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Family Tree Names

(, Bertha May McGee (10 MAR 1889-20 MAY 1926)
(?), Hazel (Private-)
(Bergeron), Etienne Joyal (-UNKNOWN)
(Charlotte), Fereba (ABT. 1731-ABT. 1800)
(Fournier), Jeanne Fourrier (-UNKNOWN)
(Fournier), Piere Fourier (-UNKNOWN)
(Johiel), Jacque Bergeron dit Joyelle (10 NOV 1642-UNKNOWN)
(LaPorte), Susanne Catherine de la Porte (-UNKNOWN)
(Unknown), Anne (-UNKNOWN)
(Unknown), Anne (-UNKNOWN)
(Unknown), Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
?, (-1915)
?, (Private-)
?, (ABT. 1536-UNKNOWN)
?, Aman (Private-)
?, Audrey (-UNKNOWN)
?, Betty Jean (Private-)
?, Brenda (Private-)
?, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
?, Celeste (-UNKNOWN)
?, E. (-UNKNOWN)
?, Giney (-UNKNOWN)
?, Hanah (-UNKNOWN)
?, Jonnie Jo (Private-)
?, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
?, Marrella Jekeena (Toni) (Private-)
?, Mary Frances (-UNKNOWN)
?, Miriam (-UNKNOWN)
?, Obedience (-UNKNOWN)
?, Sandra (Private-)
?, Sara (-ABT. 1683)
?, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
?, Sarah (1682-UNKNOWN)
?, Tina (Private-)
A., Loye (-UNKNOWN)
Achambault, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Acker, Jr., Carl Raymond (Private-)
Acker, Carl Raymond (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Adaline (1832-1871)
Adams, Andrew Jackson (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Anna Roberta (1903-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Bedie (2 DEC 1798-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Bessie (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Bettie (26 FEB 1851-23 NOV 1923)
Adams, Betty Lou (Private-)
Adams, Boyd (Private-)
Adams, Claude (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Clement Bruce (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Divinity (1772-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Elias (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Elizabeth (1827-1888)
Adams, Elizabeth Houston (Private-)
Adams, Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Esther (30 JUL 1801-30 NOV 1833)
Adams, Ethel Josephine (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Etta Gibson (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Frances Louise (1907-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Franklin Clark (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Grace (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Hannah (4 SEP 1796-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Hattie Malloy (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Henry Bethune (26 JAN 1849-27 APR 1915)
Adams, III, Henry Bethune (Private-)
Adams, Jr., Henry Bethune (29 NOV 1880-1 JUL 1966)
Adams, Ida Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Isabella (JAN 1815-1873)
Adams, Jackson (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Jeptha (1819-1882)
Adams, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Jesse (Private-)
Adams, Jr., Jesse (Private-)
Adams, Jim (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, John (1767-5 MAY 1840)
Adams, John P. (18 JAN 1801-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Jonathan (1740-1783)
Adams, Jonathan (3 OCT 1794-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Julia (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Julia (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Lily (1803-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Lizzie (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Lucille (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Luther (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Maggie (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Mamie J. (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Martha Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Martha Ann (1799-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Martha Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Martha Fletcher (3 MAR 1886-MAY 1969)
Adams, Martha Ruth (Private-)
Adams, Mary (-1890)
Adams, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Mary Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Mary Jane (22 APR 1810-10 JAN 1904)
Adams, Mary Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Mary Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Mary Lewis (Private-)
Adams, Marybelle (Private-)
Adams, Nan Fletcher (Private-)
Adams, Nancy (1795-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Nelson (1813-1843)
Adams, Nelson (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Nina Person (10 APR 1873-30 NOV 1966)
Adams, Nora or Novella (-1950)
Adams, Novella (1833-1900)
