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Welcome to McColl    There are many other surnames in our list of in-laws and out-laws.  Just a sampling of the most repeated:

Allison, Amos, Beall, Bergling, Booth, Bostick, Bryson, Burns, Carbaugh, Chambers, Cratty, Dethloff, Edgecomb, Edmonds, Espelage, Gallagher, Gleason, Gray, Huffman, Hunter, Hurt, Jarboe, Lafon, Lees, Lowe, Lupold, McKenzie, Miller, Nelson, Newberry, Norris, Palmer, Ridgley, Roper, Salkeld, Sandridge, Searles, Smith, Stevens, Tatum, Taylor, Trammell, Wesley, Wood  - etc.
and of course:  MacColl, Mackall, McCall, MacCall  :)  Please click onto "Surnames" above for an alphabetical list of all surnames in this register.

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There are many ways of corrupting spellings as families wander from one language to another.  Please be advised that "MacColl, Mackall, McCall, MacCall" were also arrived at through an original MacAulay of Ardincaple.

Our family (Gaelic MacColla),  was a sept of the Lowland Clan of MacColl Photo: Clan McColl Badge / JUSTI UT SIDERA FULGENT "THE RIGHTEOUS SHINE AS STARS" Clan Mottoof Loch Fyne*, which branched off from the ancient Clan Donald. It has its own tartan, crest and motto: "Between the points of a cresent an etoile". Motto: "Justi ut sidera fulgent". (The righteous shine as stars).  SPECIAL NOTE: It is correct to use a Clansman's crest badge rather than the Coat of Arms of the chief. In Scotland, the law, administered by Lord Lyon Master of Bearings and Arms, states that it is an offense to display the Coat of Arms of the Chief, thereby falsely implying a legal claim to the Arms, property, lands and associated privileges.  *"Oral history collected by John Dewar (The Dewar Manuscripts) places the McColls (Clan Cholla) in Appin in the C13/14th. The earliest charter to Paul McColl of Glasdrum is from the early 1600's. There was also a branch at Loch Melfort from quite an early date. The McColls were bodyguards to the Stewarts of Achnacone in Appin - tradition has it that should a chief of Achnacone die in battle then a McColl would be buried each side of him. The McColls of Glasdrum were also hereditary standard bearers to the Stewarts of Appin. Many McColls left Appin and Scotland during the Gaelic diaspora of the C18/19th. Glasdrum was finally sold in the 1850's." per Andy McColl, Durham, UK

This is not to say that these are not the same family.  After all, I am only back to the 14th century so far...

For Gallagher (Gaelic O Gallchobhair) Family Crest or Coat of Arms: Blazon - Argent a lion rampant sable treading on a serpent in fess proper between eight trefoils vert.

In days when battles raged in rain and dust, so hard to see and know just
Who we trust.
No uniforms to stamp the friend or foe, without the Coat of Arms,
We would not know.
A Coat of Arms says "Here I stand", "It's me." My signature and sign
For all to see.

If you have an old McColl, Gallagher, Beall, etc. photo, marriage record, obit, or any other genealogy documentation that you would like to share, please do!  If you have time to type and have Family Tree Maker (software) - PLEASE let us know - there is tons of information that we have simply been unable to spare the time to type.  As soon as all the "Begats" are in here, we will start on the old family stories and photos - so stay tuned!

MANY THANKS to Tiffany McColl Edmonds, Andy McColl, Baden McColl, Mari McColl, Brad McCall, Patricia McColl Miller, Dorothy McDaniel Prevatte, Jeanette McColl Shanahan, Claire Larsen, and Patricia Keeler for the massive amounts of work they put into this as well as the patience they displayed while waiting for this site.  4/04:  Thank you to Alan McColl, Alison Trace, Betsy Finklea, Chris Theall, Dan McColl, Dorothy Czawin, Harry Sands, Jim McCall, John R. Roper, Judith Fortner, K.A. Wood, Laura McColl Kanov, Lynn McColl-Drafin, Richard Reeves, Theresa Voisey,  William Fletcher, William C. Thomas, Jr., and William E. Wilson - It is SO exciting that each of us has a documented piece of this huge family mosaic.  7/04 updates:  Thank you to Jane Glenn McGregor, Tom Krakow, Hallie Wilson, Ruth Griffin, Diane Mason, and Lynne Wilding  :)

AND - I'm planning a 'Virtual Family Reunion - online - drop me an email if you would like to attend one - we can get to know each other  :)  I'll post time and date here when it is set...  Fran

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