humphrey, Mitchell James (Private-)
Humphries, Edwin Allen (Private-)
Humphries, Ila (-UNKNOWN)
Humphries, Kathryn Ann (Private-)
Humphries, Lynda Glynn (Private-)
Hunt, Alfred Thomas (23 MAY 1892-28 NOV 1958)
Hunt, Henry Alvin (Private-)
Hunt, Isaiah (-UNKNOWN)
Hunt, Johnny Enos (9 JUL 1868-10 JAN 1905)
Hunt, Joseph Carl (Private-)
Hunt, Lettie O'Neal (-UNKNOWN)
Hunt, Lucius Benjamin (1896-1898)
Hunt, Margaret Blanche (Private-)
Hunt, Psyche Idell (4 MAR 1899-28 JUN 1918)
Hunt, William (1733-9 SEP 1772)
Hunter, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Hunter, Hannah (1786-30 MAR 1858)
Hunter, James (ABT. 1731-AFT. 1800)
Hunter, William (ABT. 1731-1800)
Hurley, Natalie (-UNKNOWN)
Hurst, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Hurt, Bailey (Private-)
Hurt, John (Private-)
Hutchinson, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Iceman, Charles E. (-UNKNOWN)
Ingo, Elizabeth (1685-1748)
Ingram, Chelly (-UNKNOWN)
Ingram, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Ingram, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Ingram, Needham (27 MAY 1780-OCT 1835)
Irene, (Private-)
Irvin, Winnifred (1 APR 1899-UNKNOWN)
Isemann, Brandi Nicole (Private-)
Isemann, Brian Jacob (Private-)
Isemann, Catherine Myra (Private-)
Isemann, Charles Andrew (Private-)
Isemann, Claire Louise (Private-)
Isemann, Frank Howard (Private-)
Isemann, Frank Lee (13 APR 1931-4 NOV 1966)
Isemann, Jr, Frank Lee (Private-)
Isemann, Frederick William (Private-)
Isemann, Frederick William (16 APR 1907-24 SEP 1971)
Isemann, Frederick William (Private-)
Isemann, Jack Wayne (Private-)
Isemann, James Judge (Private-)
Isemann, Jeanne Anne (Private-)
Isemann, Karen Marie (Private-)
Isemann, Krystle Marie (Private-)
Isemann, Linnet Elizabeth (Private-)
Isemann, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Isemann, Melinda Rene (Private-)
Isemann, Paul Edward (23 FEB 1930-1999)
Isemann, Robert Michael (Private-)
Isemann, Robert Neal (Private-)
Isemann, Ronald Carl (Private-)
Isemann, Sabrina Lee (Private-)
Isemann, Stephanie Christina (Private-)
Isemann, Steven Wayne (Private-)
Isemann, Terry Lynn (Private-)
Isemann, William Austin (Private-)
Isemann, William Stuart (Private-)
J, Sara (5 NOV 1853-11 AUG 1897)
J., Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
J., Harriet (1842-BET. 1850 - 1860)
Jackson, Amy Elizabeth (Private-)
Jackson, Amy Elizabeth (Private-)
Jackson, Carolyn Perritt (Private-)
Jackson, Jr, David Ray (Private-)
Jackson, David Ray (Private-)
Jackson, Deborah Susanne (Private-)
Jackson, Doris Evelyn (Private-)
Jackson, Flora (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Hamer Lewis (11 MAY 1928-2 APR 1995)
Jackson, James Allan (17 APR 1908-9 FEB 1965)
Jackson, James Robert (18 AUG 1930-26 OCT 2001)
Jackson, Janet (Private-)
Jackson, Jennifer (Private-)
Jackson, Jill Ray (Private-)
Jackson, Legrand (Private-)
Jackson, Mary Emaline (-20 APR 1920)
Jackson, Maxine Elizabeth (5 SEP 1940-16 JUN 1980)
Jackson, Nina Brown (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Robert Allan (Private-)
Jackson, Robert Michael (Private-)
Jackson, Rufus (Private-)
Jackson, Sara Margaret (1 NOV 1932-3 MAY 1991)
Jackson, Sarilda Lucinda (1867-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, T. J. (1825-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Thelma L. (Private-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Jr, William Arthur (Private-)
Jackson, Sr., William Arthur (Private-)
Jakuvowski, Lynell Therese Lynch (Private-)
James, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Jarboe, Anna Beall (Private-)
Jarboe, Corine Alice (Private-)
Jarboe, Frank (Private-)
Jarboe, Joseph Lewis (Private-)
Jarboe, Joseph Warren (1920-15 MAR 2004)
Jarboe, Mae (1915-2002)
Jarboe, Marion (Private-)
Jarboe, Jr., Richard Neale (Private-)
Jarboe, Richard Neale (-UNKNOWN)
Jarboe, Rosalie (Private-)
Jarboe, Sandy (Private-)
Jarry, Eloi (-UNKNOWN)
Jarry, Genevieve (-UNKNOWN)
Jarry, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Jenkinson, Belva Haynsworth (Private-)
Jensen, Anita (Private-)
Jeremiah, (Private-)
Jernigan, Aggie Nora (-UNKNOWN)
Jernigan, Alice (1749-UNKNOWN)
Jernigan, I, David (ABT. 1720-UNKNOWN)
Jernigan, II, David (ABT. 1746-UNKNOWN)
Jernigan, III, David (ABT. 1794-UNKNOWN)
Jernigan, Page (ABT. 1795-UNKNOWN)
Jernigan, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Joanne, (Private-)
Johnson, Barbara (Private-)
Johnson, Hayne (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Jr., Hayne (Private-)
Johnson, Hugh McColl (13 AUG 1921-19 DEC 1991)
Johnson, Martha Olive (6 APR 1874-8 DEC 1916)
Johnson, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Nathaniel (ABT. 1580-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Robert (Private-)
Jolly, Emma Lou (Private-)
Jones, Adrienne Lee (Private-)
Jones, Anita Louise (Private-)
Jones, Arthur Wilson (Private-)
Jones, Bessie Lee (20 APR 1900-SEP 1972)
Jones, Brandi Lea (Private-)
Jones, David Lee (Private-)
Jones, Donna (7 JAN 1889-6 MAY 1895)
Jones, E. (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Elizabeth Ann (Private-)
Jones, Emily (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Emma (12 OCT 1887-10 NOV 1887)
Jones, Fannie (23 JAN 1897-3 JUN 1899)
Jones, Flora C. (2 OCT 1893-4 OCT 1895)
Jones, Gary Lee (Private-)
Jones, Grace (Private-)
Jones, Hamer Lee (26 MAR 1928-NOV 1974)
Jones, Jr., Hamer Lee (Private-)
Jones, Holly Michelle (Private-)
Jones, Infant (24 JUN 1905-27 JUL 1905)