Adams, Obedience (1797-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Otave (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Perry (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Rachel (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Jr., Rayford Kennedy (Private-)
Adams, Rayford Kennedy (22 FEB 1883-31 MAY 1966)
Adams, Robert J. (1851-1929)
Adams, Robertson (1814-1894)
Adams, Ruth Celestia (29 SEP 1914-28 FEB 1995)
Adams, Sallie (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Sallie (1808-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Shockley (1779-3 OCT 1824)
Adams, Shockley Dodley (23 JUL 1829-12 FEB 1894)
Adams, T. Kosiusko (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Thomas Jackson (1 NOV 1877-23 MAY 1917)
Adams, Thomas M. (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Vester (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, WIlliam B. (17 MAY 1804-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Welcome (1805-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Sr., William (1765-18 JAN 1855)
Adams, William J. (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, William Jackson (-UNKNOWN)
Adams, Wyatt (-UNKNOWN)
Adelheit, (-UNKNOWN)
Adelheit, Kate (Private-)
Adelman, Catherine Ann (Private-)
Adelman, Edward Alfred (Private-UNKNOWN)
Adelman, Edward Alfred (Private-)
Adelman, Frank Manning (Private-)
Adelman, William Fraser (Private-)
Agnew, J. Barron (1902-1932)
Airey, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Akers, Bruce (Private-)
Akers, Daniel Bruce (Private-)
Akers, Sira Kay (Private-)
Albert, Deborah Lynn (Private-)
Albert, Geoffrey Charles (Private-)
Albert, John Raymond (25 JUN 1926-21 FEB 1997)
Albert, Rodney (Private-)
Albert, Ryan Corbett (Private-)
Alexander, Jodie (Private-)
Alexander, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Alexson, Heather Nicole (Private-)
Alexson, Jr, John Andrew (Private-)
Alexson, Sr, John Andrew (Private-)
Alford, Sophie (-UNKNOWN)
Alison, (Private-)
Allen, ? (Private-)
Allen, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Karen (Private-)
Allen, Patrick (Private-)
Allen, Stacy (Private-)
Allen, William (ABT. 1720-UNKNOWN)
Allison, C. H. (Private-)
Almina, (1862-UNKNOWN)
Alston, George Washington (13 NOV 1799-1849)
Alston, Philip Guston (20 MAR 1839-UNKNOWN)
Alston, William Henry (1841-UNKNOWN)
Alyssa, (Private-)
Amanda, (Private-)
Ammons, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Amos, Alice Margaret (Private-)
Amos, Johnathan (Private-)
Amos, Kenneth Lewis (Private-)
Amos, Michelle (Private-)
Amos, Nicholas (Private-)
Amos, Shannon (Private-)
Anderson, ? (Private-)
Anderson, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Tom (Private-)
Ann, (ABT. 1717-UNKNOWN)
Ann, (ABT. 1710-UNKNOWN)
Ann, (1732-1788)
Applegate, Susan (Private-)
Archambault, Agathe (-UNKNOWN)
Archambault, Antoine (-UNKNOWN)
Archambault, Jacques (-UNKNOWN)
Archambault, Laurent (-UNKNOWN)
Archambault, Laurent (-UNKNOWN)
Archer, Mary (ABT. 1614-UNKNOWN)
Arnald, Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Arnald, Mary (4 DEC 1661-UNKNOWN)
Arnette, Doug (Private-)
Arnette, Hillary Frances (Private-)
Arnette, Patrick Madison (Private-)
Arnold, Laurie Ann (Private-)
Ascough, Thomas (-1701)
Ashe, Robyn (Private-)
Ashe, Tina Renee (Private-)
Ashe, Wayne (Private-)
Ashe, William (Private-)
Aske, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Aske, Jerry (Private-)
Atkyns, Thomas (ABT. 1564-UNKNOWN)
Atwell, Evelyn (Private-)
Auge, Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Auld, Isaac Dennis (Private-)
Auld, Marilyn Edith (Private-)
Autumn, (Private-)
Averitt, Pete (Private-)
Avery, Elizabeth (27 JUN 1797-UNKNOWN)
Ayscough, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Babb, Angelia Trinette (Private-)
Babb, Sr, William Douglas (Private-)
Babb, Jr, William Douglas (Private-)
Baggett, Jackie Lee (Private-)
Bailey, Amos Christopher Columbus (10 JUN 1796-1848)
Bailey, Charles Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Fanny (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Florence (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, James Monroe (21 AUG 1823-23 MAR 1889)
Bailey, Lucinda Penninah (1826-ABT. 1873)
Baines, Matilda Ann (1831-AFT. 1880)
Baker, Ann Hunter (Private-)
Baldwin, Caitlin Elizabeth (Private-)
Baldwin, Christopher Stewart (Private-)
Baldwin, Douglas (Private-)
Baldwin, Jack (Private-)
Baldwin, Kimberly Ann (Private-)
Ballard, Joseph Carroll (-UNKNOWN)
Balzary, Nancy A. Malvina (1847-UNKNOWN)
Barber, Abram Kenneth (3 JAN 1927-3 JAN 1927)
Barber, Addie (Private-)
Barber, Addie Ola (Private-)
Barber, Agnes Doretha (Private-)
Barber, Brazwell E. (Private-)
Barber, Jr, Charles Emmitt (8 JAN 1965-19 NOV 1983)
Barber, Charley Emmitt (Private-)
Barber, Clio (27 JUL 1909-UNKNOWN)
Barber, Clyde (Private-)
Barber, Cola Claudell (7 AUG 1910-1994)
Barber, Connie Ann (Private-)
