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The Name Phenomenon   

The phenomenon of names is certainly a very interesting one. They are the main identifying qualities which we become know by to those who come into contact with us, and even some who do not. Each specific name becomes personal to whomever goes by it, and it is embedded in their own history.

There are many varieties and combinations of letters that make up names of people, as well as those of objects, places and activities. However, there is something distinct about the way that the name of a person sounds, as opposed to that of something else. For example, it should be obvious to anyone that 'Jane' is a name which is given to a woman, while 'John' is used for a man. But the names 'swim' and 'Foxy Bingo' are clearly not appropriate to be used as a human name.

This is interesting: There must be some combination made by the letters in the name which tells our minds what it means. After spending some time with other people and in a learning environment, we get to know what to call each thing that we come into contact with. And that thing becomes the way in which we identify the object, or person, to others in conversation.

So names are really very useful in everyday life. Everything has one, and when something new is created or discovered, it is given its own name which must be made up. Our imagination can help us when coming up with a name. But whatever we come up with should be appropriate in some way to the thing which it will end up denoting. For example, to name a person 'Turquoise' would be unusual, although there is no law against its being done. There are people in the world with names which others see as unusual. However, if these names are used enough, they will become ingrained into our society and eventually be seen as accepted forms of identification for a person.

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