Jones, James O'Neal (Private-)
Jones, James Wilson (19 NOV 1895-29 MAR 1966)
Jones, John Arch (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Kathryn Ellen (Private-)
Jones, Katie Margaret (Private-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Le Ann Page (Private-)
Jones, Lee W. (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Linda Carol (Private-)
Jones, Lonnie (29 DEC 1918-NOV 1969)
Jones, Lucille (Private-)
Jones, Malcolm (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Margaret E. (Private-)
Jones, Marie (Private-)
Jones, Martha Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Martha Lace (Private-)
Jones, Mary Jane (20 OCT 1891-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Rachel (Private-)
Jones, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Shirley Ann (Private-)
Jones, Wilie (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, William E. (18 JUN 1902-NOV 1970)
Jones, William Thomas (Private-)
Jones, Wilson D. (-19 SEP 1936)
Jordan, Frances (Private-)
Jordan, James B. (-UNKNOWN)
Joseph, Daniel Lee (Private-)
Joseph, Michael Edward (Private-)
Joseph, Peter Anthony (Private-)
Joseph, Richard Andrew (Private-)
Joyelle, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Joyelle, Jeanne-Therese (-UNKNOWN)
Jr., Kenneth Lewis Amos. (Private-)
Juillet, Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Junior, (Private-)
Kader, Jessica (Private-)
Kader, Lisa (Private-)
Karr, Ella Eva (20 NOV 1889-27 FEB 1940)
Karr, William Edward (21 JUL 1855-26 AUG 1926)
Kathryn, Mary (Private-)
Kathy, (Private-)
Keeler, Anja Marie (Private-)
Keeler, Ann Frances (Private-)
Keeler, Damian Michael Hinant (Private-)
Keeler, Jennifer Lynn (Private-)
Keeler, Jessica Ann (Private-)
Keeler, Kyle Daniel (Private-)
Keeler, Lawrence Daniel (Private-)
Keeler, Madeline Grace (Private-)
Keeler, Michael Christopher (Private-)
Keeler, Walter James (Private-)
Keeler, Walter James (Private-)
Kelly, Catherine Irene (Private-)
Kelly, Erin Colleen (Private-)
Kelly, Frances Leigh (15 JAN 1952-21 DEC 2000)
Kelly, Judy (Private-)
Kelly, Kathleen Elizabeth (19 MAR 1880-11 APR 1931)
Kelly, Lucille Lauk (Private-)
Kelly, Patricia Anne (Private-)
Kelly, III, Paul Vincent (Private-)
Kelly, Paul Vincent (24 APR 1913-20 MAR 1995)
Kelly, Jr, Paul Vincent (Private-)
Kemp, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Ken, (Private-)
Kernan, James Michael (24 MAR 1937-6 NOV 1990)
Kerr, George Bigger (Private-)
Kerr, Katherine McColl (Private-)
Kerr, Kenneth William (Private-)
Kerr, Mary Margaret (Private-)
Kerr, Thomas George (Private-)
Kessinger, Suzanne Marie (Private-)
Kight, James Earl (Private-)
Kilgo, James (-UNKNOWN)
Kilgo, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Killinghall, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Kilpatrick, Lee (Private-)
King, Laurie (-UNKNOWN)
King, Mary Belle (12 MAR 1894-13 JUL 1979)
King, Jr, Michael (ABT. 1770-UNKNOWN)
King, Nancy (27 MAY 1777-UNKNOWN)
Kinkaid, Ira (-UNKNOWN)
Kirby, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Kirkley, (son) (Private-)
Kirkley, Curtis Truesdale (Private-)
Kirkley, Margaret Rebecca (Private-)
Kirkley, Ricky (Private-)
Kirkley, Thomas (Private-)
Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Roda (-ABT. 1880)
Kirkpatrick, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)
Kirkwood, Edward H. (-UNKNOWN)
Kirkwood, Susan P. (1859-1931)
Kirkwood, W. Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Kirton, Elizabeth (1805-27 FEB 1856)
Kirton, Henry (15 NOV 1792-23 DEC 1864)
Kirton, Julia Olive (1807-BEF. 1872)
Kirton, Maria (1801-1 DEC 1826)
Kirton, Martha Washington (ABT. 1850-UNKNOWN)
Kirton, Mary (ABT. 1790-BEF. 1828)
Kirton, Philip Cannon (22 JAN 1798-DEC 1838)
Kirton, Philip Cannon (16 JUL 1767-22 MAR 1837)
Kirton, Samuel (MAR 1803-14 FEB 1867)
Kirton, Thomas (ABT. 1788-1823)
Kirton, male (1794-UNKNOWN)
Knea, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Kobgood, Betsy (Private-)
Kraven, E.E. (-UNKNOWN)
Kristie, (Private-)
Kucner, Loren (Private-)
Kucner, Richard (Private-)
Kucner, Robert James (Private-)
Kucner, Stephen J. (Private-)
Kuhn, Victoria Ann (Private-)
Kyle, (Private-)
L'Ecuyer, Agathe (-UNKNOWN)
L'Ecuyer, Pierre (-UNKNOWN)
L., Lillie (1839-UNKNOWN)
LaWanda, (Private-)
Labbe, Doris (Private-)
Lafargue), Suzanne Messeau (or Etiennette (-UNKNOWN)
Lafon, Chad (Private-)
Lafon, Clay (Private-)
Lafon, Wayne (Private-)
Lam, Annie (-UNKNOWN)
Lamarque, Helene (-UNKNOWN)
Lancaster, Baylor A. (Private-)
Lancaster, Richard (Private-)
Landrum, Blanche (-UNKNOWN)
Lane, Margaret Mary (Private-)
Langston, Janet Church (Private-)
Langston, Jenifer Trent (Private-)
Langston, John (ABT. 1686-UNKNOWN)
Larocque, Antoine (-UNKNOWN)
Larocque, Francois (-UNKNOWN)
Larocque, Francois (-UNKNOWN)
Larocque, Jean Baptiste (-UNKNOWN)
Larocque-Lossier, Therese (1794-UNKNOWN)
Larsen, Howard James (Private-)
Laster, Ethel S. (DEC 1887-BEF. 1913)
Laster, Maude (1885-UNKNOWN)
Laster, Minnie Ellenor (29 DEC 1889-27 OCT 1963)
Laster, Robert Crockett (-UNKNOWN)
Lauziere-Roy, Therese (-UNKNOWN)
Lawrence, Charles William (Private-)
Lawrence, Ronnie (Private-)
Lawrence, Ruthie (Private-)
Lawson, Barbara (-UNKNOWN)
Layton, William H. (Private-)
LeTourneau, Marie Louise (-UNKNOWN)
Leak, William C. (1896-1948)
Leake, Francis (-UNKNOWN)
Leda, Vivian (Private-)
Ledbetter, Alice Bertie (18 MAR 1881-27 NOV 1962)
Ledbetter, Bessie Oma (4 JUN 1890-UNKNOWN)
Ledbetter, Elisha Varney (5 JUN 1875-8 OCT 1936)