Barber, Daughter (Private-)
Barber, Diane Elizabeth (Private-)
Barber, Dorothy (Private-)
Barber, Estin (Private-)
Barber, Flora Ethel (8 JAN 1925-1952)
Barber, Glenn Emmitt (Private-)
Barber, Helen Arlene (Private-)
Barber, Jack (5 AUG 1931-6 AUG 1931)
Barber, James Franklin (8 JUL 1912-19 APR 1991)
Barber, James Madison (Private-)
Barber, James Madison (11 JUN 1884-6 AUG 1952)
Barber, LaVerne (Private-)
Barber, Laura Ann (Private-)
Barber, Lee (Private-)
Barber, Lisa (Private-)
Barber, Lorie (Private-)
Barber, Melvin (Private-)
Barber, Merle (Private-)
Barber, Minnie (Private-)
Barber, Nicole (Private-)
Barber, Olen (-1981)
Barber, Richard Tiram (28 JUN 1914-2 MAR 1993)
Barber, Robin (Private-)
Barber, Ronnie (Private-)
Barber, Sister (?) (Private-)
Barber, Son (Private-)
Barber, Stanley (Private-)
Barber, Teresa (Private-)
Barber, Tony (Private-)
Barber, Travis L. (Private-)
Barber, Veronica (Private-)
Barber, Versie Lee (Private-)
Barber, Vivian Frances (Private-)
Barber, Wanda (Private-)
Barnes, Ida (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Jessica (Private-)
Barnes, Kim (Private-)
Barnes, Tyler (Private-)
Barnett, Elisha (ABT. 1848-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, John D. (1818-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Louise (1854-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Nancy M. (1849-UNKNOWN)
Barnett, Sarah J. (1845-UNKNOWN)
Barnhill, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Barrentine, G. (-UNKNOWN)
Barrentine, Susan (-UNKNOWN)
Barrett, Charles Raymond (Private-)
Barrett, III, Clifford Edwin (Private-)
Barrett, Jr, Clifford Edwin (Private-)
Barrett, Lisa (Private-)
Barrineau, Margie (Private-)
Barrineau, Virginia (Private-)
Barrington, Lillie May (-UNKNOWN)
Barry, Cory Michael Chase (Private-)
Barry, Michael Charles (Private-)
Barry, Taylor James (Private-)
Barsalou, Gererd (-UNKNOWN)
Barsalou, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Barsalou-Girard, Genevieve (-UNKNOWN)
Barsalou-Girard, Jean-Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Bass, Andrew (1815-UNKNOWN)
Bass, Andrew (1756-1791)
Bass, Ann (ABT. 1807-UNKNOWN)
Bass, Debra Lee (Private-)
Bass, Elizabeth (1820-UNKNOWN)
Bass, Julia (ABT. 1818-UNKNOWN)
Bass, Louise (1819-UNKNOWN)
Bass, Mariah (1817-UNKNOWN)
Bass, Mary L. (ABT. 1810-UNKNOWN)
Bass, Nancy Jane (1810-1890)
Bass, Ray Coye (Private-)
Bass, Ray Wallace (Private-)
Bass, Richard (ABT. 1730-BEF. 1793)
Bass, Richard (1811-AFT. 1850)
Bass, Robert Dozier (Private-)
Bass, Sarah (ABT. 1808-UNKNOWN)
Bass, Susannah (1809-UNKNOWN)
Bass, Jr., Uriah (ABT. 1813-UNKNOWN)
Bass, Sr., Uriah (1786-BEF. 1 AUG 1845)
Bass, William (ABT. 1816-UNKNOWN)
Baudrault-Graveline, Francois (-UNKNOWN)
Baudrault-Graveline, Marie-Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Baxter, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Beach, Bizzel (-UNKNOWN)
Beall, Ada (Private-)
Beall, Alice Caughy (17 FEB 1885-9 MAR 1978)
Beall, Aloysus (Private-)
Beall, Anna Elizabeth (7 FEB 1882-15 FEB 1957)
Beall, Bernie (Private-)
Beall, Charles Lawrence (18 DEC 1894-19 DEC 1874)
Beall, Esther (Private-)
Beall, Frank Ennis (7 NOV 1877-18 JAN 1935)
Beall, Jr., Frank Ennis (Private-)
Beall, Frank Mason (23 JUL 1855-29 APR 1924)
Beall, Gertrude Virginia (14 NOV 1890-10 JUN 1899)
Beall, Helen (Private-)
Beall, Helen Amanda (1 JAN 1888-5 APR 1943)
Beall, Hubert (Private-)
Beall, Jimmie (Private-)
Beall, John (Private-)
Beall, Joseph (Private-)
Beall, Joseph Lewis (7 NOV 1877-15 APR 1884)
Beall, Katherine (Private-)
Beall, Lucy (Private-)
Beall, Lucy Lauck (23 JAN 1887-25 MAR 1925)
Beall, Mary Frances (Private-)
Beall, Paul Hubert (26 DEC 1895-17 JAN 1976)
Beall, Richard Mason (11 NOV 1892-19 JUN 1898)
Beall, Rita Mae (Private-)
Beall, Robert (Private-)
Beall, Robert Miller (26 NOV 1888-UNKNOWN)
Beall, Sarah Elizabeth (20 FEB 1876-21 FEB 1876)
Beall, Teresa (Private-)
Beall, Tom (Private-)
Beals, Sarah Bowater (29 MAY 1713-9 SEP 1800)
Beasley, Caroline (1829-1895)
Beasley, Caroline (1829-UNKNOWN)
Beasley, Lavinia (1838-1910)
Beasley, Louise (-UNKNOWN)
Beatrice, (Private-)
Beaulieu, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Beaulieu, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Beaulieu, Therese (-UNKNOWN)
Beck, Ann Eliza (-UNKNOWN)
Beck, II, John Everett (13 JUN 1783-UNKNOWN)
Beck, III, John Everett (13 JUN 1783-UNKNOWN)
Beckham, Cornelius (-UNKNOWN)
Beckwith, Elen (-UNKNOWN)
Beckwith, Emmit (-UNKNOWN)
Beckwith, William (-UNKNOWN)
Becton, Carl (Private-)
Becton, Joseph (Private-)
Beeson, Charity Grubb (ABT. 1715-20 SEP 1809)
Bell, Richard Mason (3 DEC 1824-APR 1847)
Bell, Virginia Lee (-UNKNOWN)
Belle, Nellie Virginia (Private-)
Ben, (Private-)
Bennett, Adrana (-UNKNOWN)
Bennett, Adrianna (7 SEP 1873-11 OCT 1952)
Bennett, Ellen Jane (29 FEB 1872-4 OCT 1893)
Bennett, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Bennett, H. Boyd (2 SEP 1886-11 NOV 1946)
Bennett, James (-UNKNOWN)
Bennett, Joseph (1797-1848)
Bennett, Mary (ABT. 1700-UNKNOWN)
Bennett, Nancy (13 FEB 1786-25 SEP 1854)
Bennett, Neville (1833-24 FEB 1904)
Benton, ? (Private-)
Benton, Aaron (ABT. 1730-UNKNOWN)
Benton, Elizabeth (ABT. 1786-ABT. 1820)
Benton, III, Francis (1735-1800)
Benton, I, Francis (1680-1728)
Benton, II, Francis (1700-1769)
Benton, Hardy (ABT. 1726-UNKNOWN)
Benton, John (ABT. 1729-UNKNOWN)
Benton, Joseph (ABT. 1721-UNKNOWN)
Benton, Mary (30 JUL 1788-21 OCT 1870)
Benton, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Benton, Sr, Samuel (ABT. 1723-UNKNOWN)
Benton, Sue (Private-)
Bergling, Alice Rita (31 JUL 1916-7 MAY 1984)
Bergling, Autumn Marie (Private-)
Bergling, Carrie Anne (Private-)
Bergling, Christopher Joseph (Private-)
Bergling, George Jerome (Private-)
Bergling, Helen Marie (24 APR 1912-5 JUN 1957)
Bergling, John Leo (26 MAR 1887-4 JUN 1956)
Bergling, IV, John Leo (Private-)
Bergling, Jr., John Leo (3 JUN 1918-15 SEP 2001)
Bergling, III, John Leo (Private-)
Bergling, Josie Alexander (Private-)
Bergling, Lucy Lauck (Private-)
Bergling, Lucy Myra (30 JUN 1909-23 NOV 1947)
Bergling, Marie Bernadette (Private-)
Bergling, Mary Ruth (14 NOV 1923-SEP 2002)
Bergling, Michael Robert (Private-)
Bergling, Nicki Renne (Private-)
Bergling, Rebecca Marie (Private-)
Bergling, Sarah Josephine (6 JUL 1914-26 MAR 1998)
Bergling, Stephanie Lynn (Private-)
Bergling, Thaddeus Robert (Private-)
Bergling, Timothy Francis (Private-)
Berry, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Bethea, Alma (-UNKNOWN)
Bethea, Argent (-UNKNOWN)
Bethea, Celia Ann (21 NOV 1845-15 APR 1874)
Bethea, David L. (1831-UNKNOWN)
Bethea, Deborah (29 NOV 1801-28 APR 1869)
Bethea, Elizabeth (1828-13 OCT 1891)
Bethea, Georgia Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Bethea, James (-UNKNOWN)
Bethea, James Earle (6 MAY 1893-15 OCT 1919)
Bethea, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Bethea, Jesse E. (21 JUN 1843-UNKNOWN)
Bethea, Jr., Jessie (26 NOV 1800-15 SEP 1884)
Bethea, John Adams (11 NOV 1820-UNKNOWN)
Bethea, John Washington (20 OCT 1821-UNKNOWN)
Bethea, Louise J. (1852-1921)
Bethea, Martha Ann (1849-UNKNOWN)
Bethea, Mary Ann (12 NOV 1833-27 APR 1906)
Bethea, Paul (-UNKNOWN)
Bethea, Thomas Jesse (26 AUG 1879-UNKNOWN)
Bethea, Tristam T. (1828-1864)
Bethea, Tristram (-UNKNOWN)
Bethea, Welcome J. (10 FEB 1858-16 DEC 1865)
Bethea, William David (26 APR 1875-17 DEC 1921)
Bethea, William Moore (1852-9 AUG 1881)
Bethea, William Thaddeus (-UNKNOWN)
Bethea, Willie (14 AUG 1882-26 JUN 1902)
Bettencourt, Maria (22 MAR 1843-UNKNOWN)
Beverly, (Private-)
Beverly, Ernest (Private-)
Beverly, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Bierschbach, Devon Charles (Private-)
Bierschbach, Jon Paul (Private-)
Bierschbach, Michael (Private-)
Bierschbach, Yvonne Marie (Private-)
Biggs, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Birmingham, Hattie (-UNKNOWN)
Birmingham, John C. (-UNKNOWN)
Blackman, Joab (-UNKNOWN)
Blackwell, Lucie (27 SEP 1685-AFT. 1750)
Blakiston, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Blakiston, George (-1669)
Blakiston, John (1635-1679)
Blakiston, John (1534-1587)
Blakiston, John (1669-1733)
Blakiston, Marmaduke (-1639)
Blakiston, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Blakiston, Nicholas (-UNKNOWN)
Blakiston, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Blakiston, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Blakiston, William (-UNKNOWN)
Blakiston, William (-UNKNOWN)
Blakiston, William (-UNKNOWN)
Blakiston, William (-UNKNOWN)
Blanchard, Anthony "Doc" (Private-)
Blanchard, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Blanchard, Doctor (Private-)
Blanchard, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Blue, L.H. (-UNKNOWN)
Boddie, David Allen (18 MAY 1824-6 NOV 1881)
Boddie, Felix Elmo (29 OCT 1818-9 JUN 1864)
Boddie, Hepsibah Priscilla (24 DEC 1826-UNKNOWN)
Boddie, John Wesley (1800-1884)
Bogle, George W. (-UNKNOWN)
Bohn, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Bolin, Maude (-UNKNOWN)
Bolt, Jessie (-UNKNOWN)
Bond, Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Bond, Joseph (20 FEB 1785-UNKNOWN)
Bond, Maggie (-UNKNOWN)
Bone, Addie Pauline (Private-)
Bone, Alexander (21 MAY 1901-29 JUN 1948)
Bone, Alexander Robert (31 JAN 1859-31 AUG 1909)
Bone, Annie Elizabeth (29 DEC 1898-27 SEP 1907)
Bone, Barbara Jacqueline (Private-)
Bone, Bessie Drucilla (6 MAY 1906-29 SEP 1932)
Bone, Chester Alexander (15 DEC 1928-25 JUN 1930)
Bone, Frances Meriece (Private-)
Bone, Gerald Shepard (Private-)
Bone, Gracie Lee (7 MAR 1933-17 NOV 1960)
Bone, Helen Tarralee (Private-)
Bone, Ida Jane (1 NOV 1889-25 APR 1980)