Ledbetter, Ella Edna (16 JAN 1885-23 MAR 1973)
Ledbetter, Eva (-UNKNOWN)
Ledbetter, George Milton (29 NOV 1877-24 DEC 1941)
Ledbetter, Johnnie Jackson (12 APR 1882-21 MAY 1955)
Ledbetter, Laura (1872-1872)
Ledbetter, Martha Jane (22 DEC 1871-20 APR 1954)
Ledbetter, Maude Mae (1 APR 1887-15 NOV 1980)
Ledbetter, Sina Francis (7 JUL 1879-1930)
Ledbetter, Welborn Columbus (2 JUN 1848-23 DEC 1896)
Ledbetter, Wiley Lafayette (-UNKNOWN)
Ledeen, T. J. (Private-)
Lee, Charles Richard (Private-)
Lee, Jr., Charles Richard (Private-)
Lee, David Michael (Private-)
Lee, Diane Marie (Private-)
Lee, Melissa Daniele (Private-)
Lee, Theresa Lynn (Private-)
Lee, Victoria (-UNKNOWN)
Lees, Eddie (Private-)
Lees, James Edward (Private-)
Legett, Effie Ann (1844-1931)
Legette, William (1760-UNKNOWN)
Legg, John (-UNKNOWN)
Legg, Nancy Louise (-UNKNOWN)
Leggett, Bill (-UNKNOWN)
Leggett, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Legras, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Legras, Marie-Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Lehner, Bryce Matthew (Private-)
Lehner, John Joseph (18 MAR 1938-24 JAN 1993)
Lehner, John Michael (Private-)
Lehner, Justin William (Private-)
Lehner, Michael Joseph (Private-)
Lehner, Paul William (Private-)
Lemay-Delorme, Anne-Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Lemay-Delorme, Louis (-UNKNOWN)
Leslie, (Private-)
Lespere, Genevieve (-UNKNOWN)
Lester, A. Ellen (8 OCT 1846-3 JUN 1927)
Lester, Ann Eliza (27 SEP 1842-12 NOV 1921)
Lester, Helen (1853-1921)
Lester, I.B. (1837-14 APR 1862)
Lester, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)
Lester, John Hilton (Private-)
Lester, John Lowndes McLaurin (1 FEB 1895-15 APR 1975)
Lester, M.J. (1840-UNKNOWN)
Lester, Margaret E. (1845-1929)
Lester, N. E. (1849-UNKNOWN)
Lester, T.C. (1838-16 APR 1906)
Lester, Thomas Benton (1885-UNKNOWN)
Lester, William (-UNKNOWN)
Lester, William Evans (1888-UNKNOWN)
Lester, William Pipkin (1851-JUL 1928)
Lester, William Terry (Private-)
Levin, Frances Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Levin, Joe (-UNKNOWN)
Lewey, Corey Elizabeth (Private-)
Lewey, Richard (Private-)
Lewis, Alice Ritchie (13 DEC 1855-16 DEC 1938)
Lewis, Ann (ABT. 1750-1818)
Lewis, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Lide, Vermille (-UNKNOWN)
Liesenburg, Adeline (25 DEC 1906-UNKNOWN)
Liesenburg, Dorothy (Private-)
Liesenburg, George (Private-)
Liesenburg, Jr, George (Private-)
Liesenburg, John (-UNKNOWN)
Liesenburg, John (Private-)
Liesenburg, John (Private-)
Liga, Derrick Joseph (Private-)
Liga, John (Private-)
Liga, Paige Nichole (Private-)
Liles, Josephine (-UNKNOWN)
Linda, (Private-)
Little, Eunice (Private-)
Little, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Livin, May (-UNKNOWN)
Livingston, Annie (-UNKNOWN)
Livingston, Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
Livingston, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Livingston, Sandy (-UNKNOWN)
Lockhart, R.J. (-UNKNOWN)
Lockwood, ? (Private-)
Lockwood, Jane (Private-)
Lockwood, Luther (Private-)
Long, Derwood (Private-)
Long, Geneveive (Private-)
Long, Wallace (-UNKNOWN)
Louise, (Private-)
Love, Charles (Private-)
Love, Elizabeth Dixon (-UNKNOWN)
Loveless, Caroline Virginia (Private-UNKNOWN)
Loveless, Emma Frances (Private-)
Loveless, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Lowe, Margaret Wilson (Private-)
Lowe, Mary Bascomb (Private-)
Lowe, Robert Clarence (10 DEC 1913-28 OCT 1945)
Lowe, Jr., Robert Clarence (Private-)
Lowe, Sara (Private-)
Lucie, (-UNKNOWN)
Ludlem, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Luke, Cleatus (Private-)
Luke, Gary (Private-)
Lupold, Amy (Private-)
Lupold, Hugh McColl (Private-)
Lupold, II, Hugh McColl (4 OCT 1963-15 AUG 1997)
Lupold, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)
Lupold, Jennifer (Private-)
Lupold, John Samuel (Private-)
Lupold, Melvin Garfield (17 APR 1908-11 SEP 1944)
Lupold, Samuel J. (-UNKNOWN)
Lupold, Wesley (Private-)
Lynch, Amber Marie (Private-)
Lynch, Charles Edward (Private-)
Lynch, Charles Edward (Private-)
Lynch, David Kenneth (Private-)
Lynch, John T. (Private-)
Lynch, Katherine Elizabeth (Private-)
Lynch, Levin David (Private-)
Lynch, Jr., Levin Davidson (21 MAR 1880-4 JUL 1965)
Lynch, Levin Davidson (1837-1910)
Lynch, Margaret Ellen (Private-)
Lynch, Mark A. (Private-)
Lynch, Sarah Anastasia (Private-)
Lynch, Scott Matthew (Private-)
Lynn, (Private-)
Lynn, Jamie (Private-)
Lynn, Leland (Private-)
Lynn, Sandra (Private-)
Lyon, Edd (-UNKNOWN)
Lyon, J. T. (-UNKNOWN)
Lyon, W.E.B. (Private-)
Lyon-Bowes, Thomas (1773-1846)
Lyon-Bowes, Thomas George (1801-1834)
Lytch, Barbara (Private-)
Lytch, Belton P. (30 APR 1884-UNKNOWN)
Lytch, Daniel C. (15 MAR 1852-UNKNOWN)
Lytch, Edwin (7 SEP 1880-UNKNOWN)
Lytch, Edwin (16 SEP 1918-11 SEP 1919)
Lytch, Elizabeth (10 MAR 1882-UNKNOWN)
Lytch, James (-UNKNOWN)
Lytch, James Douglas (18 FEB 1889-UNKNOWN)
Lytch, Mary Lucinda (Louise) (10 AUG 1912-15 MAR 1978)
Lytch, Oscar (29 MAY 1891-UNKNOWN)
Lytch, Sadie (6 DEC 1893-UNKNOWN)
Lytch, Sallie (-UNKNOWN)
Lytch, Sallie Shaw (2 NOV 1857-22 JAN 1928)
M, Shannon (Private-)
M., Tina (Private-)
Mabry, Jane Elizabeth (Private-)
Mabry-Smith, Lucus Aubrey (Private-)
MacColl, Finlay (ABT. 1500-UNKNOWN)
MacColl, Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
MacColl, Hugh (ABT. 1600-UNKNOWN)
MacColl, John (ABT. 1640-UNKNOWN)
MacColl, John (ABT. 1530-UNKNOWN)
MacColl, John (ABT. 1670-UNKNOWN)
MacColl, Paul (ABT. 1460-UNKNOWN)
MacColl, Solomon (ABT. 1570-UNKNOWN)
MacLeod, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Macard, Madeleine (-UNKNOWN)
Maddox, Magnolia (-UNKNOWN)
Maddox, T.J. (-UNKNOWN)
Maesnard, Gabrielle (-UNKNOWN)
Major, Malvina (BET. SEP 1863 - 1864-10 SEP 1899)
Makowski, L. Lynn (Private-)
Malin, Serena Michelle (Private-)
Mallet, Marie-Genevieve (-UNKNOWN)
Mangum, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)
Mangum, Jr., Preston (-UNKNOWN)
Mangum, Preston (-UNKNOWN)
Mangum, Preston (-UNKNOWN)
Mangum, Walter F. (-1950)
Manning, Alma (19 DEC 1900-UNKNOWN)
Manning, Amanda (-UNKNOWN)
Manning, Cynthia Ann (Private-)
Manning, Doris Jean (Private-)
Manning, Jr., Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Manning, Frank Cameron (Private-)
Manning, Frank Cameron (17 JAN 1906-19 APR 1951)
Manning, Janie (10 NOV 1902-5 JUL 1995)
Manning, John William (8 OCT 1899-24 OCT 1922)
Manning, Margaret (Private-)
Manning, Mildred (14 OCT 1908-6 SEP 1991)
Manning, Stephanie Leigh (Private-)
Manning, Susan (Private-)
Manning, Tom (Private-)
Manning, Wellington McColl (18 DEC 1910-22 MAY 1962)
Manning, Wellington McColl (Private-)
Mansell, Brittany Taylor (Private-)
Mansell, Payton Maureen (Private-)
Mansell, Tony Brian (Private-)
Mansell, William Brian (Private-)
Manship, Ethel (-UNKNOWN)
Mansion, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Maples, Daphne (Private-)
Marchand, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Marchand, Pierre (-UNKNOWN)
Margaret, (Private-)
Margaret, (Private-)
Margaret, (1842-UNKNOWN)
Marguerie, Francois (-UNKNOWN)
Marguerie, Marie (12 SEP 1620-UNKNOWN)
Maria, Rosa (-UNKNOWN)
Maria, Rosa (-UNKNOWN)
Mariani, Michael Anthony (Private-)
Mariani, Michelle Elaine (Private-)
Mariani, Philip Anthony (Private-)
Marie, (Private-)
Marie, (Private-)
Marilyn, (Private-)
Marine, Mary (20 AUG 1775-1812)
Maris, Elizabeth (3 JUN 1665-UNKNOWN)
Marsh, Alberta Leola (22 MAY 1900-8 NOV 1983)
Marsh, Daniel Clyde (15 MAY 1910-5 JAN 1973)
Marsh, Lewis Bernard (Private-)
Marsh, Margaret Alice (Private-)
Marsh, Maude (-UNKNOWN)
Marsh, Richard Franklin (Private-)
Marsh, Robert (Private-)
Marshall, Bruce G. (Private-)
Marshall, Heather (Private-)
Martha, (-UNKNOWN)
Martha, (1825-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Elizabeth (ABT. 1582-NOV 1662)
Martin, Julia Elizabeth (Private-)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (1833-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (ABT. 1690-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (Private-)
Mary, (ABT. 1620-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Maslock, Belinda Louise (Private-)
Mason, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Claude (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Georgia (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Janie (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Jim (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, John (ABT. 1588-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Lou (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Maggie (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Mary Ursula (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Mattie (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Walter (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, William I. (-UNKNOWN)
Massingill, Margaret (Private-)
Mathias, Donna Louise (Private-)
Matias, Antonio Rodrigues (25 MAY 1753-18 APR 1829)
Matthews, Alexander (1849-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Alexander K. (1824-1852)
Matthews, Andrew Davis (1827-1899)
Matthews, Annie Boyce (14 JUN 1869-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Barton W. (1824-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Betty (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Caroline (1829-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, David (27 OCT 1840-27 APR 1895)
Matthews, Druscilla (1795-31 DEC 1854)
Matthews, Elizabeth (1789-1868)
Matthews, Elizabeth (1809-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Elizabeth (ABT. 1737-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Elizabeth S. (1837-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Hannah H. (1811-1863)
Matthews, Isabella Jane (1830-1895)
Matthews, James Evans (1799-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, James Hamilton (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, John C. (1827-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, John Evans (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, John Hamilton (1819-1901)
Matthews, John M. (1840-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, John W. (1796-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Joseph (AFT. 1809-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Joseph (1835-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Joseph Cromwell (1793-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Joseph Cromwell (1766-31 DEC 1854)
Matthews, Joseph J. (1829-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Joseph Warren (1807-27 AUG 1862)
Matthews, Keziah (13 MAY 1813-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Mansil (1835-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Mansil Walter (29 DEC 1806-13 APR 1891)
Matthews, Margaret (1817-1870)
Matthews, Margaret (1787-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Margaret Helen (1843-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Mary (1811-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Mary (1831-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Mary Ann (10 OCT 1738-26 SEP 1835)