Bone, James Alton (Private-)
Bone, James Minick (29 SEP 1891-30 JUL 1910)
Bone, Joseph Edwin (Private-)
Bone, Joseph Herman (Private-)
Bone, Joseph Herman (18 FEB 1904-NOV 1969)
Bone, Laura Elizabeth (17 MAR 1927-3 APR 1934)
Bone, Laura Geretha (Private-)
Bone, Leonard Arthur (Private-)
Bone, Lettie Wynona (Private-)
Bone, Mary Alberta (14 APR 1926-28 DEC 1969)
Bone, Mary Ella Victoria (24 SEP 1896-30 MAY 1953)
Bone, Orson Grant (Private-)
Bone, Robert Dozier (9 NOV 1893-27 JAN 1955)
Bone, Robert Frederick (17 MAY 1959-17 MAY 1959)
Bone, Robert Frederick (27 DEC 1935-UNKNOWN)
Bone, Robert Thomas (Private-)
Bone, Vernelle Gwendolyn (Private-)
Bonner, (Private-)
Bonser, Emily (-UNKNOWN)
Booth, Anna Marie (Private-)
Booth, Cole Allen (Private-)
Booth, Scott Allen (Private-)
Boroughs, Julia Elizabeth (Private-)
Boroughs, Paul C. (Private-)
Boroughs, Paul Thomas (Private-)
Boroughs, Robert Kenneth (Private-)
Bostick, Ann Eliza (-UNKNOWN)
Bostick, Rebecca Presley (Private-)
Bostick, Tommy (Private-)
Bouchard, Marie-Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Bouchard, Marie-Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Boucher, Marie-Cecile (-UNKNOWN)
Boucher, Noel (-UNKNOWN)
Boudria, Antoine (-UNKNOWN)
Boudria, Marie-Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Bouildron, Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Bounds, Emily Isabelle (-UNKNOWN)
Bounds, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Boutron, Claude (-UNKNOWN)
Boutron, Etienne (-UNKNOWN)
Boutron-Major, Francois (-UNKNOWN)
Boutron-Major, Francois (-UNKNOWN)
Boutron-Major, Francois (-UNKNOWN)
Boutron-Major, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Boutron-Major, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Boutron-Major, Theophlie (-UNKNOWN)
Bowden, Mary Ellen (Private-)
Bowen, Judith A. (Private-)
Bowers, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Bowes, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Bowes, George (-1546)
Bowes, George (1701-1760)
Bowes, George (-1580)
Bowes, Mary Eleanor (1749-1800)
Bowes, Ralph (-UNKNOWN)
Bowes, Ralph (-1546)
Bowes, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Bowes, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Bowes, Thomas (1607-1661)
Bowes, William (1389-1460)
Bowes, William (-UNKNOWN)
Bowes, William (-UNKNOWN)
Bowes-Lyon, Claude (1824-1904)
Bowes-Lyon, Claude George (1855-1944)
Bowes-Lyon, Elizabeth (1900-UNKNOWN)
Bowes-Lyon, John (1737-1776)
Bowles, Charles (Private-)
Bowles, Luther Raymond (Private-)
Boyd, Fred Johnson (Private-)
Boyd, Vivian Ann (Private-)
Bracey, Addie (-UNKNOWN)
Bracey, Floyd Alexander (20 SEP 1932-JUL 1987)
Bracey, Frances (Private-)
Bracey, Gene Wilson (3 NOV 1929-14 NOV 1989)
Bracey, Jerry Ronald (Private-)
Bracey, Martha Ann (Private-)
Bracey, Nanie Margaret (Private-)
Bracey, Sidney (-UNKNOWN)
Bracey, Thomas (20 NOV 1889-15 JUL 1940)
Bracey, Thomas Earl (Private-)
Bracey, Virginia Mae (Private-)
Bragg, Joseph (1 OCT 1719-UNKNOWN)
Brashears, Don (Private-)
Braswell, Jesse Clifton (-1907)
Breechan, Mary (ABT. 1825-ABT. 1858)
Breeden, Annie (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, Archie L. (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, Bettie Jane (1853-1923)
Breeden, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, Flossie (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, James O. (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, John K. (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, L. Kistler (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, Lizzie (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, Lois (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, May (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, Mildred (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, Nannie (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, Olive (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, W. Eugene (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, Welcome Adams (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, William F. (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, William K. (-UNKNOWN)
Breeden, William P. (-UNKNOWN)
Breedlove, Rachel (Private-)
Breslin, Nano (-UNKNOWN)
Brewer, Stephen Douglas (Private-)
Brewer, Terry (Private-)
Briand, Marie Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Brians, Alfred Monroe (-UNKNOWN)
Brians, Etta May (24 AUG 1873-2 FEB 1955)
Bridger, J.L. (-UNKNOWN)
Bridget, (ABT. 1814-25 APR 1879)
Bridgman, III, Jesse J. (Private-)
Briggs, Brian (Private-)
Briggs, Michael Leon (Private-)
Bright, Christian (-UNKNOWN)
Bright, Druscilla Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Bright, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Brigman, Elijah (-UNKNOWN)