Matthews, Mary Kate (6 NOV 1866-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Nancy Ann (1817-1879)
Matthews, Nancy Evans (1804-1884)
Matthews, Obren C. (1846-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Oliver (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Oliver (-1799)
Matthews, Robert (1774-1833)
Matthews, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Robert (1802-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Robert E. (1849-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Robert Evans (20 FEB 1800-30 JUN 1864)
Matthews, Robert Hamer (1 JAN 1864-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Robert Joseph Walker (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Robert Lowery (1814-1896)
Matthews, Samuel (1775-8 AUG 1853)
Matthews, Samuel B. (1805-1875)
Matthews, Sarah Caroline (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Sarah P. (1830-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Susanna (ABT. 1740-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Thomas W. (1835-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Walter (-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Walter (1818-AFT. 1880)
Matthews, Walter (1805-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Walter (1710-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, Walter (1772-1827)
Matthews, William (ABT. 1735-UNKNOWN)
Matthews, William Oliver (1797-15 NOV 1847)
Mattox, Mary Jane (Private-)
Maxton, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Maxwell, Ellen (Private-)
Maxwell, Gene (Private-)
Mayes, George H. (-UNKNOWN)
Maynard, John A (Private-)
Maynard, John Bernard (Private-)
Maynard, John Chris (Private-)
Maynard, Michelle (Private-)
Mc Call, Nellie (ABT. 1886-UNKNOWN)
Mc Laulin, Alice Corene (26 FEB 1897-24 MAR 1966)
Mc Laulin, Brecious Lucine (5 JUL 1895-9 NOV 1959)
Mc Laulin, Bryce Gordon (1922-25 NOV 1936)
Mc Laulin, Earl Wilson (12 OCT 1919-11 FEB 1974)
Mc Laulin, John Waters (6 MAR 1871-13 JUL 1957)
Mc Laulin, Johnny Claude (26 JUN 1901-26 OCT 1960)
Mc Laulin, Lucine (Private-)
Mc Laulin, Mary (Private-)
Mc Laulin, Mary Lila (Private-)
Mc Laulin, Nellie Drucilla (Private-)
Mc Laulin, Norwood St. Clair (29 JUN 1907-8 AUG 1938)
Mc Laulin, Ruth Wilhelmina (Private-)
Mc Laulin, Winnie Mae (28 AUG 1899-24 OCT 1967)
McArthur, Charles Randall (Private-)
McArthur, Debora Lynn (Private-)
McArthur, Hugh Charles (Private-)
McArthur, Mamie (1884-14 FEB 1959)
McArthur, Sandra Beth (Private-)
McBride, Debra Carol (Private-)
McBride, Debra Carol (Private-)
McBryde, James Livingston (Private-)
McBryde, Laura Ashley (Private-)
McBryde, Ronnie (Private-)
McCall, Caroline "Callie" (-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Christian Celestia "Celeste" (-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Clara B. (FEB 1899-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Edgar (-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Eli Robinson (1820-1903)
McCall, Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Ellinder 'Eleanor' A. (1831-1907)
McCall, Fannie (1905-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Inez E. (29 JUL 1896-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Irene E. (29 JUL 1896-UNKNOWN)
McCall, James Ewell (11 MAR 1826-1896)
McCall, James S. (DEC 1890-UNKNOWN)
McCall, John Keener (1 OCT 1872-3 JAN 1965)
McCall, Julia (-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Julian (1903-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Mary F. (-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Mary R. (JAN 1893-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Paul J. (16 DEC 1867-1952)
McCall, Pauline (Private-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Robert H. (-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Robert L. (1910-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Sara Virginia (-UNKNOWN)
McCall, Sarah (1866-UNKNOWN)
McCall, William P. (1874-1895)
McCaskill, John C. (-UNKNOWN)
McCauley, Nell (Private-)
McColl, ? (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Aggie Nora (Private-)
McColl, Alexa Thomas (Private-)
McColl, Alexa Thomas (13 AUG 1872-27 JUL 1946)
McColl, Alexander (4 NOV 1895-MAR 1969)
McColl, Alexander (1771-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Alexander (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Alexander D. (14 AUG 1847-2 JAN 1898)
McColl, Alice (24 SEP 1888-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Alice (26 JUN 1862-3 MAR 1885)
McColl, Alice Claire (Private-)
McColl, Allariah (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Alta Bennett (Private-)
McColl, Amanda (1844-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Angus (Private-)
McColl, Anna (7 JUL 1801-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Anna (13 JAN 1797-27 JUL 1798)
McColl, Anna Belle (26 FEB 1857-3 OCT 1929)
McColl, Anna C. (1868-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Anna Lou (Private-)
McColl, Annie (AFT. 1815-1892)
McColl, Annie Frances (Private-)
McColl, Annie Mae (1 OCT 1882-1 OCT 1960)
McColl, Archie Cousar (2 JUL 1876-4 OCT 1952)
McColl, Beatrice (Private-)
McColl, Belle (1866-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Bettie (11 NOV 1860-4 APR 1945)
McColl, Billy (Private-)
McColl, Blanchard Dudley (Private-)
McColl, Bonnie Marlene (Private-)
McColl, Cameron (1834-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Carol Louise (Private-)
McColl, Carolina (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Carolyn Walker (Private-)
McColl, Carrie Lillian (Private-)
McColl, Catherine (18 DEC 1844-16 MAY 1930)
McColl, Catherine (-8 NOV 1878)
McColl, Catherine (1817-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Catherine (1772-25 JUL 1856)
McColl, Catherine (1836-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Charles Alfred (Private-)
McColl, Charles Arch (17 JUL 1947-FEB 1992)
McColl, Charles Clifton (Private-)
McColl, Charles Spencer (27 JUL 1898-29 DEC 1955)
McColl, Charles Thomas (26 JAN 1880-20 DEC 1943)
McColl, Charles Wellington (2 SEP 1915-APR 1985)
McColl, Christian (26 DEC 1798-8 AUG 1858)
McColl, Christian (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Christian (1843-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Christian (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Christian (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Clara (29 NOV 1901-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Crawford (1841-JUL 1863)
McColl, Cynthia Elizabeth (Private-)
McColl, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Jr., Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Daniel (5 APR 1854-27 NOV 1918)
McColl, Daniel (17 MAY 1807-JAN 1853)
McColl, Jr., Daniel Churchill (Private-)
McColl, Daniel F. (18 JUN 1821-25 JUN 1823)
McColl, Daniel Mosby (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Daniel Roper (Private-)
McColl, David (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, David (22 OCT 1813-17 JAN 1899)
McColl, David (16 DEC 1863-14 JUL 1935)
McColl, David (2 DEC 1911-DEC 1980)
McColl, David (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, David Kenneth (9 APR 1883-22 JAN 1952)
McColl, David Kenneth (Private-)
McColl, David Witherspoon (Private-)
McColl, Delores (9 SEP 1923-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Dera (12 APR 1906-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Diane Evans (Private-)
McColl, Donald (1763-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Donald Ray (Private-)
McColl, Donald Robert (Private-)
McColl, Donald Wellington (4 JUL 1927-SEP 1981)
McColl, Donnie (Private-)
McColl, Dora (BET. 1873 - 1874-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Dorothy (1779-1861)
McColl, Dorothy Delle (1 MAY 1908-27 APR 1988)
McColl, Dorothy Katherine (Private-)
McColl, Dorothy Louise (Private-)
McColl, Dougald (ABT. 1770-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Douglas (12 NOV 1905-8 DEC 1953)
McColl, Douglas Mason (Private-)
McColl, Dudley (5 NOV 1851-8 OCT 1941)
McColl, Dugald (1779-1860)
McColl, Dugald (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Dugald (1851-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Duncan (1822-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Duncan (1847-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Duncan (Private-)
McColl, Duncan (1780-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Duncan (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Duncan (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Jr., Duncan Donald (17 MAR 1877-11 APR 1930)
McColl, Duncan Donald (23 APR 1842-10 MAR 1911)
McColl, Duncan Donald (Private-)
McColl, Edith (Private-)
McColl, Edna (Private-)
McColl, Effie (Private-)
McColl, Effie (Private-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Effie (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Effie (1844-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Effie Ellen (10 NOV 1816-4 JAN 1897)
McColl, Effie Parker (Private-)
McColl, Elaine (Private-)
McColl, Eleanor Katherine (8 DEC 1913-11 JUN 1941)
McColl, Eleanor Thomas (15 OCT 1913-JAN 1984)
McColl, Elizabeth (Private-)
McColl, Elizabeth (23 MAY 1900-2 AUG 1990)
McColl, Elizabeth (23 AUG 1888-2 JAN 1960)
McColl, Elizabeth Ann (Private-)
McColl, Elizabeth Ann (14 SEP 1870-13 OCT 1934)
McColl, Elizabeth Frances (Private-)
McColl, Elizabeth Susan (Private-)
McColl, Ellial (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Eugene (ABT. 1878-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Faith Oakford (Private-)
McColl, Flora Ann (17 MAY 1843-29 JUL 1913)
McColl, Frances Bernice (Private-)
McColl, Frances Bracy (ABT. 1857-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Frances Covington (26 FEB 1932-14 AUG 1990)
McColl, Frances Kirby Theresť (Private-)
McColl, Frances Maxwell (Private-)
McColl, Frances Reeves (Private-)
McColl, Francis Marion (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Franklin (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Frederick Cameron (17 NOV 1908-NOV 1948)
McColl, Freida Mary (31 AUG 1912-NOV 1990)
McColl, Gabriella Palmer (Private-)
McColl, Gilbert (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Grace Helen (Private-)
McColl, Hal Herbert (18 OCT 1918-7 DEC 1966)
McColl, Jr., Hal Herbert (18 JUN 1944-NOV 1986)
McColl, Harry Rhyne (Private-)
McColl, Harry Rhyne (Private-)
McColl, Hattie (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Hattie Cornelia (Private-)
McColl, Helen Wallace (Private-)
McColl, Helen Worth (27 SEP 1921-6 JAN 1999)
McColl, Henry Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Henry Thomas (Private-)
McColl, Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Hugh (12 SEP 1795-27 SEP 1795)
McColl, Hugh (1732-1788)