Brigman, Lucy Helen (17 MAY 1908-12 OCT 1958)
Brinson, Emmett (-UNKNOWN)
Brister, Delia Adell (29 APR 1880-ABT. 1922)
Britt, Anthony Thomas (Private-)
Britt, Christian Thomas (Private-)
Britt, Savannah Victoria (Private-)
Britton, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Brower, Willa Mae (ABT. 1890-BEF. 1994)
Brown, Allie Leon (30 JAN 1909-25 SEP 1990)
Brown, Catherine McDonald (Private-)
Brown, Christopher Thomas (Private-)
Brown, Daniel Baxter (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, George Samuel (1901-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Hamer W. (Private-)
Brown, Joseph Murdock (13 FEB 1910-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Julius L. (31 JAN 1874-12 APR 1935)
Brown, Karen Elaine (Private-)
Brown, Kelly Elizabeth (Private-)
Brown, Mary Elizabeth (5 SEP 1906-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Michael Ray (Private-)
Brown, Mourning (ABT. 1778-ABT. 1809)
Brown, Nancy (ABT. 1773-ABT. 1816)
Brown, Sallie (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Sallie (-UNKNOWN)
Brown, Thomas (Private-)
Brown, Vezely (Private-)
Browne, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Bruorton, Anne Elizabeth (28 FEB 1880-29 APR 1913)
Bryan, Michelle Lee (Private-)
Bryant, Amelia Milly (ABT. 1800-ABT. 1872)
Bryant, John Giles (-UNKNOWN)
Bryant, Melinda (Private-)
Bryant, Sallie Roberta (19 JUL 1882-2 NOV 1966)
Bryant, Zylpha Elizabeth (Private-)
Bryson, April (Private-)
Bryson, Jr., Dale (Private-)
Bryson, Jr., Dale Sidney (Private-)
Bryson, Dale Sydney (Private-)
Bryson, Melissa Ann (Private-)
Bryson, Nicole Ashley (Private-)
Bryson, Vanessa (Private-)
Buchanan, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Buchanan, A.M. (-UNKNOWN)
Buckley, George Patrick (Private-)
Buckley, Jonathon (Private-)
Buckley, Kevin Charles (Private-)
Buckley, Patrick (Private-)
Buie, Anne Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Buie, Mary Rebecca (Private-)
Bullard, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Bullard, Amos (-UNKNOWN)
Bullard, Edna Ruth (1924-23 OCT 2000)
Bullard, Francis (Private-)
Bullard, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Bullard, George (-UNKNOWN)
Bullard, Joel (-UNKNOWN)
Bullard, Joel Cleveland (-UNKNOWN)
Bullard, Joel Clyde (Private-)
Bullard, John W. (-1950)
Bullard, Julia (-UNKNOWN)
Bullard, Katherine Elizabeth (Private-)
Bullard, Margaret (Private-)
Bullard, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Bullard, McNeill (Private-)
Bullard, Oscar Ayscue (Private-)
Bullard, Rosa (-UNKNOWN)
Bullard, Vesta Jean (Private-)
Bullard, William Francis (5 OCT 1859-4 JUL 1900)
Bullard, Willie (-UNKNOWN)
Bunce, Alexander Cole (Private-)
Bunce, Paul Alexander (Private-)
Bundy, Pearl (-UNKNOWN)
Bundy, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Bundy, Sarah (22 MAR 1816-2 JUL 1885)
Bundy, Williams (-UNKNOWN)
Burgess, Roger (Private-)
Burke, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Burke, Kristin Nicole (Private-)
Burke, Robert Allan (Private-)
Burke, Timothy Alexander (Private-)
Burke, Troy Michael (Private-)
Burkhous, Cheryl (Private-)
Burleson, Anna C. (DEC 1889-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Bea (AFT. 1878-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Benjamin Franklin (17 DEC 1814-21 DEC 1867)
Burleson, David F. (-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, David Joshua (12 JAN 1861-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, David Walter (22 MAR 1836-9 JUN 1929)
Burleson, Eva Lina (FEB 1898-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Gideon Benjamin (OCT 1856-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Henry W. (FEB 1893-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Isaac Wilson (-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, James Hopson (20 FEB 1880-11 OCT 1944)
Burleson, James Walter (27 AUG 1877-26 JUN 1947)
Burleson, Joe B. (MAR 1888-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, John Franklin (-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Keziah Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Laura Ann (OCT 1878-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Lenora (AFT. 1879-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Lillie Mae (JAN 1900-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Margaret Jane (1866-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Nancy E. (1874-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Naomi (ABT. 1812-1879)
Burleson, Sarah A. (1861-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Seaborn J. (JUL 1895-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Susan J. (DEC 1880-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Walter D. (MAY 1892-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Walter Patrick (OCT 1869-UNKNOWN)