McColl, Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Hugh (ABT. 1700-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Hugh (ABT. 1815-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Hugh (15 MAY 1805-11 JUL 1838)
McColl, Hugh (Private-)
McColl, Hugh 'Steady' (ABT. 1777-9 AUG 1845)
McColl, Hugh C. (18 DEC 1814-3 JUN 1860)
McColl, Hugh C. (1864-1936)
McColl, Hugh C. (2 JUL 1876-4 OCT 1952)
McColl, Hugh D. (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Hugh G. (1790-1865)
McColl, Hugh G. (12 AUG 1872-2 DEC 1937)
McColl, Hugh Gibson (27 DEC 1874-10 JAN 1944)
McColl, Hugh Gilbert (Private-)
McColl, Hugh Gilbert (6 FEB 1923-MAY 1970)
McColl, Hugh Glenn (30 MAY 1906-22 NOV 1979)
McColl, III, Hugh Glenn (Private-)
McColl, Hugh J. (21 JUL 1845-20 JUL 1858)
McColl, IV, Hugh Leon (Private-)
McColl, Hugh Leon (26 MAY 1874-11 APR 1931)
McColl, III, Hugh Leon (Private-)
McColl, II, Hugh Leon (29 OCT 1905-3 JUL 1994)
McColl, Hugh R. (22 APR 1770-1847)
McColl, Hugh S. (1840-ABT. 1864)
McColl, Hugh Spencer (19 NOV 1845-10 OCT 1864)
McColl, Hugh W. (1843-1870)
McColl, Hunter Roper (2 JAN 1918-3 JUL 1951)
McColl, Infant (11 MAY 1878-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Infant Daughter (20 NOV 1896-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Infant Son (12 SEP 1855-22 FEB 1856)
McColl, Infant Son (26 DEC 1894-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Isabel (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Jacquelyn Suzanne (Private-)
McColl, James A. (29 JUN 1858-9 NOV 1863)
McColl, James Alexander (-1916)
McColl, James Alford (29 JAN 1853-UNKNOWN)
McColl, James Benton (19 MAR 1948-14 DEC 1971)
McColl, James Carroll (Private-)
McColl, James Copeland (Private-)
McColl, James Douglas (Private-)
McColl, James Dudley (Private-)
McColl, James Duncan (26 APR 1878-UNKNOWN)
McColl, James Ellen (29 MAY 1893-14 DEC 1968)
McColl, James Lila (Private-)
McColl, Jr., James Lonnie (26 SEP 1918-17 OCT 1941)
McColl, James Lonnie (7 SEP 1893-11 MAY 1947)
McColl, James Marvin (27 AUG 1895-2 JUN 1938)
McColl, James Randall (Private-)
McColl, James Spenser (30 SEP 1917-27 JUL 1991)
McColl, James W. (2 DEC 1835-4 DEC 1866)
McColl, James William (Private-)
McColl, Jane (1784-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Jane (ABT. 1855-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Jane Bratton (Private-)
McColl, Jane Roper (Private-)
McColl, Janice Low (Private-)
McColl, Jean (Private-)
McColl, Jeanette (14 FEB 1849-1 JUN 1881)
McColl, Jeanette Marie (Private-)
McColl, Jennet Jane (BET. 1824 - 1825-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Jesse Benton (13 AUG 1877-24 NOV 1955)
McColl, Jimmy Lynn (Private-)
McColl, Jincey (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, John (ABT. 1740-UNKNOWN)
McColl, John (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, John (12 NOV 1779-19 FEB 1831)
McColl, John (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, John (1800-1849)
McColl, John A. (5 OCT 1848-11 JAN 1929)
McColl, John A. (15 APR 1803-21 APR 1882)
McColl, John Andrew (Private-)
McColl, John B. (10 MAY 1814-22 MAY 1894)
McColl, Jr., John B. (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, John C. (5 DEC 1819-17 FEB 1897)
McColl, John Calton (ABT. 1866-14 JAN 1898)
McColl, John Daniel (Private-UNKNOWN)
McColl, John Douglas (16 JAN 1822-1907)
McColl, John Gurley (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, John H. (22 AUG 1843-4 APR 1860)
McColl, John Hugh (1 DEC 1881-UNKNOWN)
McColl, John Hunter (Private-)
McColl, John Jackson (1814-UNKNOWN)
McColl, John Laurin (22 JUL 1850-1877)
McColl, John Locke (Private-)
McColl, John M. (26 MAR 1846-4 MAY 1907)
McColl, John M. (23 JAN 1809-UNKNOWN)
McColl, John Malcolm (Private-)
McColl, John Nelson (29 JAN 1869-DEC 1926)
McColl, John P. (-1 MAR 1861)
McColl, John Spratt (Private-)
McColl, Jr., John Spratt (Private-)
McColl, John Talmadge (Private-)
McColl, John Thomas (Private-)
McColl, John Thomas (ABT. 1774-UNKNOWN)
McColl, John Thomas (4 JUL 1861-2 JUL 1944)
McColl, John Thomas (22 JAN 1845-30 DEC 1916)
McColl, John Walters (Private-)
McColl, Jonathan Lones (Private-)
McColl, Joseph (Private-)
McColl, Judith (9 AUG 1942-23 DEC 2005)
McColl, Julius Dudley (22 APR 1905-3 MAY 1963)
McColl, Karen (Private-)
McColl, Kate (BET. 1800 - 1899-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Kate (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Katherine (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Kathryn Constance (Private-)
McColl, Katie (25 APR 1896-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Kenneth (15 AUG 1919-10 MAR 1962)
McColl, Kimberly Melissa (Private-)
McColl, Lena Mae (19 APR 1903-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Leroy Talmadge (29 JAN 1887-MAR 1967)
McColl, Leslie (Private-)
McColl, Lila Salmon (31 JUL 1899-JUN 1969)
McColl, Lila Stanton (Private-)
McColl, Lily (24 APR 1900-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Linda Ann (Private-)
McColl, Linda Faye (Private-)
McColl, Lois V. (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Long Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Loretta Lisle (22 MAY 1879-23 NOV 1939)
McColl, Louise (Private-)
McColl, Lucian (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Lucian Edgar (ABT. 1878-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Lucretia Ellen (ABT. 1853-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Lucy Ellen (23 OCT 1848-6 DEC 1917)
McColl, Lucy Frances (Private-)
McColl, Lucy Frances (26 JUL 1909-26 JAN 1992)
McColl, Lucy Jane (24 MAR 1831-23 NOV 1899)
McColl, Lucy Jane (20 OCT 1853-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Lucy Winnifred (23 DEC 1910-8 OCT 1911)
McColl, Malcolm J. (21 JAN 1816-4 JUN 1895)
McColl, Malcolm Thomas (15 NOV 1902-OCT 1986)
McColl, Margaret (15 JUN 1809-20 JAN 1886)
McColl, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Margaret (3 JUN 1862-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Margaret (1862-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Margaret Elizabeth (Private-)
McColl, Margaret L. (ABT. 1870-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Mari Alyse Worth (Private-)
McColl, Maria (26 SEP 1833-20 OCT 1855)
McColl, Marion (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Marjorie Alexa (29 DEC 1902-1992)
McColl, Mark Benton (Private-)
McColl, Martha (1835-1900)
McColl, Martha Ann (ABT. 1830-30 MAY 1849)
McColl, Martha Ann (27 MAR 1853-15 NOV 1934)
McColl, Martha Bernice (Private-)
McColl, Martha Ellen (Private-)
McColl, Martha Jane (18 SEP 1841-30 MAY 1901)
McColl, Jr., Marvin Hasty (Private-)
McColl, Marvin Hasty (Private-)
McColl, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Mary (1805-8 NOV 1822)
McColl, Mary (4 DEC 1879-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Mary (ABT. 1785-22 DEC 1853)
McColl, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Mary (16 MAY 1838-21 OCT 1916)
McColl, Mary (10 AUG 1806-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Mary Ann (18 FEB 1847-9 JUN 1848)
McColl, Mary Ann (Private-)
McColl, Mary Ann (21 JUL 1866-6 JUN 1950)
McColl, Mary Bessie (Private-)
McColl, Mary C. (20 JAN 1838-5 MAY 1911)
McColl, Mary Deborah (5 SEP 1917-1991)
McColl, Mary Elizabeth (15 SEP 1912-18 MAR 1992)
McColl, Mary Jane (5 JUN 1843-31 JAN 1931)
McColl, Mary K. (1840-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Mary Katherine (Private-)
McColl, Mary Lou (Private-)
McColl, Mary M. (23 OCT 1859-2 APR 1931)
McColl, Mary Margaret (Private-)
McColl, Mary McInnis (Private-)
McColl, Mary Nina (Private-)
McColl, Mary Ruth (1860-1945)
McColl, Mary Spencer (26 JUL 1868-25 NOV 1896)
McColl, Mary Wellington (Private-)
McColl, Menardie M. (13 FEB 1857-28 DEC 1920)
McColl, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Nancy (15 APR 1811-29 MAY 1857)
McColl, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Nannie (25 JUN 1851-21 AUG 1930)
McColl, Narcissus H. (9 SEP 1852-10 DEC 1929)
McColl, Nathan (1838-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Nathan Archie (Private-)
McColl, Nell (Private-)
McColl, Nellora (7 SEP 1879-20 JUL 1936)
McColl, Nicholas Talley (11 NOV 1850-15 NOV 1934)
McColl, Nicholas Talley (Private-)
McColl, Nina Ruth (21 JAN 1921-31 DEC 1924)
McColl, Owen Jasper (17 JUN 1910-12 JUL 1991)
McColl, Pam (Private-)
McColl, Patricia Alice (Private-)
McColl, Patricia Ann (Private-)
McColl, Patricia Louise (Private-)
McColl, Patricia Marie (Private-)
McColl, Paul (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Paul (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Pearl B. (4 AUG 1871-1936)
McColl, Penelope (1839-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Peter (1845-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Phillip (Private-)
McColl, Phillip Jenerette (Private-)
McColl, Retha Mae (Private-)
McColl, Richard Geiger (Private-)
McColl, Richard Lones (Private-)
McColl, Richard Wesley (9 OCT 1916-20 DEC 1985)
McColl, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Robert (Private-)
McColl, Robert Charles (Private-)
McColl, Robert Lee (Private-)
McColl, Roderick (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Rose (Private-)
McColl, Rufus (19 NOV 1897-AUG 1973)
McColl, Rufus Wayne (Private-)
McColl, Sallie (1824-1886)
McColl, Samuel S. (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Sara (Private-)
McColl, Sara Ann (1761-18 JUN 1818)
McColl, Sarah (22 JUN 1808-1 NOV 1875)
McColl, Sarah (4 MAR 1804-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Sarah Beth (Private-)
McColl, Sarah Elizabeth (6 MAY 1889-11 AUG 1944)
McColl, Sherry Edith (Private-)
McColl, Shira Lindsey (Private-)
McColl, Silas (7 MAR 1839-10 MAR 1908)
McColl, Silas McLaurin (Private-)
McColl, Silas Napier (22 MAY 1881-18 MAY 1958)
McColl, Solomon (1818-2 JUN 1862)
McColl, Solomon (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Solomon (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Solomon (1746-30 DEC 1814)
McColl, Solomon L. (3 APR 1811-25 DEC 1857)
McColl, Stacy (Private-)
McColl, Susan Dianne (Private-)
McColl, Susie Elizabeth (Private-)
McColl, Tammy Roxanne (Private-)
McColl, Tanner (Private-)
McColl, Thaddeus (22 AUG 1855-25 APR 1939)
McColl, Trudy Lynn (Private-)
McColl, Violet Eloise (Private-)
McColl, Virginia (Private-)
McColl, Vivian (Private-)
McColl, WIlliam Turner (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Walter (-UNKNOWN)
McColl, Walter Lane (Private-)
McColl, Walter Lane (Private-)
McColl, Walter Lane (5 APR 1876-5 APR 1953)
McColl, Wellington (8 JUN 1840-20 MAY 1926)
McColl, Wesley (Private-)
McColl, Wesley Roper (14 SEP 1914-2 SEP 1916)
McColl, William (Private-)
McColl, William C. (11 JUL 1857-21 JAN 1906)
McColl, William Larry (Private-)
McColl, William Myers (24 FEB 1917-4 JUL 1967)
McColl, Willie (13 JAN 1882-12 OCT 1959)
McColl, Winnie Ervin (Private-)
McColl, Worth Allen (Private-)
McColl, Yancey (22 JAN 1888-7 MAY 1946)
McColl, Zack Gilbert (Private-)


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