Burleson, Wiley Gideon (30 AUG 1881-16 DEC 1926)
Burnett, Elsie Olive (26 SEP 1906-17 NOV 1973)
Burney, Joyce Ann (Private-)
Burns, Cornelius Benton (Private-)
Burns, Cornelius Benton (Private-)
Burns, Henrietta (Private-)
Burns, Margaret (Private-)
Busson, Jeanne (-UNKNOWN)
Butela, William Frances (-UNKNOWN)
Butela, William Frances (12 SEP 1943-APR 1969)
Butler, James (-UNKNOWN)
Byrd, Clara Kathrine (15 JAN 1891-31 AUG 1942)
Byrd, Judith Faye (Private-)
Byrd, Lorraine (Private-)
C, Fiona (Private-)
CHARLES, (Private-)
Cadieux, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Cadieux, Marie-Madeleine (-UNKNOWN)
Cagle, Mary Elizabeth McGlothren (-UNKNOWN)
Caldwell, Edward W. (-UNKNOWN)
Caldwell, Martha Ann (2 FEB 1859-1 DEC 1932)
Caldwell, Paschal R. (-UNKNOWN)
Calhoun, Catherine (1765-20 MAR 1844)
Calhoun, Flora Jane (6 JUN 1845-1 APR 1914)
Calhoun, Lawrence (-UNKNOWN)
Calogues, Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Cameron, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Cameron, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Cameron, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Cameron, Dorothy (BET. 1777 - 1778-BET. 1850 - 1860)
Cameron, Effie (-UNKNOWN)
Cameron, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)
Cameron, Jeanette (1771-19 JAN 1848)
Cameron, John (-UNKNOWN)
Cameron, John (-UNKNOWN)
Cameron, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Cameron, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Cameron, Norman (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Campbell, Dwayne (Private-)
Campbell, Nell (23 MAR 1911-26 DEC 1966)
Campbell, Robert Ross (Private-)
Campbell, Jr., Roy (Private-)
Campbell, Roy (Private-)
Capato, Teresa Michelle (Private-)
Capatoniff, Sr., Michael Eugene (Private-)
Capatoniff, Jr, Michael Eugene (Private-)
Capel, Anna L. (1856-BET. 1860 - 1870)
Capel, Anne (Private-)
Capel, Arthur (-UNKNOWN)
Capel, Carrie (-UNKNOWN)
Capel, Edward (1861-AFT. 1880)
Capel, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Capel, Elizabeth H. (1844-AFT. 1860)
Capel, James Turner (1812-1880)
Capel, James Turner (11 OCT 1851-9 DEC 1929)
Capel, Jeannette (Private-)
Capel, II, Joseph E. (-UNKNOWN)
Capel, Joseph F. (27 OCT 1854-27 MAY 1922)
Capel, Martha A. (1840-BET. 1850 - 1860)
Capel, Mary Helen (1845-BET. 1850 - 1860)
Capel, Minnie (15 JUL 1873-30 JUL 1955)
Capel, Priss (1863-AFT. 1870)
Capel, Roper (-UNKNOWN)
Capel, Theodore B. (-UNKNOWN)
Capel, Thomas R. (1837-AFT. 1850)
Capel, William E. (1859-AFT. 1930)
Capps, Andrew (Private-)
Capps, III, Franklin Walker (Private-)
Carbaugh, III, Richard F. (Private-)
Cargill, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Cargill, Delia (1850-UNKNOWN)
Cargill, Thomas (1851-UNKNOWN)
Cario, Carolee (Private-)
Carla, (Private-)
Carlisle, Charlton (-UNKNOWN)
Carlisle, Cliff (Private-)
Carlisle, David Cliff (Private-)
Carlisle, Edith (Private-)
Carlisle, Joseph A. (1847-1918)
Carlisle, Jule (-UNKNOWN)
Carlisle, Laura T. (1875-1922)
Carlisle, Manly (-UNKNOWN)
Carlisle, Willy (-UNKNOWN)
Carmichael, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Carol, (Private-)
Carolyn, (Private-)
Carolyn, (Private-)
Caron-Coron, Marie-Therese (-UNKNOWN)
Carr, Charlotte (Private-)
Carr, Jon (Private-)
Carr, Ryan (Private-)
Carricker, Ashleigh K. (Private-)
Carricker, Jonathan M. (Private-)
Carricker, Joseph Paul (5 NOV 1987-5 NOV 1987)
Carricker, Rebekah J. (Private-)
Carricker, Sr., Samuel David (Private-)
Carricker, Jr., Samuel Davie (Private-)
Carrol, Delois Mae (Private-)
Carroll, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Carroll, Alexander Thomas (1 MAR 1894-UNKNOWN)
Carroll, David Donald (18 JUN 1907-UNKNOWN)
Carroll, Duncan McColl (20 FEB 1897-UNKNOWN)
Carroll, Evan Alexa (4 FEB 1904-UNKNOWN)
Carroll, Frances (1906-UNKNOWN)
Carroll, Hezikiah Wyndol (-UNKNOWN)
Carroll, Hezikiah Wyndol (14 JAN 1899-NOV 1978)
Carroll, Lydia Wise (13 JUN 1911-1 JAN 1959)
Carroll, Nellie McColl (SEP 1895-UNKNOWN)
Carroll, Pearl McColl (Private-UNKNOWN)
Carson, Henry Wilson (Private-)
Carson, Kelly Elizabeth (Private-)
Carson, Kristin Emily (Private-)
Carson, Paul (Private-)
Carter, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Carter, Curry (Private-)
Carter, Marjory (Private-)
Cates, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Catherine, (-UNKNOWN)
Cave, Henry W. (-UNKNOWN)
Cavendish-Bentinck, Nina Cecilia (1862-1938)
Chadwick, Karen (Private-)
Chambers, Alexander Veech (Private-)
Chambers, Fred Wendell (17 MAY 1926-23 DEC 2000)
Chambers, II, Kirby Locke (Private-)
Chambers, Mary Anne (Private-)
Chambers, Jr., Thomas Roper (Private-)
Champagne, Charles H. (JUN 1844-23 JUL 1917)
Champagne, Joeph (BET. 1818 - 1820-7 OCT 1894)
Champagne, Joseph (-BEF. 1838)
Champagne, Josephine (1 JAN 1886-12 FEB 1936)
Chandler, Earl (Private-)
Chandler, Jr., Earl Marcus (Private-)
Chandler, Ida Lorena (1868-DEC 1890)
Chandler, Linda Delores (Private-)
Chapman, Jr, Edward John (Private-)
Chapman, Sr, Edward John (Private-)
Chapman, Kerry Patrick (Private-)
Chapman, Peter Christopher (Private-)
Chapman, Stacy Lillian (Private-)
Chapman, Steven Mark (Private-)
Charles, (Private-)
Charlot, Jean (-UNKNOWN)
Charlton, Charles Douglas (Private-)
Charlton, Jean Renee (Private-)
Charlton, Scott Douglas (Private-)
Charretier-Chartier, Marie-Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Chartier, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Chartier, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Chartier-Robert, Louis (-UNKNOWN)
Cheairs, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Cherlot, Marie-Gabrille (-UNKNOWN)
Cherring, Emma (-UNKNOWN)
Chesney, Jack (Private-)
Chesney, Russell Wallace (Private-)
Chesney, Walter Allen (Private-)
Childers, Glen (Private-)
Childress, Joan Marie (Private-)
Childs, Earnest Pringle (Private-)
Childs, Eleanor St. Julian (Private-)
Childs, Elizabeth Leber (Private-)
Childs, Harriet (Private-)
Childs, St. Julian Ravenel (Private-UNKNOWN)
Chism, Rebecca Angeline (1819-1850)
Christensen, Betty Anne (Private-)
Christopher, Robert Kennedy (21 SEP 1911-28 MAR 1965)
Christopher, Robert Manning (Private-)
Chrosly, Richard (ABT. 1580-UNKNOWN)
Cindy, (Private-)
Cindy, (Private-)
Cisneros, Caelan Nelia (Private-)
Cisneros, Joshua (Private-)
Clare, (Private-)
Clark, Bernie (-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Catherine (-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Ephrain (-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Erin Cassidy (Private-)
Clark, Frances ≥Fannie≤ (-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Hector (-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Helen (-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Henry Patrick (-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Joe (Private-)
Clark, Julie Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Madison (Private-)
Clark, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Clark, Steven (Private-)
Clarky, (1793-UNKNOWN)
Clay, Agnes (Private-)
Clay, Edwin (Private-)
Clayland, Judith Jane (26 DEC 1674-1737)
Clayton, Ann (ABT. 1726-UNKNOWN)
Clements, Michael Lorin (12 SEP 1962-1972)
Clements, Paul Neil (Private-)
Clements, Ray Clifton (Private-)
Clements, Robert (Private-)
Clemmons, Joe (Private-)
Clemmons, Ruth (Private-UNKNOWN)
Clendenin, Brian Scott (Private-)
Clifford, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Clother, Mary (5 JAN 1709/10-6 SEP 1774)
Clother, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Clowers, Sheri (Private-)
Cochran, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Cochran, Patricia Marie (Private-)
Cochrane, Jr., Jerry (Private-)
Cochrane, Jerry (Private-)
Cochrane, Jim (Private-)
Cochrane, Joel (Private-)
Cochrane, John (Private-)
Coffin, Sarah A. (1845-1908)
Cogdell, Susanna (Hannah) (27 MAR 1761-3 DEC 1807)
Cohen, Stanley (Private-)
Coker, Bobby (Private-)
Coker, Carolyn (Private-)
Coker, David R. (20 NOV 1870-28 NOV 1938)
Coker, James Lide (-UNKNOWN)
Coker, Joel Thomas (Private-)
Coker, Justin Thomas (Private-)
Coker, Martha (Private-)
Coker, Mary (Private-)
Cole, Brandon (Private-)
Cole, Candice (Private-)
Cole, Christopher Lynn (Private-)
Cole, Clara Mae (1 MAY 1925-1 DEC 1986)
Cole, Connie (Private-)
Cole, Danielle (Private-)
Cole, Kyle Matthew (Private-)
Cole, Rick (Private-)
Coleman, Elly A.B. (1816-1880)
Coleman, Moses (16 JAN 1798-7 NOV 1864)
Coleman, Sarah (Private-)
Colet, Marguerite (-UNKNOWN)
Coley, Ann (Private-)
Colleen, (Private-)
Collins, Judith (Private-)
Coltrane, Annie (-UNKNOWN)
Coltrane, N.E. (-UNKNOWN)
Colvin, Mary (Private-)
Colyer, Charles Frederick (4 JUN 1912-22 APR 1996)
Colyer, Lawrence (Private-)
Colyer, Leigh (-UNKNOWN)
Colyer, Patricia (Private-)
Colyer, William (Private-)
Condon, Sharon (Private-)
Conlon, Ted (Private-)
Conn, Chadwick Alfred (15 FEB 1969-8 NOV 1997)
Connell, Avarillah (1733-UNKNOWN)
Connors, Christina Marie (Private-)
Connors, Michael Philip (Private-)
Connors, Philip Regan (Private-)
Constantino, Michael (Private-)
Conyers, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Conyers, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Conyers, Margery (-UNKNOWN)
Cook, Catherine Virginia (Private-)
Cook, Celia (1779-2 FEB 1853)
Cook, Floyd Charles (Private-)
Cook, Kenny (Private-)
Cook, Kristina Marie (Private-)
Cook, Pauline (15 JUL 1906-UNKNOWN)
Cook, Ray C. (8 JUL 1900-11 MAR 1966)
Cook, Ruth Dare (Private-)
Cook, Sarah (29 NOV 1788-10 JUN 1875)
Cook, Steve (Private-)


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